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2014 May
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 hugely positive in-
fluences on the professional arena; expect fantastic
accomplishment and reward. Morale and physical
energy climb higher. Excitement and passion grows.
It¡¯s Spring in your life!
Libra- Desire and passion increase as love energies
grow around you. Relationships strengthen; infec-
tious charm attracts new ones. Professional growth
also as a triad of positive influences take their stand.
Scorpio- Collaborative efforts call out and need
your attention, but do not forget that desire and
love must also have their day; pay attention to yours
and your partner¡¯s needs and all will be well.
Sagittarius- Love is in the air... and in the water and
on the sand and... well let¡¯s just say love gets full
attention this month. This of course will have effects
on the professional too, inspiring creative direction.
Capricorn- Good planning and organization in the
professional prepares the way for positive, possibly
rapid forward movement; remember to breathe,
relax, call Spirit for guidance. Personal energies may
be mixed; desire for sanctuary is one to listen to.
Aquarius- Peaceful calm in the personal begins
trend towards passionate excitement; enjoy both
while they last. Intellectual energies increase;
pursuasion and negotiation opportunities greatly
manifest. Physical strong.
Pisces- Intellectual high, lots of professional ad-
vancement and personal growth. Financials take
center focus effecting both arenas. Making a safe
sanctuary at home becomes desire and the reward.
May 7th
14th 21st 28th
Aries- Physical energy continues uptick; morale
and enthusiasm picks up. With testing over,
relations and collaborations move forward
rapidly. Much love, beauty and treasure now
becomes attracted to you; finances grow.
Taurus- Clarity in the professional; efficiency
and progress magnifies. Energy levels high. So-
cial opportunities continue to manifest however
you may experience negative temptations to
withdraw; let not worry chain you.
Gemini- Physical energy on high; much can be
accomplished. Solutions and financial rewards
manifest amidst a busy atmosphere. Calm rules
the personal; social opportunities arise.
Cancer- Outside help or collaborations support
professional growth; financial fruit is abundant.
Stressful energies may appear to be coming,
however avoid negativity as it is illusion. Medi-
tation and extra nourishment will help.
Leo- Growth, achievement, recognition and
financial reward likely in the professional; reach
for the stars. Love energy grows in the personal;
social opps increase, however discretion and
lower physical energy levels may rule the day.
The Moon Dance
Morning planets: Venus, the planet of love, re-
mains low in the eastern morning twilight.
Evening planets: Jupiter is low in the western sky
at sunset, sets near midnight; Saturn will be at its
closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully
illuminated by the Sun. This is the best time to
view & photograph Saturn & its moons; Mars is
high in the evening sky; and Mercury returns to
the early evening sky in the west just after sunset.
* May 5-6, Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower, pro-
duces up to 60 meteors/hour at its peak. It is
produced by dust particles left behind by comet
Halley, The shower runs annually from April
19-May 28. It peaks this year on the night of May
5 and the morning of May 6. Meteors will radiate
from the constellation Aquarius, but can appear
anywhere in the sky.
* May 24, In the early morning hours, the Earth
will pass through a debris field left behind by
small comet P/209 LINEAR. Astronomers are
predicting that this interaction may result in a
brief but intense meteor storm that could range
from dozens to hundreds of meteors per hour.
Many predict that this could be the most intense
meteor shower in more than a decade.
Night Time Delights
The Horoscopes
Now¡¯s the time to think about get-
ting outside and hiking in Rocky
Mountain National Park and Roc- can
help you choose the perfect hikes.
Cats that are fastidious, long-haired and older are
more prone to forming and ejecting hairballs.
You can expect hairballs to appear once or twice
per week.
If a pet cat expels hairballs more often than that,
or if it has difficulty propelling hairballs, the ani-
mal should be seen by a veterinarian.
Prolonged gagging or vomiting, lethargy, diar-
rhea or constipation should also be of concern as
underlying issues or hairball obstruction may be
causing problems in your cat.
Here are some ways to help your cat deal with
Groom your cat to aid with shedding. Many
cats enjoy daily brushing. Pick a soft, bristled
brush or a cat grooming mitt.
Consider a petroleum-based cat hairball treat.
There are several available. These may be used
once or twice weekly to help move hair through
the digestive system.
Keep your cat entertained to avoid the exces-
sive grooming that might result from boredom.
The Indoor Pet Initiative,,
offers excellent tips to help keep your cat active at
home. offers
detailed information on more than 70 hikes, includ-
ing trail descriptions, key features, pictures, maps,
elevation profiles and is the most comprehensive
website available to hikers traveling to Rocky Moun-
tain National Park. Hikers can choose trails based on
either location within the park, hiking difficulty, key
features, or they can simply look at an alphabetical
listing of trails.
A Hiking Resource
Dr. Rebecca Ruch-Gallie is a vet-
erinarian and clinical coordinator
for the Community Practice service
at Colorado State University¡¯s
James L. Voss Veterinary Teach-
ing Hospital. Community Practice
provides general care, wellness
services, and treatment of minor
injuries and illnesses for pets.