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2015 March
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Campaign Exceeds Expectations
Colorado celebrates significant progress in
eradicating child hunger; Success of Colorado
Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
attributed to collaboration, innovation
Denver, Feb 27, 2015: There are far fewer young,
rumbling bellies today than five years ago, thanks
to the Colorado Campaign to End Childhood Hun-
ger. The statewide effort, set forth in late 2009,
experienced substantial progress in addressing
child hunger through systemic and policy changes,
increased awareness, and expanded programs and
services. On Feb. 27, Gov. John W. Hickenlooper,
Hunger Free Colorado, Share Our Strength and
many contributors celebrated the success of the
statewide Campaign, a result of strong collabora-
tion and nationally-regarded innovation.
The Colorado Campaign to End Childhood Hunger
was launched in November 2009 under the ad-
ministration of Gov. Bill Ritter and then champi-
oned by Gov. Hickenlooper. Both issued Executive
Orders¡ªthe only governors at the time to initiate
such a campaign in the nation¡ªwhich created a
public-private partnership between the Gover-
nor¡¯s office, Hunger Free Colorado and Share Our
Strength to ensure that all children have access
to nutritious food at home, in school and in their
communities. The Campaign received broad sup-
port from organizations and communities across
Colorado¡ªstate and county government agencies;
foundations; municipalities; nonprofit, community
and faith-based organizations; schools and school
districts; corporations and local businesses; and
countless community members.
¡°Hunger is an issue that affects our children¡¯s
well-being and education, as well as the health
of our communities,¡± said Gov. Hickenlooper. ¡°It¡¯s
important that all kids are well-fed and prepared
to excel, not only in the classroom but in life. This
Campaign brought people together to ensure just
that, and with the progress made, more kids will
have the necessary nutrition to thrive.¡±
The Campaign achieved many of the 10 goals set
forth in the five-year strategic plan, with some far
exceeding expectations. Here are some of the key
* 1,499,621 summer meals were
provided to Colorado kids and
teens in 2014, a 95 percent in-
crease compared to the baseline
year of 2009.
* 26,843,074 breakfasts were
served in 1,372 participating Colo-
rado schools during school year
2013-14, with more being offered
after the school day begins (49
percent increase from school year
* 604 after-school programs pro-
vided children with healthy snacks
or meals in 2014, nearly a 54 per-
cent increase compared to 2009.
* About 4 of 7 Colorado households
eligible for food stamps participate in the
program that helps struggling families pur-
chase groceries (68 percent increase from
* The state streamlined the food stamp ap-
plication, reducing it from 26 to 8 pages to
improve ease of use and increased access for
families and individuals.
* Five food banks distributed 20,898,146
pounds of fresh produce to food pantries and
those impacted by hunger during 2014, a 49
percent increase compared to 2010.
* 12,450 families participated in nutrition
education classes and events hosted by
Cooking Matters Colorado during 2014, a
108 percent increase from 2009.
¡°The Colorado Campaign to End Childhood
Hunger not only brought much-needed at-
tention to the problem of child hunger in our
state, but it showed that, when people work
together, great things can be accomplished,¡±
said Kathy Underhill, executive director for
Hunger Free Colorado, the state¡¯s leading
anti-hunger organization. ¡°We all rallied
behind a shared vision, and by collectively
implementing viable solutions and removing
roadblocks to access, we have created a bet-
ter future for all Colorado kids.¡±
The Office of Gov. Hickenlooper, Hunger Free
Colorado and Share Our Strength thank all
contributed to the Campaign¡¯s success, ensuring chil-
dren have sustainable access to needed nutrition.
To learn more about the Colorado Campaign to End
Childhood Hunger, as well as the issues and solutions
surrounding hunger, visit:
Ingredients: 5 Ears Sweet Corn; 4 Tbsp Butter,
melted; 1 Yellow Onion; 3 Red Jalapeo Peppers;
12 Slices Bacon, cooked, cooled and chopped;
1 Tbsp. Garlic, puree; 1/2 Cup Pinto Beans, soaked,
rinsed and par cooked; 1/2 Cup Black Beans, rinsed;
1 Cup Tomato Sauce; 2 Tsp Ground Cumin; 1 Tsp
Chili Powder; 4 Tbsp Cilantro, chopped, no stems;
Salt; Ground Black Pepper; Lime Juice
Peel the husk back on the corn, do not tear off, and
remove the silk. Brush each ear with melted butter
and season with salt and pepper. Replace the husk
on the corn then grill on med. heat until tender.
Remove the husk and grill until the corn starts to
show grill marks. Remove from the heat and let cool.
Roast the jalapenos on the grill well, remove, cool
and dice. Split the onion in half, brush with butter
and season with salt and pepper. Grill both halves
until well cooked. Remove, cool and dice. Once corn
is cooled, trim niblets from the ear into a large bowl.
Add remaining ingredients, except bacon, lime juice
and cilantro. Mix well, season to taste. Add the lime
juice and cilantro, mix well. Mix in the bacon. Chef
Jason K. Morse, (source:
Bean, Corn & Bacon Salsa Recipe