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2014 July
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What is ¡®Positive Thinking¡¯?
Positive thinking is the ability to strain the good
out of any given circumstance that life brings
your way, and to build on that good energy and
create a positive action from it and that in turn
will create more positive reactions that will at
some point find its way back to you, the one who
created it.
For instance, when I was a child, I was in the
local market trying to by a candy bar, a Three
Musketeers to be exact, it was $.10 cents back
then, but I only had a nickel. The man behind me
dropped a nickel on the counter and said, ¡°there
you go son, enjoy your candy.¡± Well, I was pretty
happy at that point and I walk outside to eat
my candy. When the man came out I thanked
him again, and he told me, ¡°You can thank me
by doing the same for someone else someday.¡±
That positive action has been burned into my
mind from that day on and I have reached into
my pockets on many occasions to help out when
people have been a little short at the cash regis-
This experience did not end on that day because
several years later, when I was 17, I was driv-
ing to our farm to do chores and I came across
a husband and wife whose car had broken down,
so I pulled over to see if I could help. I politely
asked ¡°is there anything I can do to help?¡± The
man turned around and said ¡°she quit on us, I
don¡¯t know what¡¯s wrong with her, but she won¡¯t
start.¡± I recognized him in an instant, it was the
man who gave me the nickel! I looked him in the
eye and said, ¡°do you remember me?¡± He said, ¡°I
don¡¯t think so.¡± Then I said, I remember you, you
dropped a nickel on the counter about 11 years
ago so I could buy a candy bar. His eyes lit up
and he smiled and said, ¡°you¡¯re the boy from that
day and you remember me?¡± I said, ¡°yes sir I
do, now why don¡¯t you and your wife get in out of
the heat and let¡¯s get you home.¡± I drove them
home, about 5 miles from where they broke
down. They thanked me, and I said to him, ¡°you
do not need to thank me for anything, it was a
privilege for me to help and thank you again for
that candy bar.¡± We laughed and shook hands
and every time we passed while driving we would
give a friendly wave and once and awhile pull
over and have a nice chat.
You see, positive actions are doing things for
Treasures From The Inbox
possessed. No one else in the
congregation had brought an
All came to pray for rain, but
only the little girl had come
expecting God to answer...
The Declaration of Independence
By Washington Irving
While danger was gathering round New York, and
its inhabitants were in mute suspense and fearful
anticipations, the General Congress at Philadel-
phia was discussing, with closed doors, what
John Adams pronounced, ¡°The greatest question
ever debated in America, and as great as ever
was or will be debated among men.¡± The result
was, a resolution passed unanimously on the 2nd
of July - ¡°that these United Colonies are, and of
right ought to be, free and independent States.¡±
¡°The 2nd of July,¡± adds the same patriot states-
man, ¡°will be the most memorable epoch in the
history of America. I am apt to believe that it will
be celebrated by succeeding generations as the
great anniversary festival. It ought to be com-
memorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn
acts of devotion to Almighty God. It ought to be
solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows,
games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illumi-
nations, from one end of this continent to the
other, from this time forth forevermore.¡±
The glorious event has, indeed, given rise to an
annual jubilee - but not on the day designated by
Adams. The FOURTH of July is the day of national
rejoicing, for on that day the ¡°Declaration of
Independence,¡± that solemn and sublime docu-
ment, was adopted.
Tradition gives a dramatic effect to its announce-
ment. It was known to be under discussion,
but the closed doors of Congress excluded the
populace. They awaited, in throngs, an appointed
signal. In the steeple of the State House was a
bell, imported twenty-three years previously from
London by the Provincial Assembly of Pennsylva-
nia. It bore the portentous text from Scripture:
¡°Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land, unto all
the inhabitants thereof.¡± A joyous peal from that
bell gave notice that the bill had been passed. It
was the knell of British domination.
If you get email, you
get stuff. Sometimes
it is spam, sometimes
it is a true gem.
Here is one of those
gems worth sharing:
Expect an Answer
As a drought continued for what seemed an
eternity, a small community of farmers was in a
quandary as to what to do. Rain was important
to keep their crops healthy and sustain the way
of life of the townspeople.
As the problem became more acute, a local pas-
tor called a prayer meeting to ask for rain.
Many people arrived. The pastor greeted most
of them as they filed in. As he walked to the
front of the church to officially begin the meet-
ing he noticed most people were chatting across
the aisles and socializing with friends.
When he reached the front his thoughts were on
quieting the attendees and starting the meet-
ing. His eyes scanned the crowd as he asked for
It was then that he noticed an eleven year-old
girl sitting quietly in the front row. Her face was
beaming with excitement. Next to her, poised
and ready for use, was a bright red umbrella.
The little girl¡¯s beauty and innocence made the
pastor smile as he realized how much faith she
Unseen Energy
by Mark Looper
¡°We are for gratitude and celebration under
every circumstance. Why are we for cel-
ebration? Because it¡¯s part of an abundance
mentality. A worldview that says, ¡®If I take
time to celebrate and give thanks, I¡¯m not
losing time. I¡¯m not losing money. In fact,
the very act of celebrating and giving thanks
will bring me, and the world, even more
blessing.¡¯¡± - Perry Marshall
others, not for us. It is all about good deeds
and loving what you do when you do it. Positive
thinking, on the other hand, is for you, because
you cannot think for some else, can you? Posi-
tive thinking brings in the good energy that
keeps the wheel turning as we go round and
round in our lives. It is so much better to wear a
smile and not a frown. Remember that positive
thinking and actions are connected because, of
course, you have to have the thought before the
action can take place.
Whenever you have the opportunity to do a
good thing for someone, you should pounce on
the chance, and make a difference in a positive
nature in another¡¯s life. The wheel will continue
to turn and good positive things will come back
around to you. Keep thinking of positive things
in your life and always move in that direction.
(Mark Looper of The Pony Expresso shares
inspirational thoughts and lessons learned
in life from Dolores, Colorado.
Frederick, MD, June 16, 2014: America Star
Books is proud to present ¡®The Angel¡¯s Globe¡¯
by Michael L. Moseman from Grand Junction.
Excerpt: ¡°Tommy Edwards is in church to pray
for Alice. He kneels down, folds his hands and
closes his eyes, tears flow as he begins to pray.
Suddenly he hears a voice calling to him, and he
answers. The voice tells him that he is hearing
his guardian angel as the spirit angel appears,
the angel asks why is he praying for his friend.
He replies, that he knows the Lord can call her
home, which would take her out of such pain,
but he would like the honor to continue to be her
friend. The angel tells him, his prayer has been
heard and received. The angel tells him that
there is a globe on the altar that has the healing
power if the holder believes. He opens his eyes
and can see a bright light coming from the altar.
He walks to the altar and picks up the globe and
it begins to warm his heart.¡±
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