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You Have Time for This Exercise
If don¡¯t have time to exercise, then you had bet-
ter make time to be sick, because so much of our
health depends on getting the right amount and
the right types of exercise. We all know it, but
we get distracted with life, and guess what gets
put off until tomorrow¡­ or someday, when there
is more time? Someday means never and I¡¯m go-
ing to give you a tip that can change today.
There is a simple form of exercise that will save
you hours and hours of time on the treadmill or
bike. In as little as 22 minutes, three times per
week, you can lose weight, lose body fat, in-
crease muscle tone, increase energy and per-
formance, and boost your sex drive while you¡¯re
at it. It¡¯s called High-Intensity Interval Training
(HIIT), which is a series of quick intense ef-
forts that will maximize the hormones that build
muscle and burn fat.
A 2010 research study done in the cardiol-
ogy division at Massachusetts General Hospital
examined the effect of exercise on 200 different
metabolites. They found that only 10 minutes
of brisk exercise would increase 20 beneficial
metabolites that work to burn fat and normalize
blood sugar. They also found this effect lasted
for several hours after exercise. And, wait for it¡­
they found that high intensity exercise achieved
these results in far less time.
More research at Auburn University has shown
that HIIT will increase the mother of all health
hormones, growth hormone (GH). As the leader
of ¡°anti-aging¡± hormones, GH will help build
muscle, burn fat, and stabilize blood sugar. All
this leads to improved insulin sensitivity, which is
one of the hallmarks of healthy metabolism and
good weight control.
Regular aerobic exercise, such as walking or run-
ning, is important for stamina and cardiovascular
health. Regular strength training is necessary for
strong quick muscles and bones. But neither will
affect metabolism to the same degree as HIIT.
There are three major types of muscle fibers in
HIIT but get your
doctor or an exercise
physiologist involved to
monitor your progress.
A fat-burning tip is to
watch what you eat or
drink after a workout.
Research has shown
that consuming too
much sugar or fructose
after a work out will
negate the increase in
growth hormone and
obliterate the blood
sugar benefits. Watch
out for the ¡°energy¡±
drinks that are soaked
in high fructose corn
syrup. Instead hy-
drate with plain water
or specific recovery
Many studies show
2014 October
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Health & Nurturing
Love One Another
I give you a new commandment: love one
another. As I have loved you, so you also
should love one another. This is how all will
know that you are my disciples, if you have
love for one another. (John 13:34-35)
That is precisely how Pepsi (my 4 pound Chihua-
hua) orders his life. He loves me when I come
home from errands that he was not included in
running. He loves me when I put out his food and
water. He loves me when I take him for a walk.
He loves me when he gets tired and I have to
carry him home. He loves his family. He loves be-
ing in charge of his entire universe.
Part of my career was in a small publishing
house in downtown Los Angeles. The company
employed 40 people, mostly writers and editors,
several support people and 6 warehouse workers
lead by an ex marine. We all loved one another.
My title was Adult Education Director and my
area of responsibility was the entire 50 states. I
Did a good deal of traveling, smiled a lot when
I was at the office, and tried to get along with
everyone. I had a pretty good track record.
Every year at the fiscal close, we celebrated our
good work and good fortune with a luncheon.
Awards and bonuses were distributed, hand
shakes, hugs and slaps on the back for one and
all. One year the wine and beer flowed a bit too
freely, especially for Zenda the account clerk.
As folks began to leave for an early dismissal of
work, several people began the clean up portion
of the celebration. I was bussing tables, putting
by Sandy Lauzon
the body; slow, fast, and super-fast. The slow
fibers are red muscle, rich in oxygen and power
producing mitochondria. The slow fibers are in
action during aerobic or high repetition strength
training and can go for hours before tiring.
Fast fibers are about 5x faster than slow fibers.
They too are red and can burn oxygen, but about
half their energy is from anaerobic metabolism in
which no oxygen is required. These fast fibers are
designed for quick activities and shorter amounts
of time, such as sprinting and low repetition
strength training. With anaerobic fast fibers the
byproduct lactic acid will build up and limit the
ability to make more energy.
The super-fast fibers are completely anaerobic
and are they fast! Able to contract about 10x
faster than slow fibers these babies are for maxi-
mum intensity sprinting. HIIT is the only type of
exercise that will stimulate the super-fast fibers
and produce the high-yield, hormone assisted, fat
busting results.
HIIT is broken down into three phases; warm up,
workout, and cool down. The warm up is 3 min-
utes, work out 16 minutes and cool down the last
3 minutes. Just 22 minutes is all it takes. HIIT
may be walking with spurts of walking fast or run-
ning. Bicycling with varying intensity is perfect.
It doesn¡¯t matter what type of exercise as long
as you are getting to peak intensity during the
workout phase.
During the workout phase it is critical to reach
maximum effort. This is done every 2 minutes,
with 30 seconds of peak intensity, then 90 sec-
onds of recovery. In a 16-minute workout phase
this peak intensity cycle would repeat 8 times.
Each time the heart rate will zoom slightly higher
into the working heart rate range and stay there
until after the cool down period.
How hard is it? The peak intensity bursts need
to be maximum effort. I mean maximum. This
means all out, as hard as you can go. After a few
cycles you should be sweating. After each peak
intensity burst you should find it hard to talk due
to labored breathing.
When starting HIIT please be careful. Go at your
own speed. Don¡¯t try too hard during the first few
weeks and injure yourself. If you have medical
conditions such as heart disease by all means do
the benefits of post-workout intake of recovery
drinks, which do contain some sugar, just not
way too much. An added bonus would include es-
sential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-
oxidants. A really good sports drink should have
some fructose and whey protein concentrate. My
homemade recovery drink is 12oz of cold water,
10-20 gm of whey protein isolate, and a handful
of frozen berries thrown into the blender.
The timing of your workout is also worth consid-
eration. That said, work out whenever it works
for you! But, some research shows a quick work-
out in the morning, before breakfast, will produce
the best fat-burning results. I notice that patients
will usually get into a more consistent routine
by working out in the morning as most of us are
tired and ready to rest when we get home from
Don¡¯t forget stretching, aerobic and strength
training. They are all important for overall fit-
ness. But for high-yield results in no time flat get
going on the 22-minute HIIT routine. I guarantee
you will feel better right away and see results in
just a few months.
(Scott Rollins, MD, is Board Certified with the
American Board of Family Practice and the
American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative
Medicine. He specializes in bioidentical hormone
replacement for men and women, thyroid and
adrenal disorders, fibromyalgia, weight loss and
other complex medical conditions. He is founder
and director of the Integrative Medicine Center of
Western Colorado ( and Bellez-
za Laser Aesthetics (
Call 970.245.6911 for an appointment or more
In Harmony
by Scott Rollins, M.D.