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The Good News
2014 June
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Quarterly Ag Exports Up 19%
tension, LiveWell Colorado
and Rocky Mountain Farmers
Union. The bill was sponsored
by Rep. McLachlan (D-Duran-
go), Sen. Hodge (D-Brighton)
and Sen. Roberts (R-Durango),
and co-sponsored by Rep. Dore
¡°Passing the Colorado Chari-
table Crop Donation Act to
help our agricultural industry
provide additional food for the
hungry is a ¡®win-win¡¯ for our
entire community,¡± said Jim
Baldwin, president of Feeding
Colorado, the originating spon-
sor of the legislation. ¡°Feeding
Colorado is grateful for the bi-
partisan support of this bill and
excited to be able to distribute
more farm-fresh food through
our programs and partner
Learn more about the Colorado
Charitable Crop Donation Act
New 25% State tax credit for producers to boost
fresh-food donations; More Colorado families
will gain additional access to healthy, local foods
Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the Colorado
Charitable Crop Donation Act on May 30, 2014, at
Adobe House Farm in Durango, surrounded by
ranchers, farmers, emergency food providers and
community members.
¡°Durango is a great place to celebrate the signing
of this new tax credit that will positively impact
Colorado ranchers and farmers, many who are
already supporting their communities, as well as
our state¡¯s residents,¡± said Sen. Ellen Roberts of
Durango, one of the bill sponsors.
House Bill 14-1119 advanced from the House of
Representatives and Senate, with widespread
support under the dome and in Colorado commu-
nities. The 25-percent tax credit will go into effect
January 2015 and be offered to local producers who
donate excess foods to Colorado food banks and
¡°The Act is an investment in our neighbors, com-
munities and state,¡± said lead bill sponsor, Rep.
Mike McLachlan of Durango. ¡°The Colorado leg-
islature recognized that, and now a new tax credit
will benefit our state¡¯s agriculture community,
emergency food providers and those experiencing
The Colorado Charitable Crop Donation Act not
only will increase fresh-food donations from local
producers but provide struggling Coloradans
with additional access to fresh fruits, vegetables,
dairy products and meat products. It¡¯s estimated
that nearly one in six Coloradans face a time when
there is not enough money to buy food.
¡°We¡¯re all at our best when we have enough to eat;
yet, too many children, seniors and families strug-
gle to get the fuel needed for better, healthier lives
and stronger communities,¡± said Kathy Underhill,
executive director for Hunger Free Colorado, the
state¡¯s leading anti-hunger organization. ¡°The new
tax credit means more Coloradans will be able to
access needed nutrition through local food.¡±
Hunger Free Colorado and Feeding Colorado -
Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado,
Community Food Share, Food Bank for Larimer
County, Food Bank of the Rockies and Weld Food
Bank - served as lead supporters for this legisla-
tion, along with support from the Colorado Farm
Bureau, Colorado Nonprofit Association, CSU-Ex-
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A ¡®Win-Win¡¯ For Entire Community
First Quarter 2014 Agricultural Exports Increase
By $64.8 Million
Colorado¡¯s agricultural exports exceeded $2 bil-
lion in 2013, and have already grown $64.8 million
(19%) in the first quarter of 2014. Colorado¡¯s first
quarter exports went to 96 countries, which is six
more countries than in the first quarter of 2013.
Colorado¡¯s top export increases:
Mexico increased by $32 million
China increased by $8.3 million
Japan increased by $6.7 million
The increased exports to Mexico came from a range
of products including meat, dairy products, hides,
animal feed and processed foods. China¡¯s increase
consisted primarily of hide imports, with that coun-
try now importing more than 50 percent of Colo-
rado¡¯s total hides. Japan¡¯s increased imports were
from beef, a result of their expanded market access
allowed in 2013.
¡°Increasing exports is critical to Colorado agricul-
ture and our rural communities,¡± said Colorado
Commissioner of Agriculture John Salazar. ¡°Colo-
rado is pleased to have the Mexican government
reduce import restrictions for Colorado and U.S.
potatoes effective this month.¡±
After decades of restrictions, the Mexican market
expanded their market access for fresh potatoes
beginning May 19, 2014. Colorado is the leading
exporter of fresh potatoes to Mexico with over 50
percent of the market. Last year Colorado shipped
on average seven truckloads of fresh potatoes to
Mexico every day. The market is projected to grow
four fold in the next few years.
¡°We still have access barriers for our major sectors
including beef, wheat and dairy, that prevent Colo-
rado agriculture from reaching full sales potential,¡°
said Commissioner Salazar. ¡°Increasing global
access for Colorado agricultural products remains a
focus of my office.¡±
Additional trade statistics and details on the vari-
ous trade barriers are available at:
International marketing specialists are available
to assist in beginning and expanding Colorado¡¯s
export markets. Assistance includes training for
export operations, assessment of market options,
international finance and accessing USDA funding
support for exporters. For more information visit:, call: 303.239.4118 or
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