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The Good News
2015 November
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※In this way, the community of bacteria within
biofilms appears to function much like a &microbial
S邦el added that the specific mechanism by which
the bacteria communicate with one another is
surprisingly similar to a process in the human brain
known as ※cortical spreading depression,§ which is
thought to be involved in migraines and seizures.
※What*s interesting is that both migraines and
the electrical signaling in bacteria we discovered
are triggered by metabolic stress,§ he said. ※This
suggests that many drugs originally developed for
epilepsy and migraines may also be effective in
attacking bacterial biofilms, which have become a
growing health problem around the world because
of their resistance to antibiotics.§
Besides S邦el, other researchers involved in the
study were Arthur Prindle, Jintao Liu and San Ly
of UC San Diego, Munehiro Asally of the Univer-
sity of Warwick in the United Kingdom and Jordi
Garcia-Ojalvo of the University of Pompeu Fabra in
Barcelona, Spain. The study was funded by grants
from the NIH*s National Institute of General Medi-
cal Sciences (R01 GM088428, P50 GM085764), San
Diego Center for Systems Biology and the National
Science Foundation (MCB-1450867).
Gov. Hickenlooper signs Executive Order
to &green* state government
DENVER: Gov. John Hickenlooper on October 28,
2015 signed an Executive Order that establishes
new greening government goals reflecting the
state*s commitment to efficient and sustainable
government operations.
The Order sets one and five year goals for the
state focused on energy and water efficiency,
petroleum reduction, greenhouse gas emissions
reductions and environmentally preferable pur-
This announcement builds upon a series of Ex-
ecutive Orders issued by the state since 2003. In
2012, the Colorado Greening Government Report
Card highlighted numerous achievements in state
government, including a 21 percent reduction in
energy use per square foot in state facilities, an-
nual savings of 40 million kWh and 150 million
gallons of water as a result of energy performance
contracting, design and construction of 54 LEED-
certified buildings, and a 5.3 percent reduction in
petroleum use.
※State government can, and should, lead by
example to promote healthy communities and a
healthy environment,§ said Hickenlooper. ※Col-
lectively, these actions continue to save taxpayer
money and reduce impacts on Colorado*s environ-
ment and public health.§
The Order also establishes the Greening Govern-
ment Leadership Council, which will support efforts
to meet the goals and directives, and ensure that
Colorado remains nationally recognized in advanc-
ing outstanding government business practices
that promote a healthy environment and foster
economic and social vitality. The Council will also
provide a report card on progress toward goals
and respective agency and department accom-
and local economic
growth, support
American jobs,
expand investment
opportunities, and
increase Colorado
exports to some of
the world*s fastest
growing markets.
※The Trans-Pacific
Partnership is a
agreement that will
benefit businesses
and workers across
the country,§ said
U.S. Secretary of
Commerce Penny
Pritzker. ※By elimi-
nating more than
18,000 tariffs on
products sold over-
Roaring Fork Valley*s &Operation
Christmas Child* Shoebox Drive sets goal
of 1000 &Shoeboxes* for Children in Need
Around the World
October 19, 2015, Carbondale, CO: The
Orchard will again serve as a collection point
for Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box drive.
Residents are asked to pack shoe boxes with
gifts (including small toys, personal care
items such as hair brushes, hair accessories,
toothbrushes as well as stickers, school sup-
plies and hard candy) that will be distributed
to children in more than 100 countries who
are suffering from natural disaster, war, ter-
rorism, disease, famine and poverty.
In 2014, the Roaring Fork valley contributed
over 700 shoe boxes to the Operation Christ-
seas, the TPP will make it possible for more of
our high-quality goods and services to reach
some of the world*s fastest-growing mar-
kets. In addition, the TPP reflects the highest
standards on labor, the environment, and the
digital economy ever to be included in a trade
agreement, which will ensure that our busi-
nesses and workers can compete on a level
playing field globally.
※Our negotiators did a great job for the
American people, and with these reports, our
businesses and workers will understand the
significant opportunities for economic growth
and job creation that will result from the TPP.§
TPP markets are already important to Colora-
do businesses, with more than 47 percent of
Colorado*s goods exports going to TPP part-
ners in 2014. Total Colorado goods exports to
TPP markets nearly reached $4.0 billion last
year, including $509 million to Japan, $337
million to Malaysia, and $15 million to Viet-
Once implemented, TPP will strengthen the
hand of Colorado companies by lowering the
costs of doing business in these markets and
ensuring fair treatment for Colorado business-
es. TPP will eliminate foreign import taxes on
all industrial and consumer goods, including
Colorado*s top exports to new TPP markets:
Information and Communication Technologies,
Machinery, and Health Products.
For more information on the Trans-Pacific
Partnership, visit
Colorado To ※Lead By Example§
mas Child effort. This year organizers have set a
goal to collect 1000 shoe boxes from area families,
kids, churches, schools and civic organizations.
※Operation Christmas Child is a unique opportunity
to do something as simple as packing a shoe box
that will have a lasting impact on a child a world
away,§ said Rosalind Fowler, Operation Christmas
Child drop-off site coordinator. ※We are excited
about the 2015 collection season that kicked off
on October 25.§
Operation Christmas Child uses tracking technol-
ogy that allows donors to ※follow your box§ to the
destination country where it will be hand-delivered
to a child in need. Since 1993, Operation Christ-
mas Child has provided gifts to more than 124
million children in more than 150 countries. To
register shoe box gifts and find out what country
they are delivered to, use the EZ Give donation
form found at:
New this year, the annual Packing & Wrapping
Party is a valley-wide event in conjunction with
area churches, civic organizations, schools and
businesses. It will take place on Sunday, Decem-
ber 15th at The Gathering Center at The Orchard
starting at 11 a.m. There will also be a special
fundraiser lunch to cover the costs of shipping all
of the boxes packed at the party. This event is
open to everyone. And once again, The Orchard
also serves as a Regional Collection Center for all
the boxes packed in our area.
Sunday, Nov 15, 11a: 6th Annual Packing & Wrap-
ping Party Fundraiser Lunch at The Gathering
Center at The Orchard, 110 Snowmass Drive.
Saturday, Dec 5: The Orchard will host a trip to
volunteer at the Regional Processing Ctr in Denver.
Regional Center Drop off hours:
Monday, Nov 16 每 11a每1p
Tuesday, Nov 17 每 5-7p
Wednesday, Nov 18 每 11a每1p
Thursday, Nov 19 每 5-7p
Friday, Nov 20 每 11a每1p
Saturday, Nov 21 每 10a-1p
Sunday, Nov 22 每 noon-3p
Monday, Nov 23 每 9-10a, The Orchard will receive
last minute boxes. All shoe boxes will be packed
and shipped. The Property Shop is generously
donating their moving truck again this year to
transport all the boxes to Edwards, where they will
be sent to the distribution center in Denver and
then shipped all over the world.
For more information on any of these activi-
ties please contact Kara Montie at The Orchard:
970.963.8773 X104
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Gifts For 124 Million Kids
TPP To Eliminate Import Taxes
Trans-Pacific Partnership Can Boost Colorado
Exports and Jobs; U.S. Department of
Commerce Fact Sheets Highlight Local Impact
of New Trade Pact
October 21, 2015: U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Penny Pritzker today released a report highlight-
ing the potential benefits of the recently completed
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for Colorado busi-
nesses and communities. The TPP will boost U.S.