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Nature & Wildlife
2015 December/January
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¡°The holidays are a busy time for everyone, purchas-
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CPW offers family-friendly activities, fun-filled adven-
tures and opportunities to learn and try new things at
state parks. Check out all there is to do at http://cpw.
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Learn more about Colorado Outdoors
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CPW is an enterprise agency, relying pri-
marily on license sales, state parks fees
and registration fees to support its opera-
tions, including: 42 state parks and more
than 350 wildlife areas covering approxi-
mately 900,000 acres, big-game manage-
ment, hunting, fishing, wildlife watching,
camping, motorized and nonmotorized
trails, boating and outdoor education.
CPW¡¯s work contributes approximately $6
billion in total economic impact annually
throughout Colorado.
For more news about Colorado Parks and
Wildlife go to:
Additional Information: Gift certificates
cannot be applied to park merchandise.
For more information about Colorado
Parks and Wildlife go to:
CPW Plans Big-Game Flights
In Montrose Region
In order to better track the population
trends of mule deer and desert bighorn
sheep in and around the Uncompahgre
Plateau, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be
conducting helicopter flights and trapping
in the area starting as early as Dec. 1.
The flights aid biologists in surveying big-
game herds, and allow efficient trapping
and radio-collaring of animals. Trapping
work will continue through mid-January.
Near Montrose, the helicopter could be
visible to the public because deer are con-
centrated on winter range areas just south
Wildlife Monitoring Begins