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2015 February
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Passion, romance, love rule the day, and
your steps; keep your eyes open! Renewed focus
on appearance and nutrition. Teamwork, organi-
zation, progress professionally; busy-ness in-
Libra- An active month, possibly turbulent, defi-
nitely testing; keep a smile on, control emotions
for best grade, especially with relations, personal
and professional. Overall, satisfaction improves.
Scorpio- High energy and much activity both
professional and personal. Financials increase,
opportunities manifest, success is yours for the
taking. Love and passion grow with strength.
Sagittarius- Clarity and meditation brings
renewed focus on the personal and harmonious
desires; love energy grows. Creative energy and
listening skills help solve professional problems.
Capricorn- Intellectual pursuits and desires
take center stage driving progress and financial
increase; powers of pursuasion are in your hand
in the personal as well, stimulating romance and
Aquarius- Abundant energy, initiative and confi-
dence makes manifest much financial success and
honor or praise. A more tempered, think of others
first approach results in much joy and harmony at
Pisces- Passion, desire for love, pursuasion
grows strong in the personal. Passionate ambition
in the professional as well. Success manifests in
both cases bringing joy. When body tells you to,
slow down!
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love
shines bright shortly after sunset, setting be-
neath the horizon by early evening.
Mars also is visible shortly after sunset, setting
after Venus in the early evening.
Jupiter, in opposition to the sun, shines bright
from nightfall until morning dawn.
Morning planets: Saturn rises in the early
hours low in the southern sky.
Uranus and Neptune are not visible this
* COMET Lovejoy C/2015 Q2. Putting on a
great show, this comet is easily visible to the
naked eye, with constantly changing structure
in the tails which show up on images. Just past
Perihelion it should still stay relatively bright
despite receding from Earth. It is heading
northwards passing Gamma Andromedae on
the 5th and heading towards Cassiopeia, which
it will reach next month.
* Feb 6 - Jupiter at Opposition. This is the
best day of the year to view Jupiter, as it makes
it¡¯s closest approach to Earth and will be fully
reflecting light from the sun. A good pair of
binoculars or a telescope will be able to see
Jupiter¡¯s four largest moons: Io, Europa, Gany-
mede, and Callisto. This will be visible in the
Northern and Southern hemispheres.
* Feb 22 - Conjuncture of Venus and Mars.
Just after sunset, Venus and Mars will appear
only half of a degree apart in the western sky.
* February evenings offer a great opportu-
nity to view the zodiacal light after sunset.
It appears slightly fainter than the Milky Way,
so you¡¯ll need a clear moonless sky and an
observing site far from the city. Look for the
cone-shaped glow, which has a broad base that
points nearly straight up from the western hori-
zon, after the last bit of twilight has faded.
The Horoscopes
¡°This project harnesses local innovation occurring
within the agricultural and water communities
and integrates activities to accelerate a common
mission of utilizing water resources wisely while
ensuring agricultural and endangered species
sustainability,¡± Kanzer continued.
For more information: call Dave Kanzer of the
Colorado River District at 970.945.8522 or by
Colorado River District to receive $8 mil-
lion fed grant for Lower Gunnison Basin
The Lower Gunnison River Basin, including
the North Fork River Valley, is the target for
$8 million in new grant funding that was an-
nounced on Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2015, by
Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture,
to improve irrigation practices, water quality,
agricultural productivity and environmental
The Colorado River District is the lead partner
in the grant-funded project that includes a
total of 31 partnering entities. Dave Kanzer,
Senior Water Resources Engineer for the Colo-
rado River District, said the grant stems from
the 2015 Farm Bill initiative called the Regional
Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)
that identified the Colorado River system as
a ¡°Critical Conservation Area,¡± one of eight
in the country. The $8 million grant will be
combined with other local, state and federal
funding, which all together should approach a
total of $50 million worth of improvements in
the Lower Gunnison Basin.
¡°Agricultural water use efficiency and associ-
ated water quality improvements; those are
the bottom lines of this project,¡± Kanzer said.
The Moon Dance
¡°In general, these dollars will be
invested to line and pipe open canal
systems and to convert flood irriga-
tion practices to high efficiency pres-
surized systems such as sprinklers,
micro spray and drip systems, as
This newly approved project is of-
ficially titled ¡°Modernizing Agricultural
Water Management in the Lower
Gunnison River Basin: A Cooperative
Approach to Increased Water Use
Efficiency and Water Quality Improve-
ments.¡± It will be accomplished in
four specific irrigation service areas:
the Bostwick Park Water Conservancy
District, southeast of Montrose; the
Crawford Water Conservancy District
Night Time Delights
near Crawford, the North Fork Water Conservancy
District near Paonia and Hotchkiss; and in the Un-
compaghre Valley Water Users Association area,
located primarily between Montrose and Delta.
¡°This grant is a big ¡®win-win-win¡¯ for agricultural,
economic and environmental sustainability,¡± Kan-
zer said. ¡°It will really help our agricultural pro-
ducers implement new conservation practices that
not only produce more ¡®crop per drop¡¯ of water
but significantly reduces their environmental
Protecting Western CO Water
Aries- Meditation, creativity, intellectual pur-
suits call; collaborations bring opportunities for
leadership, while clarity in the personal in-
creases appreciation, bonding. Embrace extra
Taurus- High physical energy timely as activ-
ity and social opportunities rise. Accomplish-
ment, forward movement, praise, rewards
in the professional. Love and communication
grows at home.
Gemini- Enthusiasm and joy boosted by high
physical energy; emotions may run high, re-
main calm. Desire for intellectual and spiritual
stimulation grows attracting like minds, mani-
festing possibilities.
Cancer- Much opportunity for forward move-
ment in the professional; adventure ahead, be
brave and ride the river where it goes regard-
less, carpe diem! Harmony and growing love
energies at home.
Leo- Intellectual energy rising; organization
and communication becomes central in the
personal, strengthening relations. Carried over
into the professional with a continued focus on