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first floor apartment got a phone when the lines
became available, so there was no need for one
on the second floor apartment. There were two
bedrooms, one for Gege and Bounia, one for
my Dad and two Uncles, and my Aunt Anne
slept in the living room. The kitchen was the
hub of all activity from where the aromas of
Bounia¡¯s wonderful foods would fill the air. I
remember the bathroom. It had a toilet with a
water box and pull chain to flush - no shower,
sink or bathtub. And that was luxury.
Then World War II and the loss of Uncle Bil-
lie, and the wounding of Uncle Willie (Purple
Heart) and the shame that my Dad felt, being
refused from the draft due to a football injury.
Bounia had a small tri-fold altar (Triptychicon)
on her dresser in the bedroom. There was a
candle always lit to focus her prayer time. She
wept and prayed and wept some more.
Once the war was over, Bounia¡¯s church
received a request for luxury items to be sent
from America to Ukraine. My Aunt Anne spear-
headed the drive. She called my Mom and my
Aunt Mary to go through the houses and gather
up the goods. The list included items such as
string, safety pins, sewing needles, thread,
rubber bands, scissors, pencils - you know
the luxury items you have in the junk drawer.
These and many more treasures were carefully
packed in a strong box, shipping and insur-
ance paid for and an extra check to cover any
additional charges. The church never received
the package. The Pastor reported to the congre-
gation that the ¡°Officials¡± needed these items
as well.
After more than 5 decades, what has changed?
Why are good people suffering hardship and
despair? When does justice kick in? Then I
remember my Bounia.
Bounia had a group of women friends that
came from the Ukraine and had similar ex-
periences. She attended church services and
although I saw her often in prayer, I don¡¯t recall
seeing a Bible in the house, just the little altar
and candle. It brings to my mind the Parable
of the Ten Virgins from the Gospel of Matthew
(25:1-13). The Five Wise Virgins were prepared
to meet the bridegroom with oil in their lamps
and extra oil in flasks. The Five Foolish Virgins
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had no extra. As the bridegroom
was delayed, the Foolish Virgins
ran out of oil and they left to buy
more from the local merchants.
The Wise Virgins had plenty and
when the bridegroom finally ar-
rived, they were prepared to greet
Of all the funny stories and expe-
riences that I recall from Bounia,
the choicest one is that of wis-
dom. I listened to the stories that
I was too young to experience or
remember and watched how she
lived her life. She was wise and
clever. She learned to survive and thrive in a strange
culture. She sang and danced and enjoyed her life.
Memorial Day, Mother¡¯s Day, vacation time will
be enjoyed and celebrated in new ways. It¡¯s a new
world. It is my prayer all may take a page from
Bounia. Reverence the old - remember it well, and
learn whatever lessons have value. Strive to leave
no opportunity to make planet earth a happy home
for one and all.
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