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Servicemen¡¯ statue and the Vietnam Women¡¯s
Located north of the Lincoln Memorial near the
intersection of 22nd St. and Constitution Ave. NW,
Vietnam Veterans Memorial is free to visit and is
open 24 hours a day.
The Hitchin¡¯ Post in Norwood, Colorado is in-
viting everyone to join them in honoring local
troops and veterans by donating for the purchase
of phone cards for veterans and purchasing the
special T-shirts and Tank tops listing the names of
local heros.
The logo on the shirts was drafted here locally
in Norwood, Colorado and has the design ¡®Our
Guardian Angels¡¯ and ¡®Hitchin¡¯ Post Norwood¡¯ on
the front, with the list of names on the back.
These special T-shirts and Tank tops are available
in grey or black,
long or short sleeve
and cost $20 per T-
shirt or Tank top.
Please contact
Marilynn at The
Hitchin¡¯ Post any
time by calling
970.327.4969 or stop
by at 41087 Grand
Ave in Norwood.
The Good News
2014 June
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
As currently written, the proposed LMP allows
for the introduction and management of black
crappie, yellow perch, rainbow and brown trout
and triploid walleye, all non-native sport fish
which are compatible with Recovery Program
goals. The triploid version of walleye is sterile
and typically grows faster than non-sterile wall-
eye because energy is devoted to growth rather
than reproduction. This makes the species attrac-
tive to anglers as well as the Recovery Program.
Because of their severe impacts to native fish,
smallmouth bass and northern pike are con-
sidered ¡®non-compatible¡¯ with recovery efforts.
Further introduction or stocking of these species
in the Upper Colorado River Basin is strongly
discouraged by the Recovery Program.
¡°This is a good proposed plan and has the poten-
tial to lead to an even better fishery than we have
now,¡± said Rifle Gap State Park Manager Brian
Palcer. ¡°CPW manages our parks and our wildlife
together with the public¡¯s input and cooperation
and that worked well as the plan came together;
however, we will also need cooperation from the
public into the future to maintain Rifle Gap as a
destination fishery.¡±
CPW officials add that the public¡¯s support will
not only help with recovery efforts for native fish,
it will also facilitate continuing efforts to bring
quality sport fishing to Western Colorado.
¡°We have a biologically sound LMP proposed for
Rifle Gap,¡± said CPW Area Wildlife Manager JT
Romatzke. ¡°We thank everyone that has contrib-
uted to this plan. We are doing what we can to
give our anglers a variety of opportunities while
simultaneously meeting the requirements of the
Recovery Program.¡±
The Rifle Gap Reservoir Proposed LMP will un-
dergo a 60-day review process. During this time
period, Recovery Program partners will have
the opportunity to add comments and revise as
necessary before granting final approval.
For more info about the Rifle Gap Proposed Lake
Management Plan, visit:
aspx, or contact CPW Aquatic Biologist Lori Mar-
tin at:
¡°Biologically Sound¡± Plan Proposed
Across from the park, in Ridgway, you will find
Fortune Gems and Rock Gallery, a specialty rock
and mineral shop that also offers much more.
You will notice right away that this shop is not just
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Matthew Fortune, the owner of Fortune Gems and
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Very affordable Navajo earrings and necklaces
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Rock Gallery has many paintings for sale by 87
year old Lorabell Fuller, Montrose local and native
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Fortune Gems and Rock Gallery is located be-
tween the ice cream parlor and the coffee house.
Here you can experience very affordable gifts
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To make your visit even sweeter, Fortune Gems
and Rock Gallery offers a $5 coupon for ice cream
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Sunday, 1p-7p. Hope to see you there this Summer
season. Cheers!
Fortune Gems and Rock Gallery, 380 Sherman
Unit 4, Ridgway, CO, 81432, 970.729.1749
Enjoy A Sense Of Zen
Memorial Shirts Get Around
Rifle Gap Reservoir Proposed Management Plan
Undergoing Review Process
Colorado Parks and Wildlife has submitted its Rifle
Gap Reservoir Proposed Lake Management Plan to
several of its partners in the Upper Colorado River
Endangered Fish Recovery Program, including the
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the wildlife agen-
cies of the States of Utah and Wyoming. Approval
by these partners is the last required step to estab-
lish future stocking plans for the popular fishery.
Lake Management Plans describe objectives for
specific fisheries, including which species will be
stocked and managed. The Rifle Gap Proposed Lake
Management Plan was crafted in accordance with
the ¡®Procedures for Stocking Non-native Fish Spe-
cies in the Upper Colorado River Basin¡¯, a coopera-
tive agreement between program partners.
The goal of the Upper Colorado River Endangered
Fish Recovery Program is the recovery of four
endangered fish found only in the Upper Colorado
River Basin, the razorback sucker, bonytail chub,
humpback chub and the Colorado pikeminnow.
¡°We developed the management plan with input
we received at a public meeting in 2010 and com-
ments we have received since then,¡± said CPW
Aquatic Biologist Lori Martin. ¡°Public feedback was
critical to form what we feel is a very good vision
for future fisheries management of Rifle Gap.¡±
Rifle Gap Reservoir currently features both cold
and cool/warm water species, including rainbow
and brown trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, yellow
perch, northern pike and black crappie. Walleye
and smallmouth bass have self-sustained in the
reservoir since they were stocked by the former
Colorado Division of Wildlife in 1972, prior to the
existence of the Recovery Program. No additional
smallmouth bass, walleye, or any other cool/warm
water species have been stocked by state wildlife
managers since the initial introduction.
Until the proposed LMP is approved, CPW may
not stock any fish species other than trout into Rifle
Gap Reservoir, under the terms of the ¡®Procedures
for Stocking Non-native Fish Species in the Upper
Colorado River Basin¡¯.
¡°CPW will remain judicious in terms of which
sport fish species will be stocked and managed as
we continue our native fish recovery efforts,¡± said
Northwest Region Senior Aquatic Biologist Sher-
man Hebein. ¡°That is our responsibility as partners
in the program.¡±
The Wall That Heals
Honoring the men and
women who served in
the controversial Viet-
nam War, the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial
chronologically lists
the names of more
than 58,000 Americans
who gave their lives in
service to their coun-
try. The memorial also
includes ¡®The Three
The Hitchin¡¯ Post of Norwood¡¯s ¡®Our Guard-
ian Angels¡¯ T-shirt, honoring local troops and
veterans, has made its way to the veterans wall in
Washington D.C.