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The Good News
2014 August
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Exports Reach All-Time High
River City Consultants, Inc., is a multidisciplined
civil engineering and surveying firm headquar-
tered in Grand Junction, CO.
In addition to Colorado, River City Consultants
offers professionals registered in New Mexico,
North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.
To learn more about River City Consultants,
please visit their website at:
U.S. exports of goods and services increased
to a monthly record high of $195.5 billion from
$193.5 billion in April, with record levels in
services: travel, transport, telecommunications,
computer, and information services; automo-
tive: vehicles, parts and engines; and consumer
goods exports. U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Penny Pritzker issued the following statement
July 3, on the release of the May 2014 data on
U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services.
¡°Today¡¯s strong export numbers are yet another
sign that more American businesses are seizing
the opportunity to sell their world-class products
and services to the 95 percent of consumers
who live outside the United States,¡± said Secre-
tary Pritzker. ¡°Increasing our exports is critical
to our economic growth and recovery, and also
supports good jobs here at home. The Depart-
ment of Commerce will continue to focus on
broadening and deepening the U.S. exporter
base so that more American companies and
communities realize the benefits of engaging in
the global economy.¡±
Building on the National Export Initiative (NEI)
launched by President Obama in 2010, Sec-
retary Pritzker launched NEI/NEXT in May to
help more American businesses capitalize on
new and existing opportunities to sell Made-
in-America goods and services abroad. NEI/
NEXT will help more American companies reach
more overseas markets with objectives focused
on improving data, providing information on
specific export opportunities, working more
closely with financing organizations and ser-
vice providers, and partnering with states and
communities to empower local export efforts.
Since the launch of the NEI, a record number of
U.S. companies have exported annually, and the
United States has seen an increase of 1.6 mil-
lion export-supported jobs. Exports reached an
all-time high of $2.3 trillion dollars last year.
cleaned and delivered as a compressed
natural gas (CNG) product to an existing
City-owned CNG fueling station located
approximately five miles from the facility.
River City Consultants is a key partici-
pant in the project, providing surveying,
civil design support, and stormwater
management for the project. They are
teaming with BioCNG, a national Energy
Vision Leadership Award winner, and one
of the creators of the BioCNG biogas
conditioning system. ¡°The innovative
system is operating successfully, running
several small fleets on CNG produced
from landfill gas, wastewater treatment
plant digesters, and anaerobic food
waste digester biogas, and at a fraction
of the cost of gasoline,¡± according to
The City¡¯s fueling site currently serves
13 City vehicles and four Grand Valley
Transit (GVT) busses. To accommodate
the expected usage increase as the City
retires older fleet vehicles for new ones
and as GVT expands their bus service,
the City plans to add ten more filling sta-
tions to the fueling site this year. Storage
alternatives included in the project de-
sign for CNG consumption fluctuations at
the site will benefit the City environmen-
tally, and the cost-effective advantage of
this project will benefit the City¡¯s growth
plans economically.
River City Consultants Part Of 1st Green
Bio-Fuel Project Of Its Kind In The State
July 2014, Grand Junction, CO: The Officers of
River City Consultants, Inc. (RCC), are pleased
to announce their involvement in the first and
most environmentally-sensitive and economical-
ly-friendly bio-fuel project of its kind in Colo-
rado. Located in and owned by the City of Grand
Junction, the design for this unique design/build
project is already well underway.
The purpose of this project is to allow City ve-
hicles to use methane gas, a by-product of the
Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant¡¯s anaerobic
digestion process, as a recycled and cost-effec-
tive vehicle fuel alternative. In order to do this,
the biogas generated at the facility must be
Innovative System Running
Rutgers Chemists Develop Technology to
Produce Clean-Burning Hydrogen Fuel
July 14, 2014: Rutgers University research-
ers have developed a technology that could
overcome a major cost barrier to make clean-
burning hydrogen fuel, a fuel that could replace
expensive and environmentally harmful fossil
A new technology based on carbon nanotubes
promises commercially viable hydrogen produc-
tion from water.
The new technology is a novel catalyst that per-
forms almost as well as cost-prohibitive plati-
num for so-called electrolysis reactions, which
use electric currents to split water molecules
into hydrogen and oxygen. The Rutgers technol-
ogy is also far more efficient than less-expen-
sive catalysts investigated to-date.
¡°Hydrogen has long been expected to play a
vital role in our future energy landscapes by
mitigating, if not completely eliminating, our
reliance on fossil fuels,¡± said Tewodros (Teddy)
Asefa, associate professor of chemistry and
chemical biology in the School of Arts and Sci-
ences. ¡°We have developed a sustainable chemi-
cal catalyst that, we hope with the right industry
partner, can bring this vision to life.¡±
Asefa is also an associate professor of chemi-
cal and biochemical engineering in the School of
Hydrogen Fuel In Sight
He and his colleagues based their new cata-
lyst on carbon nanotubes - one-atom-thick
sheets of carbon rolled into tubes 10,000
times thinner than a human hair.
Finding ways to make electrolysis reactions
commercially viable is important because
processes that make hydrogen today start
with methane, itself a fossil fuel.
The need to consume fossil fuel therefore
negates current claims that hydrogen is a
¡°green¡± fuel.
Electrolysis, however, could produce hydro-
gen using electricity generated by renew-
able sources, such as solar, wind and hydro
energy, or by carbon-neutral sources, such as
nuclear energy. And even if fossil fuels were
used for electrolysis, the higher efficiency
and better emissions controls of large power
plants could give hydrogen fuel cells an ad-
vantage over less efficient and more pollut-
ing gasoline and diesel engines in millions of
vehicles and other applications.
In a recent scientific paper published in An-
gewandte Chemie International Edition, Asefa
and his colleagues reported that their tech-
nology, called ¡°noble metal-free nitrogen-rich
carbon nanotubes,¡± efficiently catalyze the
hydrogen evolution reaction with activities
close to that of platinum. They also function
well in acidic, neutral or basic conditions,
allowing them to be coupled with the best
available oxygen-evolving catalysts that also
play crucial roles in the water-splitting reac-
The researchers have filed for a patent on
the catalyst, which is available for licensing
or research collaborations through the Rut-
gers Office of Technology Commercialization.
The National Science Foundation funded the
(source: & Rutgers University)