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2014 September
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Love is in the air. Many opportunities for
social interaction become manifest; your charm
attracts many to your side in both the personal
and professional. Financials improve. Physical
energy strong; avoid conflict.
Libra- Tending to calmness at home while activ-
ity increases in the professional. Communication
becomes clearer leading to increased intellectual
pursuits and successes. Take advantage of extra
time to rest and nurture the physical.
Scorpio- A focus on the physical with increased
potential for resolution of health issues; a period
favorable for beneficial change in behaviors and
routines. Increased activity in the professional;
courage grows. Harmony at home.
Sagittarius- Enthusiastic and full of energy and
courage, your bold efforts pay off handsomely, es-
pecially through teamwork and collaborations. So-
cial opportunities spent with your mate strength-
ens the bond; may bring new love to singles.
Capricorn- Morale grows. Communication chan-
nels clear up creating abundant opportunities for
both personal and professional growth. Distant
business or relationships may be a central focus.
Desire to satisfy spiritual needs increases.
Aquarius- Intellectual energy high; communica-
tion open leading to increased honesty and team-
work in both the personal and professional are-
nas. Financial growth and reward; caution advised
towards prudence and future preparedness.
Pisces- Affection, love, harmony in the personal
as home matters become main focus; singles
may find love. Financial increase and professional
growth from new partnerships and teamwork.
16th 24th
Aries- Initiative and enthusiasm continues
to grow; physical strengthens as health
needs are met. Relationships, new partner-
ships, teamwork become central; expect in-
creased accomplishment and financial gain.
Taurus- Creative energies run high bring-
ing newness to the personal and opening
many doors to success in the professional.
Relations become much closer and stronger
as love and passion energy grows.
Gemini- Passion and love energies run-
ning on high, tending to draw most of your
attention. Communication channels open;
many opportunities arise for social connec-
tion and needed physical activity.
Cancer- Physical energy and enthusiasm
good. Communication becomes clearer and
intellectual energy runs high, combining to
manifest much activity and progress in the
professional and increased deliberations and
honesty in the personal.
Leo- Financials increase; become the main
focus in both the professional and personal.
Love, physical energy, enthusiasm, desire
and positivity grow stronger with each day.
New love may appear.
Morning planets: Venus is still visible in
dawn¡¯s twilight, but gradually moving closer and
closer to the sun; Jupiter rises about 2a low in
the southeastern sky.
Evening planets: Mercury is difficult to view,
very low in western skies immediately after sun-
set; Saturn is now low in western skies and not
suitable for viewing outside of a very short time
after sunset; Mars sets about an hour after the
more distant Saturn
* Comet PANSTARRS is getting brighter by
the night, this comet rises about midnight in
due eastern skies in the constellation of HYDRA.
The comet is presently about magnitude 6.0,
which puts it in binocular range, with a huge
west-facing tail and large coma. The comet will
be well up in the east by morning twilight
* September 7, EPSILON PERSEID meteors
- This is usually a fairly dependable group of
meteors producing perhaps 12-15 meteors per
hour very low in the NE sky
* September 21, KAPPA AQUARID meteors -
this meteor shower is directly south of overhead
about 9p, and continues until the 22nd, way
past dawn. This is a very good year to observe
this lesser meteor shower.
* Setember 23, ALPHA AURIGID meteors
- These meteors are very fast and frequently
leave fantastic trains of smoke in their wakes,
high in northern skies, US observers can view
these meteors all night long.
* September 23, September Equinox. The
September equinox occurs at 02:29 UTC. The
Sun will shine directly on the equator and there
will be nearly equal amounts of day and night
throughout the world. This is also the first
day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern
Hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal
equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.
The horoscopes
¡°This will create a more natural environment
that provides food and habitat for a more di-
verse population of wildlife.¡±
The project will also serve to open views of wild-
life and the river from existing concrete mul-
tiuse paths and allow fishermen to access the
river along the length of the project area.
Work is scheduled Mon-Thu, Sept 8-18, 7a-5p.
Park visitors are encouraged to exercise special
caution when using trails or otherwise visiting
the park during scheduled times of work.
Those special regulations were in place prior
to the Gold Medal designation and have not
changed since the designation.
¡°The upper Arkansas River fishery is the best
it has been in years and we want anglers to
get out there and enjoy it,¡± Policky said. ¡°Be-
ing designated Gold Medal is something we
should and can all celebrate.¡±
Frequently Asked Questions:
- Did the designation of the Arkansas River as
Gold Medal Water change the fishing regula-
No. The Gold Medal program is meant to rec-
ognize the ¡°best of the best¡± that Colorado has
to offer in terms of quality fishing, but it does
NOT carry with it any requirement for enacting
restrictive harvest regulations.
- Is the entire reach of Gold Medal on the Ar-
kansas River catch and release only?
- Does this mean I can¡¯t use bait now?
No. There are a few special regulation stretch-
es on the Arkansas that have been in effect
for some time and those have not changed.
The majority of the river is regulated under
standard statewide fishing regulations, which
allows fishing using bait. For specifics please
refer to the CPW Fishing Regulation Brochure
The City of Montrose will partner with Great Outdoors
Colorado (GOCO) and a youth corps crew from the
Western Colorado Conservation Corps of Partners
from Grand Junction to clear designated areas of
invasive species (Russian olive and tamarisk) at the
north end of city-owned Cerise Park west of the Un-
compahgre River in Montrose.
¡°The benefits of this invasive species removal project
include providing more space, sunlight, nutrients,
and water for native species like cottonwood and wil-
low,¡± said Parks Superintendent Thordy Jacobsen.
The Moon Dance
Park Project To Remove
Invasive Species
available at:
pdf or at:
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