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The Good News
2014 May
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available at DMTC he was hired for that position.
Clymer¡¯s enthusiasm for emergency medicine is
evident in his many years of service. He served
as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic in Palisade
for 23 years, worked part-time for the Delta
County Ambulance District for 12 years, and
worked part-time as a flight Paramedic on the
helicopter out of St. Mary¡¯s for several years.
His enthusiasm is also evident in the classroom.
Clymer teaches all levels of emergency medicine
from CPR to EMT and specialized topics such
as advanced cardiac life support and pediat-
ric advanced life support. As a co-worker said
when nominating Clymer for the award, ¡°Chan
constantly exhibits a desire and a diligence for
designing the best curriculum possible and deliv-
ering the most effective lessons.¡±
Clymer said he learned as a student that ¡°in-
struction needs to be of interest and of value to
students.¡± He consistently strives to fulfill that
requirement in his own teaching and works with
the teachers in his department to help them pro-
vide that same level of instruction.
During his free time Clymer enjoys spend-
ing time with his family, fishing, and camping.
Clymer and his wife Bobi live in Grand Junction.
They have two children, one of whom is follow-
ing in Chan¡¯s foosteps as a firefighter/EMT-I in
Rifle. Clymer also has 10 grandchildren.
Delta-Montrose Technical College is a public
career and technical college in Delta, Colorado.
It offers 57 secondary and postsecondary certifi-
cates in 12 different programs. All certificates can
be earned in two semesters or less, with many of
them only one semester in length.
Long Time Local Honored
A world famous troupe will amaze Cortez with
astounding feats of skill and daring when The
Golden Dragon Acrobats take the stage at the
Cortez Middle School Auditorium on Saturday,
May 3, at 7p, to present the fourth and final con-
cert of the 2013/2014 season for SouthWest Colo-
rado Concerts.
Juggling everything from umbrellas to soccer balls,
and with props as varied as ladders and giant
spinning wheels, the performers show just why
they¡¯re world famous.
This is a great show for the kids, as well as their
parents and their grandparents. Be sure to bring
your entire family for this one! Doors will open
for season ticket holders at 6p. Single tickets on
sale at the door at 6:30p, $20 for adults and $5 for
youth 18 years old and under. For more info call
970.565.9127 or 970.565.7676.
Timeless Thrills
30 Years
equip our students with the skills and knowledge
necessary to acquire better jobs, and hence, a better
Early this summer, there will be a community
celebration to commemorate this milestone. An
outdoor open house is planned for the campus,
complete with a barbecue and campus tours. The
Grand Valley community is invited as well as all
students and alumni.
IntelliTec College is proud to say that the Grand
Junction campus participates in many community
events. Dr. Scott states, ¡°Our goal is to give back
to the community! We believe that community
involvement is critical to creating an individual¡¯s
sense of belonging and that it creates an opportu-
nity to gain crucial, real-world experience. Com-
munity involvement gives students an opportunity
to network, making vital contacts around town as
well as the time to hone communication skills and
experience practical application.
Some examples of IntelliTec College community
involvement include:
The Grand Valley Health Fair
Free massages at local charity events
The ¡®March for Babies¡¯ with the March of Dimes
Food drives throughout the year
Aid to the Colorado fire and flood reliefs
IntelliTec College as a whole has been around since
1965 and the Grand Junction campus since 1984.
This year the Grand Junction campus is adding
two new programs to their curriculum, including
Pharmacy Technician, and they expect to grow and
continue to make a positive difference in the com-
munity and the lives of every student that walks
through their doors.
For more information, visit them online at: or call 970.245.8101.
2014 Faculty Member of the Year
Delta: Chan Clymer, Emergency Medical Services
Department Coordinator at Delta-Montrose Tech-
nical College (DMTC), was recently recognized by
the Colorado State Board for Community Colleges
and Occupational Education as the 2014 Faculty
Member of the Year at DMTC. Clymer has worked
in the EMS department since 1998, first as an
adjunct instructor and then, since June 2005, as the
department coordinator.
Clymer¡¯s family has a long tradition of providing
emergency services to their community. He grew
up in Palisade where both his dad and granddad
served in the Palisade Fire Department. Chan¡¯s
interest was in other areas. In 1973 he graduated
from Community College of Denver with an Asso-
ciates in Architecture. He moved back to Palisade
after graduation and worked for seven years as an
architectural technologist.
Shortly after Clymer¡¯s return to Palisade his dad
convinced him to join the Palisade Fire Depart-
ment as a volunteer. One of the requirements was
to complete the training to become an Emergency
Medical Techncian. It was during that training
that Clymer discovered his passion for emergency
medical services. After earning his EMT certifica-
tion in 1974 he went on to become a Paramedic in
In 1980 Clymer went to work in the coal mines as
a Paramedic/safety instructor. In 1987 he took a
position at St. Mary¡¯s Hospital in Grand Junction
as the EMS outreach coordinator. He was there
for 17 years. Clymer began teaching a few classes
at Delta-Montrose Technical College in 1998 and
when the department coordinator position became
Local GJ Technical
College Boasts 30
Years Training Locals
for Better Careers and
Giving Back to Grand
Valley Community
IntelliTec College in
Grand Junction has
been educating the
Grand Valley, chang-
ing lives and making a
positive difference in
the community since
1984, and on March
11, IntelliTec marked
the 30th anniversary of
their Grand Junction
For three decades, In-
telliTec has demonstrat-
ed this year¡¯s theme of,
¡®Making a Difference¡¯.
Grand Junction Cam-
pus Director Dr. Dave
Scott comments, ¡°Our
dedicated faculty and
staff, coupled with
hands on training, cre-
ate a student-focused
education. Because our
facilities include real
world work environ-
ments, we are able to
May is the month in which we all celebrate an
important day and that is Mother¡¯s Day.
I know in my youth I did not always listen to the
wisdom of my Mother and I later found that I was
wrong once more.
I read the story of creation in the bible several
times within my life and in doing so I have a
greater respect for women. God created woman
from man¡¯s rib, he did that so that man would not
be lonely. He created her from man¡¯s rib because
she would stand by his side and bless him with
God¡¯s greatest of gifts, his children.
A mother¡¯s role in life should be appreciated every
day, for she is a creator of life, she is the reflec-
tion of God¡¯s love for mankind. Do all things for
good and love and respect her for she is God¡¯s gift
to man. She is your partner in all things and man
would be wise to remember this.
Mother¡¯s day is one day out of 365 days of the year
to reflect on and to appreciate all that she does in
our lifetime, but in order for this day to be special
we must give thanks for the other 364 days that
she has given of herself, that we may be loved, and
comforted. She is so much more than we will ever
realize! Happy Mother¡¯s Day to all the women of
the world!!!!
(Mark Looper,
Unseen Energy
by Mark Looper