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2014 May
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New book on trees that flourish in Colorado
released by CSU Extension
Just as the spring planting season gets into full
swing in Colorado, a new book has been released
about what kind of trees flourish in the Rocky
Mountain region. ¡°Dependable Landscape Trees¡±
by CSU Professor of Horticulture and Landscape
Architecture James Klett and graduate student
Sarah Shaub is an invaluable resource for both
homeowners and the green industry.
Klett and Shaub provide a comprehensive list
of deciduous and evergreen trees evaluated at
the CSU Arboretum at the W.D. Holley Plant
Environmental Research Center. Each plant
evaluation is based on data collected between
1997 and 2012 and each plant included in the
book was evaluated for at least 10 years. Plants
at the Arboretum are evaluated on characteristics
related to aesthetic value, plant health, insect and
disease problems, and cultural and maintenance
¡°Most books on trees focus on those found in
the Midwest and on the East Coast,¡± said Klett.
¡°This is the only book of its kind that focuses on
the often difficult growing conditions found in
In addition to photographs of most of the trees
featured in the book, readers will find general
characteristics, a summary of the main ornamen-
tal features of each tree, and performance mea-
sures. The book also contains several appendices
which list the trees by flower color, fruit color,
landscape uses, mature size and fall color. Some
of the trees still under evaluation are listed only
in the appendices because they did not meet the
10-year criteria.
Part of what makes the book so useful and unique
is that it serves as both a resource for casual gar-
deners and professionals who run nurseries and
landscape companies.
¡°With a list of 225 trees, accompanied by color
photos, ¡®Dependable Landscape Trees¡¯ provides
valuable information in a clear, comprehensive
format that is useful for both homeowners and
professionals,¡± said Keith Williamson of Little Val-
ley Wholesale Nursery in Brighton. ¡°The book also
addresses the growing need for diversity in our
urban forests in order to combat the potential loss
of tree species from diseases or introduced pests
such as the emerald ash borer.¡±
Although the emerald ash borer has not been
found in Fort Collins, its presence in Boulder
makes addressing ash trees especially important.
¡°We want people to understand both the risks and
benefits of planting ash trees,¡±
Klett said. ¡°We also want to
make sure that they know
what other options they have
for planting trees.¡±
The book is available through
the CSU Extension Resource
Center and can be found online
travels the country performing in a compelling,
story telling style. You won¡¯t want to miss his per-
Students who are involved in the Young Life
program will also speak on why they are involved,
and what Young Life has done for them. Area di-
rector Ty Gallenbeck will also present on what the
program accomplished in the past year, and plans
for the coming year.
The banquet will be held at Bill Heddles Rec Center
on Friday, May 2, at 6:30p, There is no charge to
attend, but please RSVP to Ty at 970.216.5680.
Food & Garden
Funny Food
Dependable Landscape Trees
Young Life Banquet
Community invited to Young Life¡¯s
Red Carpet event
Delta County Young Life will host its annual
fundraising banquet, and the public is invited to
attend, enjoy delicious food catered by Davetos,
and learn about how Young Life is making posi-
tive changes in the lives of area kids.
Entertainment will be provided by Jonah Werner,
a contemporary folk-rock singer/songwriter and a
Young Life alumnus. A Colorado native, Werner
Volunteers needed by RSVP
to help with upcoming community events
Be a Hero in your Community! Volunteer with the
Colorado West Retired Senior Volunteer Program
We are presently working to place volunteers
for upcoming events in the region, including the
Montrose Wine & Food Festival in May, and the
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) State Convention
in Montrose in June.
RSVP volunteers must be age 55+, and get free li-
ability insurance while they are volunteering. We
need you!
Call Barbara Moore for details: 970.249.9639 or Paul
Ash at: 970.399.3514.
We Need You
The kickoff concert to the ¡®Music on the Mountain¡¯
summer series at Glenwood Caverns Adventure
Park is a benefit, May 23, for the LIFT-UP food
pantry. Bring a canned item & receive a FREE tram
ride starting at 4p to the top, where Doctor Robert,
The Beatles Tribute will be performing from 6-10p.
Doctor Robert marks a new generation of tribute
bands, bringing a modern sound and feel to the
Fab Four¡¯s classics. The band is quickly becoming
respected for its extended, high-energy sets and
because no two shows are ever the same.
Please call 1.800.530.1635 for more event info &
visit: for more info
on the band.
Help Lift-Up Food Pantry