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Win a big stuffed animal for Easter at the Cortez
Public Library! Everyone is welcome to enter. One
free entry per person. The drawing will be held
Saturday, April 12th. The library is located at 202
N Park St, Cortez, and may be reached by calling
970.565.8117. The library thanks Addie Dodson
for her donation.
2014 April
Pg 8 - The Sunshine Express
What Time is It?
I must have asked these questions about a zil-
lion times in my lifetime; Is the alarm clock set
correctly? What time does the workshop begin?
How much time do I have to present my topic? If
I set everything up this afternoon, why doesn¡¯t it
work tonight? What time is rehearsal? Where is
the taxi?
My career included lots of travel, from one large
city to another, all on a schedule. One trip includ-
ed the president of the publishing company that
I was employed by. She was coming to Dallas
TX from Boston MA and I was to rent a car and
drive her from the airport to the hotel and then to
the venue where she would deliver the keynote
speech. No pressure.
I called the taxi company the evening before to be
delivered to LAX in Los Angeles in time for my
flight to Dallas. Timing was critical. I was ready
with personal luggage, a large book-rack, brief-
case and small tote waiting in the driveway in
front of my home. The taxi was late, and I called
to see if there was a problem. The dispatcher
reported that the taxi was waiting in front at the
end of the driveway. Well... I was standing in my
driveway and there was no taxi in sight.
Plan B. I raced over to my next-door neighbor
asking for a ride to the airport. Lucille replied
that she did not have her makeup on. I respond-
ed, ¡°I don¡¯t care if you are naked, please get me
to the airport¡±. She then asked another silly ques-
tion, ¡°Do you have any luggage?¡± Together we
got my gear into her car and the conversation be-
gan with ¡°freeway or surface streets?¡± Freeway,
and fast. As Lucille approached the turnoff to the
airport, the transmission on her car quit, and we
came to a dead stop on the 405 Freeway. I asked if
she had a cell phone and Auto Club, and got out
of her car. A taxi cab appeared out of nowhere
and pulled in behind the dead car. I asked for a
trip to the airport, and the driver asked the same
silly question, ¡°Do you have luggage?¡± We throw
it into the taxi, and proceed to the airport. With
the cabbie in hot pursuit dragging the book-rack,
I find sidewalk check-in, and I am on my way.
The time on the flight was spent calming my
nerves, with crochet and reviewing the map to
the hotel and venue. I arrived on time, but of
course no luggage or book-rack. I had my brief-
case - never check in your brains - so I can man-
age. Rent a car, and pick up Irene at her terminal
get home. Just do it!
Everyone has the same amount of time in a day.
Everyone spends this precious commodity in a
variety of styles. Some of us are hell-bent to pack
in as much as our bodies can tolerate in a day.
Others fritter away time as if time has no end.
Still others strive for ¡°quality time¡±, as if time has
special values.
The times that I find most precious are those that
include the people I love most. Time with my
family, my friends, my neighbors. Time playing
board games; it¡¯s not the game, it¡¯s time to enjoy
one another¡¯s company. Quiet time spent in the
garden, convening with the weeds. Time spent at
prayer, time recovering one¡¯s energy, time to help
a person in need of a kind word, time to just be.
What time is it for you?
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at 202
4th St in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
and then to the hotel,
to freshen up before we
drive to the venue, to
set up and allow Irene
to check out the sound
system. No problem. We
followed the directions
to the conference center
and got lost. We eventu-
ally found our way and
at the venue, notice a
car circling around the
parking lot. Book-rack
and clothing! Yahoo!
Arriving back at the ho-
tel very late in the eve-
ning, I call my husband
and ask him to bring a
large bouquet of flowers
to Lucille in the morn-
ing. I¡¯ll explain when I
*** Easter Egg Scram-
ble, Apr 16, 324 N
Coulson St, Fruita,
4-5p, The Fruita
Community Center
lawn will be full of
plastic eggs to find.
Bring your youngster
to the park for a fun
egg hunt! Partici-
pants will be divided
into age categories
for the scramble.
*** Easter Egg Hunt,
641 Struthers Ave,
Gr Jct, Apr 19, 11a-
12:00noon. Registra-
tion will begin at 10a.
Three age groups
for the hunt, 0 to
2, 3 to 5 and 6 to 8.
EXTRA-special prize
eggs hidden amongst
eggs, Meet the Easter
Bunny, 970.245.3288
*** Annual Easter Egg
Hunt, Apr 19, 2066
Hwy 6 & 50, Fruita,
Candy Filled Eggs,
bump N jumps, Pup-
pets, music and more,
*** Easter Egg Hunt,
Apr 19, Come join
us Easter Weekend
at Creekside Park,
just below the main
village, where 3,000
Easter eggs will be
hidden for the young-
sters to search out,
Food & Garden
plus a special appearance from the Easter Bunny.
So bring the little ones and your camera to capture
the great memories. Easter egg hunt begins at
10:30a, with the Easter Bunny available for a meet
and greet following. For more information please
contact the Information Desk at: 970.754.4636,
Beaver Creek.
Funny Food
Easter Egg hunts in your area
by Sandy Lauzon
*** Easter Egg Hunt, Apr 19, 10-11a, Joe Rowell
Park, Dolores
Stuffed Animal Give-Away
¡°Bunnies are cuddly
the large and the small,
But I like chocolate ones
the best of them all.¡±
~Author Unknown