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The Good News
2015 March
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
A Trail Closed Is Never Reopened?
BRC Legal Opens Trail 38
BOISE, ID, February 2, 2015: When the snow
clears in the coming spring, Wyoming riders will
again enjoy the opportunity to traverse Trail 38 on
the Bighorn National Forest, thanks to the Inyan
Kara Riders-BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) legal
Trail 38, a 4.5 mile section of rare Wyoming
single-track, was closed in the Spring of 2012
through a Tongue District Ranger letter, purporting
to change the Trail¡¯s designation to non-motorized.
Following unsuccessful outreach and correspon-
dence to the Forest Service, local riders contacted
the BRC to evaluate their options. On August 6,
2014, the BRC Legal Team filed a lawsuit in the
U.S. District of Wyoming, alleging that the non-
motorized designation of Trail 38 violated federal
laws and regulations.
Rather than answer the complaint, the Forest
Service withdrew its designation, and Trail 38 re-
verted to its earlier motorized status.
¡°We are pleasantly surprised by the Forest Ser-
vice¡¯s quick and decisive choice to avoid protracted
litigation,¡± said J.R. Riggins, a named plaintiff in
the suit and leader of the Wyoming rider¡¯s effort.
¡°Cynics sometimes think that litigation is an ex-
pensive exercise in symbolic futility, but our ability
to resume summer trips on Trail 38 serves as a
tangible reminder that a well-designed courtroom
effort can make a difference on the ground,¡± Rig-
gins observed.
¡°And Spring arose on the garden
fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt
everywhere; And each flower and
herb on Earth¡¯s dark breast, rose
from the dreams of its wintry rest.¡±
- Percy Bysshe Shelley, ¡®The Sensitive Plant¡¯
is a national non-profit organization that
champions responsible recreation and encour-
ages a strong conservation ethic and indi-
vidual stewardship, while providing leadership
in efforts to keep outdoor recreation alive and
well - all sports; all trails.
With members in all 50 states, BRC is fo-
cused on building enthusiast involvement with
organizational efforts through membership,
outreach, education and collaboration among
recreationists. 1.800.BLUERIB
The plaintiffs in the Trail 38 ef-
fort were represented by Paul
Turcke of Boise, Idaho, who has
been lead counsel for BRC since
the Legal Program¡¯s inception,
and local counsel Harriet Hage-
man and Stacia Berry of Hage-
man Law in Cheyenne.
These lawyers previously joined
forces to represent recreation in-
terests in support of the State of
Wyoming¡¯s challenge to the 2001
Clinton-Gore Roadless Rule. The
parties to the suit have reached
an initial agreement on a settle-
ment, which is undergoing final
approval by federal government
The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC)
Coming to Montrose,
it¡¯s ¡®Once Upon a
Wedding... a formal
affair¡¯, the ultimate
wedding expo!
Once Upon A Wedding
will be held on March
15th from 10-4p at
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A full and fun-filled
experience loaded
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ers, decorators,
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There will also be a bridal and special occa-
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Bring your wedding dress, prom dresses, and all
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This year¡¯s event is to include all formal affairs,
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This is also a great opportunity to network with
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For more information on how you can partici-
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¡®Once Upon A Wedding¡¯
Over the last five years, more than 333 million
international visitors have traveled to the United
Growth in spending from these visitors during
this period has supported roughly 280,000 new
American jobs.
Preliminary estimates show the U.S. welcomed
a record 74 million international visitors in 2014
alone, and these travelers spent a record $222
billion on expenses including food, lodging, rec-
reation, gifts, entertainment, and local transpor-
tation, supporting 1.1 million jobs.
(source: U.S. Dept of Commerce)
Effort Makes A Difference
Since 1997, the BRC
Legal Program has
appeared across
the nation to fight
recreation closures
and defend pro-
trail agency deci-
sions. Many cases
involve defense
against attacks from
anti-access groups.
Some, like Trail 38,
are efforts to go ¡°on
offense¡± and estab-
lish or restore access
opportunities which
has occurred at least
14 times. The BRC
Legal Program total
investment in ac-
cess is at 1.7 million
dollars spent and
Getting Back To Business
West Coast Port Agreement In Place
On February 21, U.S. Secretary of Commerce
Penny Pritzker issued the following statement
on the West Coast ports agreement.
¡°This agreement, which provides certainty and
keeps our ports open for business, is great
news for the parties involved, including the
longshoremen, the Pacific Maritime Associa-
tion, shippers in America and around the
world, and the U.S. economy,¡± said Secretary
Pritzker. ¡°Across the country, American busi-
nesses and workers have been affected by
this situation, and I have heard many of their
concerns and seen the impact firsthand.
¡°President Obama and his Administration have
been focused on helping these parties reach a
resolution, with Secretary Perez recently lead-
ing efforts to bring negotiations to a success-
ful conclusion. I thank President Obama for
Visitors Spent $222 Billion
for his focus on this issue, and I applaud Secre-
tary Perez¡¯s work. I was pleased to join Secre-
tary Perez in San Francisco this week to press
officials on both sides to end the impasse. With
an agreement in place, the parties must work
together to clear the backlog quickly so that we
continue to demonstrate why America is the
best place in the world to do business.¡±
(source: U.S. Dept of Commerce)