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2015 November
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
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Thanksgiving Day was bedlam, not a Norman
Rockwell painting on the cover of Life Magazine.
My parents came from two different cultures and
no one had any experience in how to make it all
work. I believe that family love made it all work.
My parents were American, yes with different
backgrounds, but they had already ¡°melted into
the pot¡±. They were able to bring the best of
two cultures into one and celebrate the gift of
life. My parents were eager to take part in the
American dream that both sets of grandparents
had so courageously worked for. Both families
immigrated to a new country to realize freedom
and peace. One from Canada and the other from
Ukraine. All people from any ethnicity were wel-
come in my parent¡¯s home. I am thankful for the
blessings that they all made possible for me and
my family.
I remember how my husband¡¯s relatives re-
acted to my engagement picture in the local
newspaper. When asked why my future hus-
band couldn¡¯t find ¡°someone of his own kind¡±
(again French Canadian/Ukrainian) to marry, the
response was that they are both American and
very much in love.
I am thankful to be living in a country that al-
lows for differences. I am thankful that forgive-
ness and amends are part of my family and
friends¡¯ interactions. I am thankful to be part of
a community that overlooks hurts and accepts
¡°I¡¯m sorry¡± as an end to a misunderstanding. I
am thankful for the kind words and gentle ways
of each daily encounter with people.
And to any and all who read these words, I am
thankful to share myself with you. What are you
thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving!
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located
at 102 2nd St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
daily intake with the following omega-rich foods and
*Fatty fish (mackerel, herring, lake trout, salmon,
anchovies and tuna) *Walnuts *Flaxseeds *Dairy and
Eggs *Supplements (i.e.- MegaRed Krill Oil)
For those who can¡¯t or would rather not eat fish or
Heart Yourself With Omega-3s
What are Omega-3s?
Omega-3 fatty acids
are a form of polyun-
saturated fat that helps
support heart and joint
health while maintain-
ing healthy blood pres-
sure levels. Considered
¡°essential¡± because
the body needs them
to function but can¡¯t
create them, Omega-3s
must come from di-
etary sources like fatty
fish, nuts or supple-
ments such as krill oil.
Unlike ¡®bad¡¯ fats that
can clog arteries and
raise cholesterol, these
¡®good¡¯ fats play a cru-
cial role in reducing the
risk of heart disease.
The benefits
In addition to supporting a healthy heart,
here are just some of the great Omega-3
*Supports healthy triglyceride levels
*Supports eye health and vision
*Supports healthy arteries
*Important for cognitive (or brain) health
*May support joint and bone health
*Important for healthy skin
Omega-3 deficiency symptoms
It¡¯s also important to remember that the
following symptoms may be caused by a
lack of Omega-3s:
*Rough or dry, bumpy skin
*Dry, dull, brittle hair and dandruff
*Soft, peeling or brittle nails
*Excessive thirst
*Difficulty sleeping
*Difficulty paying attention
*Excessive mood swings, depression or
unwarranted anxiety
Good sources of Omega-3
On average, Americans do not get enough
Omega-3 fatty acids in their diet. Since
Omega-3s are not produced naturally
within the body, you can increase your
(BPT) Across the globe, heart health is becoming
a growing concern. In order to combat a ris-
ing epidemic of heart disease and other heart-
related illnesses, more and more Americans are
placing a greater emphasis on the critical role of
nutrition and a balanced diet.
More than likely you¡¯ve heard about the impor-
tance of a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and
its associated health benefits. However, despite
this knowledge, it can be difficult to consume
enough Omega-3s through diet alone. Knowing
where to find the best sources of Omega-3s can
be key to a heart-healthy lifestyle.
the other food sources
high in Omega-3s, sup-
plements can be a great
way to bridge nutrient
gaps. Not all supple-
ments are the same, so
it¡¯s important to do your
research and choose a
product that has been
clinically tested and
proven to be beneficial.
Consuming a balanced
diet of healthy foods and
supplementing that diet
is the key to unlocking
heart and overall health.