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Legalization Check-in: Colorado &
Cannabis Industry Work Together
July 10, 2014: Colorado continues to work
with the cannabis industry to make sure
rules and safety guidelines are in place, six
months after the implementation of legal
A new fee schedule for medical cannabis
was recently put in place, as well as greater
supervision of plant production.
Meg Collins, spokeswoman for the Cannabis
Business Alliance, said Colorado is proving it
can legalize cannabis in a responsible way.
¡°The horror stories that people were expect-
ing have not materialized,¡± said Collins. ¡°I
think that it¡¯s a business. And I think that¡¯s
what the industry has demonstrated over
and over again.¡±
According to the Marijuana Industry Group,
about 10,000 Coloradans now work in the
cannabis industry.
Colorado¡¯s ski resorts are taking steps to
prepare for greater enforcement of no-
smoking rules on the slopes.
Education efforts are also underway for
first-time users and those sampling THC-
infused edibles.
There have been reports of increased emer-
gency room visits from the overeating of
cannabis products. According to Collins, rec-
reational cannabis use must be monitored
like alcohol. Many of the guidelines are the
¡°Start low and go slow,¡± advised Collins.
¡°Know that if you¡¯re ingesting an edible, it¡¯s
going to take, depending on your metabo-
lism, two hours or more to take effect.¡±
Colorado limits THC, cannabis¡¯ intoxicating
chemical, to 10 milligrams per edible prod-
uct serving, with a maximum of 10 servings
per package. That¡¯s considered to be the
rough equivalent of a medium-sized joint.
(Stephanie Carson, Public News Service CO)
Health & Nurturing
2014 August
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
One injection stops diabetes in its tracks:
Treatment reverses symptoms of type 2
diabetes in mice without side effects
July 16, 2014, Salk Institute for Biological Studies:
In mice with diet-induced diabetes - the equivalent
of type 2 diabetes in humans - a single injection of
the protein FGF1 is enough to restore blood sugar
injections restored the body¡¯s own ability to
naturally regulate insulin and blood sugar levels,
keeping glucose amounts within a safe range, ef-
fectively reversing the core symptoms of diabetes.
(source: Salk Institute for Biological Studies. ¡°One
injection stops diabetes in its tracks: Treatment
reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice
without side effects.¡±
Good News For Diabetics
Cannabis creates 10,000 Jobs
levels to a healthy range for
more than two days.
The discovery by Salk scientists,
published July 16 in the jour-
nal Nature, could lead to a new
generation of safer, more effec-
tive diabetes drugs.
The team found that sustained
treatment with the protein
doesn¡¯t merely keep blood sugar
under control, but also reverses
insulin insensitivity, the un-
derlying physiological cause of
Equally exciting, the newly de-
veloped treatment doesn¡¯t result
in side effects common to most
current diabetes treatments
Evans¡¯ team injected doses
of FGF1 into obese mice with
diabetes to assess the protein¡¯s
potential impact on metabolism.
Researchers were stunned by
what happened: they found that
with a single dose, blood sugar
levels quickly dropped to normal
levels in all the diabetic mice.
¡°Many previous studies that
injected FGF1 showed no effect
on healthy mice,¡± says Michael
Downes, a senior staff scientist
and co-corresponding author of
the new work. ¡°However, when
we injected it into a diabetic
mouse, we saw a dramatic im-
provement in glucose.¡±
The researchers found that the
FGF1 treatment had a number
of advantages over the diabetes
drug Actos, which is associated
with side effects ranging from
unwanted weight gain to dan-
gerous heart and liver prob-
lems. Importantly, FGF1 - even
at high doses - did not trigger
these side effects or cause
glucose levels to drop to dan-
gerously low levels, a risk factor
associated with many glucose-
lowering agents. Instead, the
was simple, ¡°are they planning to fill the
Soon they pulled up in front of the garage
and Uncle Willie lifted a box from the trunk
of the car. It contained half empty cereal
boxes, left over hotdog buns and some stale
bread, wilted vegetables and funny looking
fruit - not enough to feed one pig lunch.
This incident caused sidesplitting laughter for
the rest of the summer and fall.
My relatives gave from their hearts the
abundant leftovers from the pantry. Pork and
Bacon gave abundantly from their very lives.
Bounia gave abundantly with gentle grace,
never intending to make Aunt Mary feel
badly for her lack of cooking skills. I grew
up in a family with abundant humor, talent,
kindness, simplicity, joy of spirit, caring for
one another,
Love of God and community - abundance
that is life giving and life supporting. Name
your abundance.
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distribu-
tor located at 202 4th St in Dolores.