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2014 May
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Good Snow Fills Reservoirs
Highline Lake State Park Gears Up
For 18 Hours Of Fruita Mountain Bike Race
FRUITA: World-class mountain bike racing re-
turns to the Grand Valley when the 10th Annual 18
Hours of Fruita grinds into gear at Highline Lake
State Park, May 2-3. Racers from across the country
and the world will begin their fat tire racing odys-
sey promptly at midnight, Friday, and finish Sat-
urday evening, 6p, with a taco party, New Belgium
Brewing, and more following the race.
The team or rider who completes the most laps and
has the best time after riding non-stop for 18 hours
on a challenging seven-mile loop around Highline
and Mack Mesa lakes will take home the prize.
The annual race continues to grow in popularity,
U.S. Expects Continued
Growth in International
Travel During Next Five Years;
Forecast Follows Record-
Breaking Year for Spending
U.S. Commerce Secretary
Penny Pritzker announced on
April 7 that the United States
can expect four percent average
annual growth in tourism dur-
ing the next five years, and that
a record 72.2 million foreign
travelers are projected to visit
the United States in 2014 alone.
The Spring 2014 Forecast for
International Travel, released
semi-annually by the U.S. Com-
merce Department¡¯s Interna-
tional Trade Administration,
predicts continued strong
growth through 2018 following
four consecutive years of record
visitor volume.
¡°A record number of inter-
national visitors continue to
choose the United States as
their travel destination, which
is contributing to our economic
growth and supporting mil-
lions of jobs,¡± said Secretary
Pritzker. ¡°The Obama Adminis-
tration is committed to building
on this success, and meeting
¡°It¡¯s a great event, whether you are a racer or
just want to watch some great, competitive
mountain biking, this is the place to be.¡±
- Park Manager Alan Martinez
attracting riders from across the country and the
world to Highline Lake State Park to compete in a
demanding test of skills and endurance.
¡°It¡¯s a great event, whether you are a racer or just
want to watch some great, competitive mountain
biking,¡± said Park Manager Alan Martinez. ¡°This
is the place to be if you enjoy fat tires, bikes, fun
people and a fantastic park.¡±
Martinez reminds the public that between 6p on
Friday, May 2 through 10p Saturday, May 3, the
east side of the park will be closed to the public to
make room for the estimated 100 racers that will
camp there. In addition, the entire trail system is
reserved for race participants during the event.
Spectators can enter through the park¡¯s east or
west entrances. Anyone visiting the park for
boating, fishing and picnicking during the race is
asked to use the west park entrance only.
A valid $7 daily parks pass or $70 annual pass is
required on each vehicle entering the park.
For more information about the race, please visit:
For more information about Highline Lake State
Park, visit:
Parks/highlinelake or call 970.858.7208.
For a map of the race course, visit: www.cpw.
For more news about Colorado Parks and Wildlife
go to:
the challenge President Obama laid out in his
National Travel and Tourism Strategy to welcome
100 million international visitors to the United
States and grow our economy by $250 billion by
All top-20 visitor origin countries are forecast to
grow from 2013 through 2018. Countries with the
largest total growth percentages are China (139
percent), Colombia (56 percent), India (54 percent),
Taiwan (52 percent), Brazil (50 percent), and Ar-
gentina (48 percent). Four countries are expected
to account for 59 percent of the projected growth
from 2013 through 2018. These volume growth
leaders are Canada (23 percent of expected total
growth), China (18 percent), Mexico (11 percent),
and Brazil (7 percent).
The Department of Commerce released data today
showing that 69.8 million international visitors
traveled to the United States in 2013, generating
a record $181 billion in receipts and a $57 billion
trade surplus. In 2013, international visitor tour-
ism spending increased 9.1 percent from 2012,
supporting 1.3 million jobs. According to the
Bureau of Economic Analysis, a total of 8 million
jobs are supported, directly and indirectly, by U.S.
travel and tourism.
To learn more about the Spring 2014 Forecast for
International Travel, visit:
Over 72 Million
Foreign Travelers To
Visit U.S. In 2014
World Class Riders Trek To Fruita
High streamflows forecast as most basins have
well above normal snowpack
March is an important month for snow accumula-
tion in Colorado; the state typically receives 17
percent of its annual snowpack in March and it is
normally the last full month to add to snowpack to-
tals prior to the annual peak and subsequent melt.
This March, weather patterns across the state were
largely a continuation of the trends set the past few
months. The winter storm track continued to favor
the northern and central river basins.
Overall mountain precipitation tracked right at
normal for the state during March and total water
year precipitation remains above normal. Spring
and summer streamflow forecasts for Colorado re-
main good to excellent for the northern and central
basins and below normal for the southern basins.
Statewide reservoir storage is in relatively good
condition especially when comparing to the stor-
age totals the state had last year at this time. Water
users should continue to follow spring¡¯s weather
patterns as the final touches are added to what
has been a generally good snow season across the
majority of the state.
As of April 1, statewide snowpack was 115 percent
of median and 156 percent of last year¡¯s snowpack
at this same time. As of April 1, the state had al-
ready exceeded its typical peak snowpack and did
not look like it had reached its peak for this season
yet. Due to slower rates of snow accumulation in
March compared to previous months, many of the
river basins in the state saw declines in snowpack
percentages. In spite of that, most of the basins are
still well above normal for this time of year.
As of April 1, Colorado¡¯s reservoirs were storing
3,192.5 kilo acre-feet of water, which is 89 percent
of average storage for this time of year. Storage
volumes have dipped slightly compared to last
month as reservoir operators are expecting above
average inflows across the majority of the state this
runoff season. Storage volumes in the South Platte
are the highest in the state reporting 108 percent
of average storage at the end of March. Reservoir
storage in the Colorado and Gunnison basins is at
93 and 94 percent of average respectively. Storage
in the combined San Miguel, Animas, Dolores and
San Juan basins is at 82 percent of average which is
a huge improvement over last year when they were
storing volumes at just 66 percent of average.
(source: Colorado Water Supply Outlook Report
April 1, 2014;