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SX: What was your motivation for
the Cup & Conference, what drove
you to do this?
H: I want to be careful not to appear
hostile in my answer because it is
very important to us to have people
in law enforcement involved and
playing an integral part in the indus-
try¡¯s evolution going forward. In fact,
we have invited sheriffs and local
police to come to the Cup and join us
in the discussion, access the knowl-
edge that will be available and voice
their concerns. My goal in starting
this was to further the education of
the public about all the benefits of
Marijuana as well as to educate law
enforcement so that nobody can
again be prosecuted and locked up
for using it. Marijuana should not
be a prosecutable crime. The Cup is
about education first and foremost.
This is not some big party where
people can act inappropriately, it is
a gathering, so we can talk about
what¡¯s right and what¡¯s wrong and
how to fix whatever¡¯s wrong.
SX: We¡¯d like to follow up on that
a bit. Do you see see a need for
further regulation of the Cannabis
industry here in Colorado or is it al-
ready overdone with the regulations
and headed for court battles? What
suggestions do you have to improve/
better the current state of the Colo-
rado Cannabis industry?
H: First off, one can prosecute
people for many things but one can
never regulate them. People will still
do what they want to do. Having said
Grand Junction: Canna-Ball is the first 420
friendly party to take place in Grand Junction
since the statewide legalization of recreational
marijuana via Amendment 64.
Canna-Ball will take place on Friday, September
26, 7p-12a, at the Melrose Hotel, 337 Colorado
Ave, Grand Junction. This is a 21+ event, so
bring a valid ID. The event is business casual
Tickets will be available for $20 in advance and
$25 at the door. Presale tickets will be sold at
Seeds of Revolution at 639 Main St. Complimen-
tary hors d¡¯oeuvres will be provided. The event
is BYOC (bring your own cannabis). Incendiary
devices (open flames) are not allowed inside the
building, they are, however, allowed in the pa-
tio. Vapor Pens and edibles are allowed inside.
A live DJ will be provided. Speakers will edu-
cate guests on topics related to the marijuana
According to Samuel Hall, promoter of the
event, ¡°This is a very historical period in time.
We want this to be a positive event to show that
users of Cannabis are people from all walks of
life. Show up knowing that there are a lot of
eyes on us and behave appropriately.¡±
The Melrose Hotel is the only 420-friendly hotel
in Grand Junction, where smoking cannabis in
the courtyard is permitted. Event patrons should
be aware of the law. It is illegal to smoke in
public outside of the hotel property. Please do
not drive under the influence of alcohol or can-
nabis. Canna-ball wants everyone to recreate in
a safe and legal manner.
For more information, call Samuel Hall at
970.623.6051 or visit:
The Good News
2014 September
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
that, I don¡¯t support use of Marijuana for those
under the age of 19 and I believe that this is an
area that could be looked at and addressed better.
It¡¯s really quite an amazing state of affairs. You
can almost do anything with Marijuana now, grow
it, transport it
(in-state), but, you
just can¡¯t smoke it!
At least not in public.
But seriously, at this
point in time, if we
respect all the laws
that have been set
by the state of Colo-
rado, the industry
should progress.
SX: While we¡¯re still
on the subject of the
Cannabis industry,
will you please share
your thoughts on it¡¯s
H: I can say that I have some concerns as to who
the next President will be and how they will ap-
proach this issue. Until there is real change in the
federal government¡¯s medical guidelines, there
will continue to be uncertainty there. However, the
reality here is that Colorado is basically indepen-
dent from the federal government already. We are
self sufficient on so many levels and what we have
done with regards to Marijuana is to secede away
Immigration Lawyer Awarded
Come To The Canna-Ball
from the fed¡¯s medical
guidelines on Mari-
SX: Back to the Cup.
What can people ex-
pect from this year¡¯s
Telluride Cup & Con-
ference and what can
they do to help?
H: You can expect
to learn a lot. This is
a cultural exchange
combining music
and education, with
education as the main
focus. We will have
doctors, lawyers, edu-
cators, law enforce-
ment officials, expert
growers and more
speaking and giving
seminars. You will
learn better growing
techniques, better law
We¡¯ve been getting excited for months about
the 2nd Annual Telluride Cup & Conference
coming up at the Telluride Conference Center
on December 12-14, and recently sat down and
had a nice long chat with Hubert Plumber,
the founder and executive producer of the fast
growing Cannabis competition.
Having plenty to say about the current state of
the fledgling Cannabis industry in Colorado and
with many musical acts and more still being
added to the growing line-up of educational and
social events to occur during the Telluride Cup
& Conference, the interview will be published in
two parts. Watch for part 2 in November.
The interview, part 1:
The Sunshine Express (SX): Ok, first off,
thanks for spending this time with us. We know
you are very busy with the upcoming Cup. Let¡¯s
start if you will by please telling our audience a
little bit about your background, where you are
from, etc.
Hubert (H): I was born and raised in Houston,
Texas, by the daughter of a freed slave, my
grandmother. I have been a pro bicycle racer,
and a pro snowboarder and skateboarder since
1985, but it all started with the cycling. I have
been doing (Cannabis) strand development for
the last 30 years. I am a family man who¡¯s into
farming and now, the Telluride Cup & Confer-
Telluride Cup Turns Two
Grand Junction: The Western Colorado Latino
Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce
that the Vice President of their Board of Direc-
tors, Imelda Mulholland, will be receiving the
2014 John Kiernan Award for her service to the
Immigrant and Refugee Community of Western
The award is given yearly by the Hispanic Affairs
Project, recognizing outstanding individuals and
Imelda Mulholland, an immigrant from Belfast,
Northern Ireland, received her JD from the
University of Denver, College of Law in 2004,
and as a member of the American Immigration
Lawyers Association (AILA), she has served on
several committees, most recently, the Access
to Services Committee, which helps provide le-
gal services to underserved populations, and the
Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee. She
has represented both families and businesses
with immigration issues on the Western Slope,
throughout the United States and abroad.
Saturday, Sept 13, 6-7:30p, Immaculate Heart
of Mary Catholic Church, 790 26 Road, Grand
Junction. Tickets $15 includes dinner. Call
970.249.4115 or email:
For more info about the Western Colorado La-
tino Chamber of Commerce call 970.250.5387
or email:
techniques, as well as enjoy some great mu-
sic. You can take part in the genetics seed
exchange, find out what the best strains are in
the area, even enter your own for judging. For
decades the Amsterdam Cup has highlighted the
best strains in the world. Now western Colorado
has it¡¯s own Cannabis Cup right here in Tellu-
ride, locally owned and operated, highlighting
and rewarding the best locally grown Canna-
bis. Entry forms are available on the website
to enter the competition and you are strongly
encouraged to get your tickets online as well
and early, because there are only 1,000 tickets
available and they won¡¯t last long. We are also
still accepting vendors and can definitely use
responsible volunteers for the event, so please,
get involved, we want you there.
End Part 1. To be continued, ¡®Part 2: The
deep history of Cannabis¡¯
For tickets, all details and line-up updates
please go to:
You can also call 970.708.8680 or visit: and
(by KingDaddy)
Hubert Plumber