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The Good News
2015 April
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
After destructive fire, the good stuff is back
at a new location.
By Mike Forstner, March 19, 2015, Montrose: After
months of hard work and sleepless nights, local busi-
nessman Ray Valentine has re-emerged from the ashes
of a destroyed business and is back selling his flavorful
Beef Jerky.
Ray¡¯s Jerky, marketed as ¡°The Good Stuff¡± is located at
19385 Highway 550, which everyone knew as the River-
side Grange Building, just two miles south of Montrose
on the west side of the road.
¡°We¡¯re easy to find,¡± says Valentine. ¡°When you see the
25-foot-tall, bright red, flying stick man, that¡¯s us.¡±
Ray¡¯s Jerky, offers beef, elk and buffalo meats. The elk
and buffalo come in sweet and smoked flavors while the
beef is available in: Mild, Teriyaki, BBQ, Black Pepper,
Jalapeno, Desert Hot and Pure Pain.
¡°The Pure Pain Jerky is not for everyone,¡± says Valen-
tine with a raised brow. The label displays bright hot
flames warning Ghost and Habanera Chilies are con-
tained inside. Mild, honey and spicy beef sticks are also
Ray Valentine and his partner Kim Dudley moved their
business to the Grange Building four months ago. ¡°Lots
of folks still look for us at the old location but the build-
ing is completely gone! We¡¯re only two miles south of
Montrose now,¡±
Valentine states, ¡°Everyone knew the Grange Building
as a rental hall for meetings and other celebrations. It
looks a lot more inviting now since we did a lot of work
refurbishing the building¡¯s interior.¡±
Valentine, an Ohio native, began selling his top quality
Jerky from a roadside stand next to a Ridgway gas sta-
tion when he came to Colorado in 2002. To meet public
demand he began adding other products. Now shelves
are stocked with over 150 delicious items.
¡°Life is full of obstacle illusions.¡±
- Grant Frazier
special thanks to my partner Kim D and to Dennis
and Brian who helped remodel working tirelessly to
get the store open in time. I¡¯d also to say thanks to
Mary M, Virgil and Carol, Mike and Beth, Tom and
Debra, Paul and Janice, and Steve and Will.¡±
Ray¡¯s Jerky is open seven days a week, from 10a to
5p. Just look for the giant red stick guy waving his
arms at you.
If there are local farmers producing
some high quality pickled goods I¡¯d
really like to hear from them.¡±
Ray¡¯s also organizes holiday gifts
boxes that include free shipping on
orders over $65.00. These gift boxes
are perfect for family and friends.
Valentine pointed out, ¡°It means a
lot to our military personnel when
they receive one of our gift boxes
from a loved one.¡±
Valentine sums it up with, ¡°It has
been a challenging time since our
old store burned down, but the
best reward is hearing how much
people enjoy checking out the new
store saying how great it looks. The
company¡¯s re-opening would not
have happened so quickly without
the support of family, friends and the
community. I¡¯d like to give a
New initiatives announced; a renewed focus on
reinvesting in America, creating jobs at home
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker on March
24 concluded the 2nd SelectUSA Investment Summit,
making it clear to the more than 2,600 people, includ-
ing 1,300 companies from more than 70 countries
and over 500 U.S. economic development officials and
representatives from all 50 states, that America is
open for business.
In her closing remarks Secretary Pritzker told inves-
tors that we welcome more investment to our shores
and that there is no better time to invest in the United
States. During the two day summit President Barack
Obama and Secretary Pritzker announced a number
of new initiatives focused on maintaining America¡¯s
position as the world¡¯s premier destination for foreign
direct investment.
To stay a step ahead of global competition for invest-
ment, Secretary Pritzker announced the Commerce
Department will establish the first-ever federal advi-
sory committee to solicit input on effective strategies
to attract further investment into the United States.
