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Check out this Epic Colorado 4/20 event!
The 1st Annual Western Slope Freedom Fest
(WSFF) is coming this month, featuring musi-
cal talent Pato Banton.
The WSFF is an age 21+ and over, 3 night, 3
city event, packed with stellar music, kind
people and exceptional mountain grown
The WSFF tour begins at the Powerhouse in
Crested Butte, from 7p-2a on Friday, April 18,
with Fractalia opening for Pato Banton, who
will headline all 3 nightly shows.
Then, it¡¯s on to the Ridgway 4H Event Center,
for an expo & concert from 7p-2a on Satur-
day, April 19th, with the hot opening band
The last show is also at the Ridgway 4H
Event Center, from 7p-2a on 4/20, with open-
ing band Eldergrown. VIP ticket special party
events begin at 4:20p each night.
General Admission is $15, a limited amount
of VIP Tickets are available for $35, and VIP
Travel Tour packages are also available. The
Party is ON! Check out the WSFF website for
ticket sales & more information:
The Powerhouse in Crested Butte is located
at 130 Elk Avenue, 970.799.3206, the 4H
Event Center in Ridgway is located at 17561
U.S. 550, and the Animas City Theater in
Durango is located at 128 E College Drive,
Mission Statement: The WSFF is a 3-day
multi-location Colorado celebration, honor-
ing our freedom as adults to purchase and
use cannabis in the first U.S. state to legal-
ize it. Our vision is to promote freedom for
OUR rights & the rights of this industry. We
hope to spread awareness of this state-wide
movement as well as to share in the beauty of
Colorado¡¯s Western Slope.
Health & Nurturing
2014 April
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
¡°For to be free is not mere-
ly to cast off one¡¯s chains,
but to live in a way that
respects and enhances the
freedom of others.¡±
- Nelson Mandela
¡°Perfect freedom is as
necessary to the health and
vigor of commerce as it is
to the health and vigor of
- Patrick Henry
Join The 1st Annual
Western Slope Freedom Fest