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2014 August
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- While still manifesting, social opportuni-
ties, and the vigor for them, begin winding down;
now is a good time for that extra rest you¡¯ve been
craving, financial plans, and meditation on Spirit.
Libra- High physical energy and strong morale,
as much goes your way. Financials a focus in both
the personal and professional; relationships, part-
nerships, collaborations are the keys to success.
Scorpio- A favorable atmosphere for financial
gains and success in the professional, manifesting
long anticipated action and reward. Love strength-
ens or appears; avoid conflict, smile, these are
good days.
Sagittarius- Intellectual energy high. Distance
draws your attention on all levels; maybe a long
held need, a spiritual longing, a business relation-
ship, maybe even love. Closer to home, watch
where you step!
Capricorn- Relationships a key focus, as profes-
sional success and a harmonious home life both
spring forth from careful nurturing. Charming and
seductive, persuasive powers for good offer them-
selves to you.
Aquarius- High morale, as sunshine continues
beaming love and open communication upon all
relationships, bringing joy and satisfaction. Tem-
pered ambition and cooperation drives harmony
and progress.
Pisces- Love is in the air; fun and adventure
awaits. Much opportunity, progress and financial
reward in the professional, a smooth road lies
ahead. Use extra time to meditate on physical and
spiritual needs.
17th 25th
Aries- Now begins long term positive pat-
terns for the physical and emotional; expect
much increase in ambition, passion, love,
adventure. Financials a focus; anticipated
changes/adjustments drive progress.
Taurus- Nurture and protect relationships
from undue stress or strain; may be tur-
bulence so be kind, diplomatic and avoid
conflict, both personally and professionally.
Outdoors activity recharges you.
Gemini- Persuasion and poetry are yours
to positively influence all contacts. Much
movement manifests from wide open com-
munication channels; listen and watch, for
the Spirit is messaging you.
Cancer- A long period favorable to financial
reward begins to manifest treasure and in-
crease; cautious planning and wise choices
protect and multiply efforts. Physical energy
high. Harmonious energies at home.
Leo- Adventure, passion and love begin
lengthy rule over the personal; enjoy and
be grateful. Many paths open in the profes-
sional for major forward movement and
reward; opportunity is knocking, loudly.
Morning planets: Venus rises less than an
hour before sunrise; Jupiter should become
visible in the east at early dawn, starting around
the second week of August
Evening planets: Saturn is visible only during
evening dusk. Mars is low in the SW skies at
the end of dusk, look for the reddish Mars to be
to the lower right of Saturn.
Mercury is not visible this month.
* Aug 10, This full moon was known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Sturgeon
Moon because the large sturgeon fish of the
Great Lakes and other major lakes were more
easily caught at this time of year. This moon has
also been known as the Green Corn Moon and
the Grain Moon. This is also the closest and
largest full Moon of the year.
* Perseids Meteor Shower. Aug 12-13, The
Perseids is one of the best meteor showers to
observe, producing up to 60 meteors/hour at
its peak. It is produced by comet Swift-Tuttle,
which was discovered in 1862. This shower runs
annually from Jul 17-Aug 24. It peaks this year
on the night of Aug 12 and the morning of Aug
13. The waning gibbous moon will block out
some of the meteors this year, but the Perseids
are so bright and numerous that it should still
be a good show. Best viewing will be from a
dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate
from the constellation Perseus, but can appear
anywhere in the sky.
* Conjunction of Venus & Jupiter. Aug 18,
The two bright planets will come unusually close
to each other, only a quarter of a degree, in the
early morning sky. Also, the beehive cluster in
the constellation Cancer will be only 1 degree
away. This rare, double-planet event is definitely
one not to miss. Look for the bright planets in
the east just before sunrise.
The horoscopes
by Karen Schafer
Every weekend, one day is spent
traveling Hwy 141, from Gateway
to Grand Junction, to purchase gro-
ceries. Perhaps because it was early
Becoming confused, he was not sure of which
way to go. Partway across, he stopped and
ran back the way he had come, then, spinning
around, went the other way. After a couple
more maneuvers, including jumping up and
down, he finally rejoined the rest of his family!
Of course, there were cow elk and calves down
in the Unaweep, and the usual flurry of rabbits
and rock squirrels.
An awesome drive, not one I will forget for a
long time.
Event To Honor Builders
Of Ridgway Dam And Reservoir
Ridgway, CO: This year marks the 25th an-
niversary of the construction of the Ridgway
dam and the establishment of Ridgway State
A special event to recognize those who worked
on the construction project is scheduled for
the weekend of Aug 8 at the park.
Did you work on the project? Or do you know
someone who did? This includes former or cur-
rent employees of the Bureau of Reclamation
or other government agencies, construction
workers, and municipal and county officials
who assisted with the project. If so, please
send your contact information via e-mail to:, or call her at
970.626.5822, X11. You¡¯ll be contacted about
the event.
Planning for the Dallas Creek Project, as it is
called formally by the BOR, began shortly after
the end of World War II. Construction eventu-
ally started in 1978 and the reservoir filled
completely for the first time in 1990.
The dam stores water for agricultural, munici-
pal and industrial uses for the Uncompahgre
Valley in western Colorado.
A State Park Anniversary
morning, the wildlife was moving about on this
past Sunday morning.
At the edge of town, a doe with twin spotted
fawns crossed in front of us.
Two miles out, a black bear, standing on hind
legs, was looking up into a roadside tree.
A few miles further, husband brought the jeep to
a quick stop, to allow a bobcat with three kittens
to safely cross the highway. Two of the kittens
followed the mom closely, however, one lagged
The Moon Dance
One of Colorado¡¯s premier recre-
ational facilities, Ridgway State
Park offers camping, hiking, bicy-
cling, boating, fishing and swim-
More than 300,000 people visit the
park every year.
For more information about Ridg-
way and all of Colorado State
Parks, see:
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