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The Reading Room
2014 August
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
east with their life giving rain.
Curled in my bed, the night breezes quietly sneak
through wire window screens, to be caught by
the fan and driven around the room. It is then
that I think of a place. I think of it often, I dream
of it, this place from my past, where the wind
rustles through sage setting, purple wild iris
dancing. Coyotes, who hide themselves during
the day, sing out at night, breaking the silence,
howling under a full moon.
I dream of it. A prayer feather. On a stick,
planted in the earth, above a golden eagle¡¯s nest,
perched on a rocky ledge jutting from great stone
wall, it flutters. Usually silent, the eagle¡¯s high
pitched ¡°kee-kee-kee¡± welcomes her mate who
comes bringing food.
I think of it often. The mountain, with cave near
the summit, a wide mouth cave with buffalo
horns scattered across sandy floor. I dream of
standing there looking far.
Ancient log ranch house is silent, empty past 40
years. Tattered curtains hang limp in time stained
windows. I think of it often. A place where the
bear dances and mountain lion pads softly across
wind swept yard, on the lookout for grandfather
cottontail, living in the root cellar. My heart cries
out. My soul longs to return. I dream of it.
Upon the red Wingate sand
bull snake slithers forth, and
divides the chipmunk clan, and
flees from the heat of the sun. - K
(Karen Schafer lives in & writes about life from
Gateway, Colorado)
Treasures From The Inbox
are truly your prophecy; with
each word you speak you either
breathe life into your goal or
deny its fulfilment.
You just can¡¯t ask for a job you
love then go around complain-
ing about your current one.
Each time you passionately
contribute to a conversation
about how difficult it is to suc-
ceed in business you are only
delaying your progress.
Speak words that reflect those
spoken by someone who is suc-
cessful; words that exemplify
what you want in your life.
If you want business success,
ask yourself, ¡°What would
someone who has a thriving
(By Loago Madigele) You¡¯ve watched The Secret;
conjured a feather, found a penny, and manifested
rock star parking. You¡¯re confident you¡¯ve got a
hang of the law of attraction: focus on what you
want, believe that you can have it, and let it in.
EASY!(Isn¡¯t it wonderful when everything falls into
place like that? What a great feeling!)
You are now ready for the big league, and you turn
your attention to realising your dream job, or get-
ting a new mate, or fulfilling a lifelong dream of
owning your own business.
Then the magic disappears; ¡°POOF!¡± Just like that,
your ability to part the Red Sea deserts you when
you need it most. You try this visualisation tech-
nique. Chant that mantra. Buy a different medita-
tion - and still, nothing happens!
Yet, you remain hopeful and persist. Because there
is much joy and empowerment in knowing that you
are responsible for creating your own life. It means
you have the power to change things and experi-
ence miracles.
Here are three tips to help you out of the funk, so
you can manifest a miracle.
1. Watch your speech: Your thoughts and words
If you get email, you
get stuff. Sometimes
it is spam, sometimes
it is a true gem.
Here is one of those
gems worth sharing:
¡°No way!¡± ¡°Yes, way!¡±
¡°Do NOT eat the fruit!¡± exclaimed God sternly.
¡°Why?¡± they asked.
¡°Because I am your Father and I said so!¡± God
replied, wondering why he didn¡¯t stop creating after
making the elephants.
Not a few minutes later, God saw his children having
an apple break, and he was ticked!
¡°Didn¡¯t I just tell you NOT to eat the fruit?¡± God, as
our first parent, asked, exasperated.
¡°Uh huh,¡± Adam replied.
¡°Then why did you?¡± asked the Father.
¡°She started it!¡± Adam said.
¡°Did not!¡±
¡°Did too!¡±
¡°Well, you see, there was this snake...¡±
Having had it with the two of them, God¡¯s punish-
ment was that Adam and Eve should have children
of their own.
Thus, the pattern was set, and it has never
But there is reassurance in this story. If you have
persistently and lovingly tried to give children wis-
dom, and they haven¡¯t taken it, don¡¯t be hard on
yourself. If God has trouble getting his children to
listen, what made you think it would be a piece of
cake for you?
Top 3 Ways To Manifest a Miracle
I sit in the shaded porch sipping iced tea as the
hummingbirds dart in and out. They drink from
the feeders, occasionally they worry my flowers,
drawing nectar from the red, orange, yellow and
purple ones. Yellow butterflies chase each other
near cedar bush, they are happy. Summer, long
days, short nights.
A bull snake of great size has taken up residence
in the neighborhood. Chipmunk clan has dwin-
dled, only two remain. They spend their morn-
ings frolicking among sun flowers, swaying in hot
breezes and splashing in the bird bath, when I
think to fill it. Crow, awake early, surveys north
field for tidbits. ¡°Caw, caw.¡± Even he does not
bother a pair of cottontail rabbits, playfully chas-
ing each other, jumping and spinning air-born to
disappear into silver sage. I hope they watch for
bull snake!
Afternoons, grey clouds tower above west moun-
tains, bringing the wind, jagged lightening and
rumbling thunder. However, they usually drift
Positively Karen
God¡¯s Kids
Whenever your children are out of control, you
can take comfort from the thought that even
God¡¯s omnipotence did not extend to His own
After creating heaven and earth, God created
Adam and Eve.
The first thing he said was, ¡°Don¡¯t.¡±
¡°Don¡¯t what?¡± Adam replied.
¡°Don¡¯t eat the forbidden fruit,¡± God said.
¡°Forbidden fruit? We have forbidden fruit?
Hey, Eve... we have forbidden fruit!¡±
business with lots of clients be thinking? What
would they be saying?¡± Then think it and speak
it. As you repeat positive success affirming
words, they will replace negative patterns in the
subconscious that have blocked your success.
Do this with all your desired good.
2. Release the how: We tend to have precon-
ceived ideas about how our desired outcomes
should manifest. We attach a particular way,
time or sequence to the unfolding of our dream.
But what you¡¯ve asked for can show up in differ-
ent ways than you¡¯d imagined. You don¡¯t have
to know the ¡®how¡¯ - but you have to be willing
to put your trust into something other than your
own limited mind and resources.
Your job is to plant the seed of your desired
outcome very firmly in your mind, and nurture
it with positive thought and expectation. Then
turn it over to the creative forces of the Uni-
verse to orchestrate its perfect completion. You
can then relax and let go, knowing your mani-
festation is on its way.
A fun game is to think of different ways your
desire could unfold. Get creative and outrageous
- this will help you surrender the ¡®how¡¯ to the
Universe. When you do this, it will take form in
the most unexpected and miraculous of ways.
3. Give thanks in advance: If you want your
desires to come quickly, start expressing grati-
tude for them now as if they were already here.
Being grateful in advance is the ultimate show
of trust. It is what creates magic, and moves
¡®wants¡¯ and ¡®wishes¡¯ into the realm of manifest
Even before you receive your dream job, be
grateful now that someone somewhere is look-
ing for a person just like you.
Before you thrive in your new business, give
thanks for the appreciative clients who are on
their way.
Be grateful for the loving and loyal friends,
well before they meet you and appreciate your
charm. Give gratitude in advance and watch as
miracles happen around you.
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