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Nature & Wildlife
2015 March
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Relationships on all levels become a
focus. Honest but diplomatic and kind commu-
nication is critical right now, surprises may be in
store. A good month to meditate on the spiritual.
Libra- Collaborations, teamwork, sharing op-
portunities in the professional bring reward
and growth as long as you stay cool under fire.
Strong love energies at home; new love for
singles probable.
Scorpio- Possible intertwining of personal and
professional matters. Surprises likely; handle
them carefully with kindness and creativity for
positive outcomes. Pamper and give love to the
Sagittarius- Energy levels good, love and pas-
sion energy grows strong and demands focus.
Much professional and financial opportunities
open to the determined; set goals and take ac-
tion now.
Capricorn- A focus on home needs and home
life with good strong love energies strengthening
personal relationships and friendships. Profes-
sional opportunities manifest opening financial
Aquarius- Generally harmonious with excite-
ment or surprise possible in the personal; a dis-
tant voice calls? Creativity and leadership brings
you professional success; choose your words
Pisces- Much financial increase and professional
success are yours for the taking and most likely
will overshadow personal matters; be smart,
tactical but maximize results with kindness.
Evening planets: Venus, the planet of love,
climbs higher up at dusk and nightfall and stays
out later after dark throughout March.
Mars shines below Venus and closer to the
horizon as darkness falls.
Jupiter, shines almost all night from East to
Morning planets: Saturn rises in the south-
east around midnight shining until dawn.
Mercury might be visible in east at early dawn
with binoculars.
* March 6 - Dawn at Ceres. NASA¡¯s Dawn
spacecraft will encounter the dwarf planet
known as Ceres on March 6. Ceres is the larg-
est object in the asteroid belt between Mars
and Jupiter. Because of its size and shape, it
has officially been classified as a dwarf planet,
which puts it in the same category as Pluto.
Ceres is 590 miles (950 kilometers) in diameter
and is large enough to have a round shape.
Dawn will spend several months studying Ceres
and will send back the first close-up images of
a dwarf planet in our Solar System.
* March 20 - Total Solar Eclipse. A total
solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely
blocks the Sun, revealing the Sun¡¯s beautiful
outer atmosphere known as the corona. The
path of totality for this eclipse will be limited to
the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans between
Greenland and northern Russia. NASA Map and
Eclipse Information:
* March 20 - March Equinox. The March equi-
nox occurs at 22:45 UTC. The Sun will shine
directly on the equator and there will be nearly
equal amounts of day and night throughout the
world. This is also the first day of spring (ver-
nal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere and
the first day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the
Southern Hemisphere.
The Horoscopes
North America, attracting a wide variety of participants.
The opportunity is offered through CPW¡¯s Hunter
Outreach Program, dedicated to teaching novices and
inexperienced hunters the knowledge, skills, ethics,
and traditions of hunting. Through workshops, clinics,
seminars, and educational hunts, the program appeals
to diverse interests, backgrounds, and levels of ability.
For more information about the Hunter Outreach Pro-
gram go to:
For more information but the turkey hunt, contact
Kathleen Tadvick at: 970.255.6181
CPW invites women to apply for mentored
turkey hunt in Garfield County
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now accepting appli-
cations for a chance at participating in a guided, pri-
vate land turkey hunt designed for women who are
novice hunters and want to learn from experienced
mentors. The two-day clinic is offered in partnership
The Moon Dance
with Encana and the Western Slope
chapter of the National Wild Turkey
Federation. The hunt will take
place on private property donated
by Encana, near Parachute.
Applications are due by 5p, March
20, and can be found on Colorado
Parks and Wildlife¡¯s website at:
Only novice women 18 and over
will be selected for the hunt.
No experience or equipment is
required; however, all applicants
must have a valid Hunter Educa-
tion card.
¡°This is perfect for women who
want to learn in a comfortable
environment,¡± said CPW Education
Coordinator Kathleen Tadvick. ¡°No
Night Time Delights
pressure, a fun time and learning something that
you can do the rest of your life is what this is all
about, so we encourage you to apply today.¡±
Five successful participants will spend two days practic-
ing a variety of skills, including firearms safety and turkey
calling. Other topics include habitat, biology and turkey
¡°We¡¯ll take everyone out the night before the hunt to scout
the area and watch the birds in their natural environment,¡±
said Tadvick. ¡°It is a thorough introduction to this chal-
lenging and exciting sport.¡±
Turkey hunting continues to grow in popularity across
Private Land Turkey Hunt
Aries- Energy, passion, drive and desire
rule; High activity professionally, much
forward movement; watch each step for
possible surprises. Love grows strong in the
Taurus- An introspective, possibly unevent-
ful month, especially if you do nothing. That
may be what you need, a vacation. Yet to
satisfy desires one must communicate and
take action.
Gemini- Energy, love and confidence grow
strong. Social opportunities open doors to
new relationships, business and personal.
Focused action drives success; avoid distrac-
tions and toxins.
Cancer- Confidence and ambition at work
leads to success and financial increase with
possible assistance from home. Communica-
tion channels clear in the personal, desire
grows; consider all consequences.
Leo- Love is in the air, it will find you, or
if it already has it will wax strong. Growth
and initiative in the professional with helpful
surprises likely. Attention to good nutrition
supports weaker moments.