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Jacket Invention Project and helped me make it come
to life.
Since then my patent for remote controlled apparel has
been noticed by millions of developers like myself such
as Apple and Samsung. Even a few apps that you can
download to your phone use this principle to this day.
Unfortunately we had to end the project temporarily
because today¡¯s battery technology is not equal to what
we needed in order to produce a prototype that could
be sold as a competitive and consumable product. I am
currently building a new kind of battery that charges
itself when you aren¡¯t using it (see Coulombs Law and
the Faraday Principle).
This is only the beginning of my career too! After real-
izing how much experience I had now under my belt, I
started Northside Marketing & CO. From building your
company a website and a phone app, to creating your
new business plan and taking your brand to the top, we
started a new kind of business all-together. Connecting
the gap between the start-up process, the marketing
and branding process all the way to closing sales, we
have made it happen for many happy business owners
for the past three years.
I am also currently a student a CMU studying Mechani-
cal Engineering and Computer Science with plans to
graduate with a PhD in Science and Engineering. Many thanks go to my foster
parents, whom owned their own business, K&B Seamless Gutter, for as long as I
can remember and are now retired and living comfortably. I feel like I learned a
lot from them over the years, especially about business. Now I am where I have
always wanted to be. Right here in Grand Junction introducing what seems to be
the next best thing to outdoor family fun, the
hovercraft. Our plans for this year are to create jobs,
supply local retailers, dealers, government offices
and the general public with all that we¡¯ve got to offer.
We are currently based here in the grand valley and
we are also operating out of our factories in Indiana
and England.
Hoverwind Colorado is currently seeking sales reps,
working and silent partners, dealerships, retailers and
investors to join us in our venture for the next three
years. We have several amazing offers as well as
perk benefits as a member of our wonderful Colorado
Corporation. Please feel free to email us at or call us at
970.208.4256 for help with membership, sales and frequently asked questions
about Hoverwind Colorado and our Hovercrafts. Or, if you need a job and are
qualified, let us know.
We know that with the help of our wonderful community and our neighboring cit-
ies and towns, Hoverwind Colorado will be a sure success for everyone.
Entrepreneur Brings Hovercrafts To Western Slope
100¡¯s of uses including hunting, fishing, exploring, search & rescue
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A letter to Colorado from Elijah Rodriguez,
Hoverwind Colorado owner and CEO of
Northside Marketing & CO
Grand Junction: Greetings Readers, my name is Elijah
Rodriguez and I am the CEO of Northside Marketing &
CO and the proud new owner of Hoverwind Colorado.
Introducing new and exciting technologies to Colorado
has always been a dream of mine and for the last 3
years I have been working with various businesses as-
sisting their development in many different ways.
As a business developer and marketer I sought out the
folks who own and we are now work-
ing together to provide Colorado residents and business
owners this fantastic and absolutely fun technology.
Finally, we are proud to announce that the Hoverwind
Colorado Brand is HERE, and it¡¯s here to stay.
Much like an atv, a hovercraft is a multi-terrain air cush-
ion vehicle. These hovercrafts are so versatile that there
are not too many places that you cannot take them
here in our beautiful state. With the many miles of trails
on the BLM as well as the Mesa and several other great
places to go to have fun and or work, these hovercrafts
can do it all. With up to 100 miles per tank (and more
with our upgrade) on a 3-5 gallon tank, a full day of
excitement is in store for you.
2015 APRIL #6-3
Take your favorite boat, your ski doo and your 4 wheeler and put that all into one
vehicle and you would get about half of the comparable capabilities of these new and
exciting vehicles.
There are only two producers of hovercrafts in the US and we have the exclusive rights
for the state of Colorado. We are the sole provider to our great state and we are here to
serve you. When you order one of our models, we literally create it for you from scratch,
including all of the bells and whistles, and even put your name on it just for you.
No two hovercrafts are exactly the same unless that¡¯s what you want, so be it. We have
three different sized models currently for sale that include a guaranteed manufacturers
warranty, each fitting the purpose of your needs.
From a retail price of $15k all the way up to the best of the best, currently priced around
$31k, with tons of amazing upgrades available, such as an additional 100 miles per
tank, full-body vehicle wraps, a complete and cozy cover for when its cold and about
twenty other great options to choose from, we can suit anyone¡¯s needs at an affordable
price, with zero competition. Depending on your credit we also have financing available,
with average monthly payments under $200 per month, through our financier at a rea-
sonable interest rate. To order your hovercraft call 970.208.4256.
For hunting, fishing, exploring, even the perfect rescue vehicle, there are 100¡¯s of rea-
sons to love the hovercraft and what it can do for you.
My background in entrepreneurialism began with the Business Incubator Center over ten
years ago. I was set on getting my ideas out there and to find help creating my inven-
tions. Luckily I had a little bit of help from two great guys that are currently business
owners here in the Grand Valley. Two major business partners took over my Smart
Image: Hovercraft can transport payloads economi-
cally, can go places no other vehicle can go, leaving
no footprint and they are outrageously fun.
A hovercraft is a multi-
terrain vehicle, so versatile,
there¡¯s not many places
that you can¡¯t take them.