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Nature & Wildlife
2015 April
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Confusion clears as communication
channels open bringing understanding, bond-
ing, increasing closeness at home. Physical may
be tested early but grows in strength. Financial
increase likely.
Libra- Take care of the physical as energy levels
may be low. Doors open for new initiatives at
work, particularly relating to financials. Open-
ness and communication lights the way at home.
Scorpio- Professional efforts begin manifesting
accomplishment, prestige, financial increase;
calm thinking and extra effort solidifies rewards.
Social desire grows as passion energy increases.
Sagittarius- Personal relationships grow strong
or new love appears in an environment very
conducive to love; much passion and desire.
Busy-ness at work tries to distract from your
pleasures. Grab extra rest whenever possible.
Capricorn- Love, love love, it¡¯s all you can think
about; passionate energies take charge. Be at-
tentive to physical health; get proper rest and
nutrition. Creative communication at work leads
to forward movement.
Aquarius- Bonding, satisfaction in personal rela-
tionships as love energy increases dramatically.
Much physical energy builds up; find creative
outlets for stress relief. Professional growth as
teamwork improves.
Pisces- Communication channels wide open;
personal relationships grow closer, friendship
opportunities increase. Professional progress also
comes from better communication and team-
work; financials a focus.
Evening planets: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
are visible for the most of the night.
Morning planets: Venus rises in the eastern
skies just before the Sun; Neptune will be
close to Venus all month.
Mercury and Uranus are too close to the Sun
to be observed.
* April 4 - A total lunar eclipse occurs as the
Moon passes completely through the Earth¡¯s
dark shadow, or umbra, the Moon will gradually
get darker and then take on a rusty or blood
red color. The eclipse will be visible throughout
most of North America, South America, eastern
Asia, and Australia.
* April 13 - 18 - International Dark Sky
Week. International Dark Sky Week is held the
week of the new moon in April, during which
people worldwide turn out their outdoor lights
in order to observe the wonders of the night
sky without light pollution.
* April 22, 23 - Lyrids Meteor Shower, an
average shower, usually producing about 20
meteors/hour at its peak, shower runs annually
from Apr 16-25. These meteors can sometimes
produce bright dust trails that last for several
seconds. The first quarter moon will set shortly
after midnight, leaving fairly dark skies for the
what could be a good show. Best viewing will
be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors
will radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can
appear anywhere in the sky.
* April 25 - International Astronomy Day
provides a means of interaction between the
general public and various astronomy enthusi-
asts, groups and professionals. The theme of
Astronomy Day is ¡®Bringing Astronomy to the
People¡¯ and on this day astronomy and stargaz-
ing clubs and other organizations around the
world will plan special events.
The Horoscopes
ing and restoring the nation¡¯s aquatic natural resources.
RBFF developed the award-winning Take Me Fishing
campaign to create awareness around boating, fishing
and conservation, and educate people about the ben-
efits of participation. Take Me Fishing helps boaters and
anglers of all ages and experience levels learn, plan and
equip for a day on the water. The campaign website and its new Spanish-language coun-
terpart feature how-to videos and
information on how to get a fishing license and boat
registration and an interactive state-by-state map that
allows visitors to find local boating and fishing spots.
From Boulder to Fort Collins, Denver to Steamboat
Springs, appointments will be available for cats and
dogs owned by those in financial need. To make
an appointment, you must call the 9PetCheck live
phone bank on Monday, April 6 between 4p and
6:30p MST. Appointments will be filled on a first call,
first served basis. The appointment phone number
to call for 9PetCheck is 1.844.642.0823.
These appointments are for wellness examina-
tions and rabies vaccinations only. If a pet is sick or
injured, the animal¡¯s owner should contact a local
veterinarian immediately.
The Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
exists to enhance animal health and welfare, pro-
mote the human-animal bond, protect public health,
advance the wellbeing of veterinarians, and foster
excellence in veterinary medicine through educa-
tion, advocacy and outreach.
The Moon Dance
Pick your favorite places to get out on the
water and enter for a chance to win a family
trip to Orlando, Florida.
Check out all the family friendly CPW waters
Visit Aurora Reservoir or go to:
Visit Boyd Lake State Park or go to:
Visit Chatfield State Park or go to:
Visit Lake Pueblo State Park or go to:
Night Time Delights
Visit North Slope Recreation Area or go to:
Visit Rifle Gap State Park or go to:
Prize winners and the newly selected Top 100 Places to
Fish and Boat in the U.S. will be announced and promoted
during National Fishing and Boating Week from June 6-14,
Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation(RBFF) is a non-
profit organization whose mission is to increase participa-
tion in recreational angling and boating, thereby protect-
Take Me Fishing
Aries- Much financial activity and increase
holds your attention, in both the professional
and personal, as prior efforts bear fruit; use
it wisely. Physical energy increases, stress
drops, smiles grow.
Taurus- Strong physical energy combined
with high passion and love motivations
brings seeking, bonding to the fore. Avoid
all toxins. Initiative and leadership drives for-
ward professional progress.
Gemini- Cooperation and satisfaction reign
in the personal; love energy increasing.
Teamwork and cooperation in the profession-
al as well opens many avenues to communi-
cation, opportunity and reward.
Cancer- Advancement and recognition mani-
fest in the professional; collaborations and
social opportunities widen. Demands in the
personal arena may frustrate; your smile is
your saviour.
Leo- Wise and prudent decision making
helps steer professional endeavors in your
favor; high energy and effort is handsomely
rewarded. Increasing love, passion, social
activity in the personal.
CPW managed fisheries in the running
for recreational boating and fishing
foundation¡¯s top 100
Colorado Parks and Wildlife managed fisheries at
Aurora Reservoir, Boyd Lake State Park, Chatfield
State Park, Lake Pueblo State Park, North Slope
Recreation Area and Rifle Gap State Park are in the
running for placement on Recreational Boating and
Fishing Foundation¡¯s (RBFF) Top 100 Family-Friendly
The sweepstakes promotion and voting began March
9 and runs until April 12 at the following website: