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2014 October
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Initiative and cautious planning in the pro-
fessional shores up optimism and keeps swaying
ships moving forward. A good time for extra rest
and meditation; There¡¯s no place like home!
Libra- Your leadership abilities and enthusiasm in
the professional increases busy-ness, and maybe
stress, but also gets results and rewards for all.
Expect surprises in the personal; be fluid and kind
for best results.
Scorpio- The personal may seem not as it should,
maybe even dull or lonely, but be ready, because
something good this way comes. Professionally,
rewards go to the bold; luck is running to you.
Sagittarius- With strong physical energy, an op-
portune time for determined leadership, opening
up worlds of possibility and positive professional
growth. Closeness grows in the personal; a smile
can be healing.
Capricorn- Prepare to nurture the physical if it
demands attention; quick action pays. Relation-
ships and collaborations become main focus and
sources of help and reward as many social oppor-
tunities manifest.
Aquarius- Much forward progress professionally
resulting from collaborations and teamwork. So-
cial activity grows in the personal arena, attract-
ing influencial people to your side; love is seeking
you as well.
Pisces- Mainly peaceful energies at home; pos-
sible temporary turbulence relating to family.
Financials demand focus in a good atmosphere for
growth, yet also open to surprise so be skeptical
and prudent with gains.
Oct 1st
Aries- Remaining calm amidst a busy atmo-
sphere helps ward off stress. Much enthu-
siasm for bold thoughts and action profes-
sionally, however relationships on all levels
demand focus and nurturing to move forward.
Taurus- Relationships in both the personal
and professional dominate attention. Possible
surprises, adventure, change of direction,
maybe new love emerges, financial windfall,
anything is possible. Ride the river.
Gemini- Excitement and enthusiasm grow
as positive energy charges the atmosphere
in the personal; passion and love grows and
appears. New partnerships or collaborations
professionally help resolve old blocks.
Cancer- Much forward movement profes-
sionally and financially; support abounds, the
sky¡¯s no limit! Even so, focus grows on home
life; harmonious energies help bring accom-
plishment and satisfaction.
Leo- Good physical energy. Boldness and en-
thusiasm drive ambition in the professional;
be sure you can deliver what you promise.
Passion surges in the personal; possible dis-
tant or spiritual connections manifest.
Nearly all planets are in the glare of the sun at
morning twilight and not particularly viewable
this month, the only exception being Jupiter
which will dominate morning skies.
* Oct 8, Total Lunar Eclipse, occurs when the
Moon passes completely through the Earth¡¯s
dark shadow, or umbra. During this type of
eclipse, the Moon will gradually get darker and
then take on a rusty or blood red color. The
eclipse will be visible throughout most of N
America, S America, eastern Asia, & Australia.
* Oct 8-9, Draconids Meteor Shower, a mi-
nor meteor shower producing about 10 mete-
ors/hour, runs annually from Oct 6-10, Unfor-
tunately the glare from the full moon this year
will block out all but the brightest meteors. If
you are extremely patient, you may be able to
catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be just
after midnight from a dark location far away
from city lights. Meteors will radiate from the
constellation Draco, but can appear anywhere
in the sky.
* Oct 22-23, Orionids Meteor Shower, an
average shower producing up to 20 meteors/
hour at its peak, runs annually from Oct 2-Nov
7. This will be an excellent year for the Orionids
because there will be no moon to interfere with
the show. Best viewing will be from a dark loca-
tion after midnight. Meteors will radiate from
the constellation Orion, but can appear any-
where in the sky
* Oct 23, Partial Solar Eclipse. A partial solar
eclipse occurs when the Moon covers only a
part of the Sun, sometimes resembling a bite
taken out of a cookie. A partial solar eclipse
can only be safely observed with a special solar
filter or by looking at the Sun¡¯s reflection. The
partial eclipse will be visible throughout most of
North and Central America.
The horoscopes
¡°What makes a river so
restful to people is that it
doesn¡¯t have any doubt - it
is sure to get where it is
going, and it doesn¡¯t want
to go anywhere else.¡±
- Hal Boyle
trees, dramatically improving access to for-
ested skiing. This summer, the improvements
continue as resort crews partner with the local
US Forest Service District to identify new ar-
eas for glading. Intermediate skiers looking for
more gentle gladed terrain should get ready to
weave through the trees in the East River area
and off the Teocalli Lift.
Powderhorn¡¯s mountain operations crew is
widening the Equalizer trail. The crew is also
tackling the meticulous job of brush cutting
Cannonball, Bear Claw, Wonderbump, Racer¡¯s
Edge, Lower Showdown, Powderkeg, Kiddy
Keg, Misery and Whistle Pig trails and more to
Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort is add-
ing more snowmaking equipment to the front
and backside of the mountain. The resort is
adding 11 new energy-efficient snowmaking
tower guns, and a state-of-the-art, high-out-
put fan gun, making the mountain operations
team more efficient during the early season to
establish a solid base that lasts throughout the
entire ski season. www.durangomountainre-
Joining Steamboat¡¯s grooming machine fleet
this season is a new Bison Sherpa winch is the
first of its kind in Colorado, and is the new
Telluride has invested in new snowmaking equip-
ment, which will allow for greater snowmaking
capacity in high traffic areas off of Lifts 4 and 5,
accessing the beginner and intermediate areas
in the heart of Telluride¡¯s trail system. Telluride¡¯s
new snowmaking system includes 38 new high
efficiency Snowlogic snow guns. These snowmak-
ing snow guns require 90 percent less energy to
operate than other models. For more info visit:
The Moon Dance
generation of winches from Prinoth
with 5.3 tons of pulling force and an
automatic pulling force control sys-
tem. The cutting-edge Bison Sherpa
augments the Beast which started
grooming the slope¡¯s mid-winter last
season and will be used to tackle
some of Steamboat¡¯s steepest terrain
and portions of its terrain parks.
In addition, Steamboat¡¯s state-of-
the-art snowmaking system is be-
ing upgraded this winter with more
than two miles of pipe, more than
11,000 feet. Over the past 6 seasons,
the resort has installed nearly 18
miles/46.5km of water & air pipe for
nighT TiMe DelighTs