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Nature & Wildlife
2014 July
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Desire for love grows and may be
fulfilled as social opportunities increase. Sun-
shine in the professional brings recognition;
collaborations bear fruit.
Libra- Growing physical energies bolster
activity and ambition in the professional; Col-
laborations increase exposure and successes.
Patience tempers excitable passions at home.
Scorpio- Intellectual high; a focus on the
spiritual and deeper relations in the personal.
Possible long distance activity. Professional
relations manifest and bear financial fruit.
Sagittarius- Growing friendships, partner-
ships, collaborations lead to strong financial
reward; setting up long term success. Love
and romance energies high; expect long term
upward trend in passion.
Capricorn- Sunshine brings a strong focus
on and positive movement for relationships,
both personal and professional, illuminating
the paths to love, happiness and increasing
Aquarius- Attraction grows and emotional
and passionate desires gain traction; exist-
ing bonds wax strong and new bonds easily
form. Intellectual and creative energies high;
financial increase.
Pisces- Love, romance, passion, adventure,
much joy in the personal, spilling over into
the professional. Add in high physical energy,
spiritual power, divine timing. Smile & share.
19th 26th
Aries- Intellectual, creative and physical
energies increase driving much forward
movement, effort and fruit in the profes-
sional. Communication becomes ever
clearer as relational testing concludes.
Taurus- Active and social in the profes-
sional with increasing physical stability;
the harvest comes in. Treasures also, sent
from the heavens; a most opportune time
to make your loved one smile.
Gemini- Long term trends look to be
increasingly fruitful in the professional;
short term financials a focus. Loving and
joyful relations, increased communication,
attraction, harmony in the personal.
Cancer- Physical energies strong; con-
fidence and morale grows. Cooperation,
harmony, calmness grows in the personal.
Intellectual energies rise; social profes-
sional opportunities manifest.
Leo- Social opportunities manifest both
professionally and personally. Love grows,
friendships blossom, excitement, trea-
sure. Humble practical balance is the key.
The Moon Dance
Evening planets: Mars, Saturn, and
Jupiter are visible in the night sky, howev-
er Jupiter disappears behind the sun early
in July.
Morning planets: Venus and Mercury
are visible in the morning sky before sun-
rise and will be in conjunction on July 16.
Uranus and Neptune possibly may be
seen by telescope in the morning sky.
* July 4, Earth reaches aphelion (the
furthest point in its orbit from the Sun) at
1.016681629 astronomical units.
* July 12, the Full Buck Moon, as known
by early Native American tribes, because
the male buck deer would begin to grow
their new antlers at this time of year.
* July 28-29, Delta Aquarids Meteor
Shower. The Delta Aquarids produces up
to 20 meteors/hour at its peak and runs
annually from Jul 12-Aug 23. It peaks this
year on the night of Jul 28 and morning
of Jul 29. Should be a great year for this
shower. Meteors will radiate from the con-
stellation Aquarius, but can appear any-
where in the sky.
nighT TiMe DelighTs
The horoscopes
Opportunity For Limited,
Special Access Archery Hunts In
The Grand Valley
Grand Junction: Colorado Parks and
Wildlife, the Bureau of Reclamation
and the Western Colorado Wildlife
Habitat Association is sponsoring
six, limited, special access archery
hunts in the Grand Valley this fall.
The archery hunts will take place at
Tilman Bishop State Wildlife Area,
Orchard Mesa Wildlife Area and
Grand Junction Wildlife Area.
Hunters interested in applying for
the opportunity must drop-off or
hunt, a rifle deer license must have been drawn
for GMU 40 or 41. Only archery equipment will
be allowed during these hunts.
All CPW regulations still apply including the
wearing of daylight fluorescent orange garments
during the rifle season.
For more information about Colorado Parks and
Wildlife and to purchase a hunting and fishing
license or State Park pass online, visit:
Montrose, CO: The 2014 City of Montrose Annual
Water Quality Report, also known as the 2014
Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), is now avail-
able on the city¡¯s web site at www.cityofmon-
This report contains important information about
the source and quality of local drinking water.
Project 7 Water supplies water to the city of
Montrose and five other area water utilities, and
prepares a single CCR for all of these utilities. In
the past, the city mailed the report to all custom-
ers. Now, with the availability of the internet, the
EPA allows the city to post the information on
their website.
¡°Being able to direct interested customers and
citizens to the report saves the city and taxpay-
ers several thousand dollars in printing and mail-
ing costs,¡± explained Utility Division Superinten-
dent David Bries.
If a citizen would prefer a paper copy, one
may be requested by calling City Hall at:
970.240.1400 during normal business hours.
Similar information was included on the last bill
for water services to city water customers.
Questions regarding the project may be directed
to Bries at: 970.240.1484.
Annual Water Quality Report
Exclusive Archery
Hunt Draw
mail their applications to the CPW Northwest Region
office by August 1 at the following address:
Archery Hunts
711 Independent Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Applications and information are available at CPW¡¯s
NW Region office, or by calling: 970.255.6100.
Drawings for the hunts will be held on August 4.
Three of the hunts will take place during the regular
archery season. NOTE: Before applying for this