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Health & Nurturing
2014 September
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Touch Massage Therapy and Elevate Day Spa in
Ouray will be on hand offering mini spa services to
ticket holders.
For your ticket price, you get six mini spa services,
including your choice of a massage, facial wax, hair
trim or hair style, mani or pedi, facial, makeup ap-
plication, and others.
Ticket holders will also enjoy delicious appetizers
emergency shelter for homeless men, women
and families. In the past four seasons, volunteers
have provided nearly 2,500 bednights and served
over 4,000 meals to the hungry. The board of
directors for the shelter has been fundraising to
build a space large enough to accommodate the
growing number of people utilizing the shelter on
a nightly basis.
¡®Girl Talk¡¯ Spa Day
all day long, a gift bag, and the
chance to take home some great
door prizes. Chances for two
grand prize giveaways, includ-
ing a romantic getaway and a
house cleaning package, will be
sold as well. You will also re-
ceive a keepsake wine glass for
wine tasting; wines provided by
Mountain View Winery in Olathe.
David Starr will be on hand ser-
enading the crowd, and vendors
will be set up with products
that women will love. Including
gifts, bags, jewelry and others,
vendors from Arbonne, Mary
Kay, Avon and other companies
for health and beauty will be on
¡°Girl Talk is a great way to come
sample some services or prod-
ucts that you just want to try out
before investing time and money
in,¡± said Cheryl Oeltjenbruns,
one of the event organizers.
¡°It¡¯s also just a really fun day to
spend with some friends relax-
ing and having a good time. And
the best part of Girl Talk is that
you will be helping Delta County
Tickets are $30 and will only
be sold in advance. There are a
limited number of tickets being
offered, so get yours soon! Tick-
ets are available at Beyond the
Salon and the Delta Area Cham-
ber of Commerce in Delta, or at
Lasting Impressions in Paonia.
You can also call the Abraham
Connection at 773-8290 for
tickets and info. Please call that
number if you are interested in
being one of our salon profes-
sionals or a vendor, as well.
Proceeds from the event will
benefit the Abraham Connec-
tion¡¯s building fund. This Novem-
ber, the shelter will open for its
fifth season of overnight
can¡¯t remember if the pups got loose or the
dog got loose, but I remember corralling
one or the other and placed them under the
porch. I later overheard Dad tell my mother
¡°She¡¯s real plucky, thinks on her feet.¡± It
was sweeter than honey to hear that I had
pleased him.
And that was a good thing, for the feel-
ing of disappointing him was always in my
thoughts. I had a school assignment of writ-
ing an essay and was up in my room get-
ting it done. I could not remember how to
spell a word and went down to the kitchen
to request help. The word was ¡®yet¡¯ and his
first response was for me to ¡°look it up.¡± I
tried, but ¡°I don¡¯t know what the first letter
is, please tell me the first letter.¡± He shouted
all the louder, ¡°look it up!¡± If only he realized
the courage it took for me to admit to him
that I could not spell the word yet!
He lived long enough to see me graduate
high school, but not long enough to see me
earn Associate, Bachelors and Masters De-
grees and numerous certificates of success.
He would have expected nothing less from
There has been recent research in brain
function in the past decades. Research has
discovered that people use just a small
amount of the brain¡¯s capacity. What I re-
cently learned is how the brain loses func-
tion. Most people experience short term
memory loss around age 45. Where are
my keys? Why did I come into the kitchen?
Did I lock the door and turn off the stove?
What folks are experiencing is the process of
declining neural connections and it begins as
early as age 20.
Some activities that slow down the process
include exercise, dance, games, computer
softwear (CogniFit) and, a new Shaklee
Product has just been released that has been
shown to improve short-term mental sharp-
ness and support long-term cognitive health.
Maria Shriver recently stated at a conference
that a healthy body requires a healthy brain.
Remember, her father, Sargent Shriver,
American Statesman, had passed away from
Alzheimer¡¯s Disease. She continues to advo-
cate for research to eliminate this devastat-
ing loss of brain function.
Everybody dance!
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor locat-
ed at 202 4th St in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
Spa day event will raise funds for
Delta homeless shelter
It¡¯s been a busy summer, and what woman out
there doesn¡¯t need a day with her girlfriends to
relax and have a great time being pampered ¨C
no kids, no husbands, no laundry to be done,
no bills to be paid? So let the organizers of the
second annual ¡°Girl Talk: A Day of Beauty &
Bliss,¡± take care of you for a few hours!
The event takes place Sunday, Sept 14, 1-4p
at the Delta-Montrose Technical College. Spa
professionals from salons across Delta County,
including Beyond the Salon, The Sunflower
Room, CMG Massage, The Serenity Room,
Sunshine Tanning & Massage, A Soothing