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The countryside is blanketed with the falling snow, a
clear representation of a clean and spotless slate for
those who are thinking about embracing a change in
Nature has a way of reminding humanity that life is
in the constant state of evolution, mind, body, and
soul. Take a moment and really ponder upon your
own state of existence and ask yourself a very simple
question... ¡°Am I happy?¡±
Happiness is not something that falls upon one¡¯s lap,
but it is something that is created by the actions of
our own being. If you are not happy then there is no
better time than the present to come to life in the
forefront of the up and coming ¡°Spring¡±, which is the
beginning of new life in the eyes of Mother Nature
The time is right for planting the seeds of new friend-
ship, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and self
worth. Those seeds that you sow must be constantly
watered with Love and kindness. You must literally
become the farmer of your own life and grow the
things that matter most and reap the benefits of the
fields of your labor. Yes, I said ¡°Labor,¡± as nothing in
life is easy if it is indeed worthwhile.
Be patient and be faithful to yourself and keep to the
task at hand. Always live in the now and enjoy the
moment as the past has no place in the New You!!!
Love and Light my friends...
(Mark Looper of The Pony Expresso shares
inspirational thoughts and lessons learned in life from
Dolores, CO.
Michael¡¯s Song
Like any good mother, when Karen found out
that another baby was on the way, she did
what she could to help her 3-year-old son,
Michael, prepare for a new sibling.
They find out that the new baby is going to
be a girl, and day after day, night after night,
Michael sings to his sister in Mommy¡¯s tummy.
Then the labor pains come. Every five minutes
... every minute. But complications arise dur-
ing delivery. Hours of labor. Would a C-section
be required?
Finally, Michael¡¯s little sister is born. But she
is in serious condition. With siren howling in
the night, the ambulance rushes the infant to
the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Mary¡¯s
Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee.
The days inch by. The little girl gets worse.
The pediatric specialist tells the parents,
¡°There is very little hope. Be prepared for the
Karen and her husband contact a local cem-
etery about a burial plot. They have fixed up a
special room in their home for the new baby,
now they plan a funeral.
The Reading Room
2015 March
Pg 5 - The Sunshine Express
Treasures From The Inbox
Instantly the baby girl
responds. The pulse rate
becomes calm and steady.
And Michael keeps on sing-
¡°You never know, dear,
how much I love you.
Please don¡¯t take my sun-
shine away...¡±
The ragged, strained
breathing becomes as
smooth as a kitten¡¯s purr.
And Michael keeps on sing-
¡°The other night, dear, as
I lay sleeping, I dreamed I
held you in my arms...¡±
Michael¡¯s little sister re-
laxes in rest, healing rest.
Tears conquer the face
of the bossy head nurse.
Karen glows.
¡°You are my sunshine, my
only sunshine. Please don¡¯t
take my sunshine away.¡±
Funeral plans are
scrapped. The next day,
the very next day, the little
girl is well enough to go
home! Woman¡¯s Day mag-
azine called it ¡°the miracle
of a brother¡¯s song.¡± The
medical staff just called it
a miracle.
Michael keeps begging his parents to let
him see his sister. ¡°I want to sing to her,¡±
he says.
Week two in intensive care. It looks as if a
funeral will come before the week is over.
Michael keeps nagging about singing to his
sister, but kids are never allowed in inten-
sive care.
Karen makes up her mind. She will take
Michael whether they like it or not. If he
doesn¡¯t see his sister now, he may never
see her alive.
She dresses him in an oversized scrub suit
and marches him into ICU. He looks like a
walking laundry basket, but the head nurse
recognizes him as a child and bellows, ¡°Get
that kid out of here now! No children are
The mother rises up strong in Karen, and
the usually mild-mannered lady glares
steely-eyed into the head nurse¡¯s face, her
lips a firm line.
¡°He is not leaving until he sings to his
Karen tows Michael to his sister¡¯s bed-
side. He gazes at the tiny infant losing the
battle to live. And he begins to sing. In the
pure-hearted voice of a 3-year-old, Michael
sings: ¡°You are my sunshine, my only sun-
shine, you make me happy when skies are
If you get email, you
get stuff. Sometimes
it is spam, sometimes
it is a true gem.
Here is one of those
gems worth sharing:
¡°Little dew-drops
of celestial
- Thomas Carlyle
Unseen Energy
by Mark Looper
On Saturday, March 14, at the Palisade Library from
2-4p, there will be an author meet & greet, Co-Spon-
sored by the Palisade Library Auxiliary.
Writers will read from their work and have books for
sale. The event is free and refreshments will be pro-
vided. Featuring the following amazing authors:
Kyle Harvey - His collection of poems Hyacinth
(Lithic Press) was a finalist for the Colorado Book
Award. He is editor of Fruita Pulp, an online poetry
Charles McLeod - Colorado Mesa University profes-
sor who most recently authored American Weather a
novel about Jim Haskin. He runs his own San Fran-
cisco ad firm: if your product is upcycled or hydro or
vegan, they¡¯ll make you an ad.
Randy Phillis - His poetry collection, Plots We Can¡¯t
Keep Up With, explores the relationship of man and
George Sibley - From Gunnison he is the author of
numerous essay collections about life in Colorado in
addition to being a poet and film maker.
Palisade Library, 119 W 3rd St, 970.464.7557
Authors Meet & Greet