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Health & Nurturing
2014 October
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
Sometimes people just don¡¯t rec-
ognize what love looks like. Con-
sider waiting patiently for your
turn - taking time to let another
person finish speaking - allow-
ing mistakes - holding the door
for another - dancing with a new
dancer - offering the last cookie
to one who has already had two.
What suggestions do you have?
How can we teach ourselves and
others to be more loving? Who
have you excluded from your
friendship? Drop a note, ring the
phone, go and visit. It will do
wonders for your good health.
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Dis-
tributor located at 202 4th St in
Dolores. 970.759.9740)
leftover food in containers, smiling and chatting
away. Sister Gretchen and Zenda were stand-
ing in the now empty lunch room, arms around
shoulders. Zenda was proclaiming her admira-
tion to Sister Gretchen and how she wished she
had a sister just like Sister.
All of a sudden, Zenda noticed me at the task
of cleaning up. ¡°You!¡± She shouted. ¡°All you
ever do is smile and be nice to everyone. You
are nothing but a (naughty word) Mary Pop-
pins. Everyone hates you.¡± You can imagine
my distress! I felt terrible. How can it be that
someone doesn¡¯t like me? I wrote it off as the
woman having had too much wine.
It was not until the next day that Sister Gretch-
en filled me in on Zenda¡¯s situation. Zenda
lived in downtown Los Angeles in a gang area.
Her evenings, after work were spent in fear of
repeated gun fire, and all the shocking events
that occurred in her neighborhood. Her life was
stressful and exhausting. She had a head start
for the luncheon, for she kept a bit of ¡°calming
fluid¡± in her desk drawer. She felt very little love
in her daily life. I resolved to continue to be
nice, smile and continue to be her Mary Pop-
pins for the rest of our working days together.
She was included in all our fun and accomplish-
ments and I believe she felt safer at work than
at home. Of course everyone learned about the
incident, but the focus was not on Zenda. I was
gifted with a copy of the book ¡°Mary Poppins¡±
from the CEO of the company. A colleague
gifted me with
a Mary Pop-
pins umbrella,
and another
with a Mary
Poppins hat.
In retaliation,
I dressed as
Mary Poppins
for the com-
pany Hallow-
een party that
love is difficult
to perceive.