Foreign businesses have injected an average of $67
billion a quarter into the U.S. economy over the last
three quarters, compared with an average of $49
billion quarterly from 2009 to 2013, according to De-
partment of Commerce data released last week.
SelectUSA Investment Summit
Anglers are reminded that they must purchase a 2015
fishing license in order to fish on or after April 1. A
resident annual fishing license costs $26. Youth 15
and under are not required to purchase an annual li-
cense; however, if they plan to fish with a second line,
they must buy a second-rod stamp for $5. Resident
senior annual licenses for those 64 or older cost just
$1. A resident combination fishing-small game license
is available for $41. A resident small-game license
costs $21, but only $1.75 for those under 18.
Anglers should pick up a 2015 fishing brochure to
check regulations and to see what¡¯s new. You must
know the regulations for the waters you are fishing.
Brochures are available at license agents or any Parks
and Wildlife office, and online at:
Habitat Stamp
License buyers between the ages of 18-64 also must
buy a $10 Colorado Habitat Stamp. Money collected
from stamp purchases is used to preserve and protect
wildlife habitat throughout the state. Learn more at:
Mountain lion
Mountain lion hunters also now have an extra month
through April for hunting, but they must buy a new
license for the season starting April 1. That license will
be valid for all mountain lion seasons through March
31, 2016. Learn more at:
Off highway vehicle & boat registration
The annual registration fee is $25.25. Registrations
are valid from April 1 through March 31 each year.
This is a flat administrative transaction fee, it cannot
be prorated for a partial year¡¯s registration, and will
not be subject to refund if the vehicle is sold or stolen.
Learn more at:
Any boat with a motor or sail operated in Colorado
on any public waters must be registered with CPW.
Fill out the Boat Registration form and return it to:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife Registration Unit, 13787
S Highway 85, Littleton, CO 80125 or stop in at any
CPW location.
CPW conducts mandatory boat inspections and decon-
taminations at 27 state parks and 58 other locations
around the state. Information about the state¡¯s exten-
sive boat inspection program can be found online at:
Resources for boaters can be viewed at: cpw.state.
Parks Pass
Now is also a good time to buy a Colorado State Parks
pass. A pass, good for entry at 42 state parks, costs
$70 and is good for a year from the date of purchase.
Buy one at a Parks & Wildlife office or online at:
Turkey season starts April 13. A resident license is $21
and just $11 for anyone under 18. Over the counter
licenses go on sale March 11. For details go to:
Resources for turkey hunting are available at: cpw.
CPW is purely an enterprise agency, relying primarily
on license sales and state parks fees to support our
operations, including 42 state parks covering more
than 220,000 acres, big-game management, hunt-
ing, fishing, wildlife watching, camping, motorized and
non-motorized trails, boating and outdoor education.
CPW contributed more than six billion in total econom-
ic effect last year throughout Colorado.
For more news about Colorado Parks and Wildlife go
Welcome Back Ray!
Ray¡¯s Jerky also offers;
Lone Cone and Ex-
otic Earth Health Blend
coffees, locally made
Montrose honeys, Dan-
ish jams and an assort-
ment of BBQ and steak
sauces. Unique items
such as; chocolate cov-
ered cinnamon bears,
honey toasted sun-
flower nuts, popcorn
which pops off the cob
and gluten free vegan
protein pucks are also
available too.
¡°You can also find our
products in other stores
since we wholesale to
other retailers here on
the Western Slope,¡±
Valentine said. ¡°I¡¯m
always looking to add
unique items that com-
pliment the products I
already sell.
CPW Licenses On Sale
Colorado Parks and Wildlife licenses, permits and
registrations are on sale now for the 2015-16 sea-
son at license agents, CPW offices and online at:
Big game
The big game application deadline is 11:59p, April
7, 2015. Check out
PlanYourHunt.aspx to find all the resources CPW has
to offer hunters to complete their applications now.
(Ray¡¯s Jerky. Offering something tasty for everyone,
and now from an old familiar landmark.