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2015 April
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Colorado Attorney General¡¯s
Office urges United States
Supreme Court to throw out
interstate Marijuana lawsuit
DENVER: The Colorado Attorney
General¡¯s Office on March 27, 2015
responded to the lawsuit filed in the
United States Supreme Court by the
Attorneys General of Nebraska and
Oklahoma. That action, Nebraska and
Oklahoma v. Colorado (Case No. 144,
Original), seeks to overturn citizen-
initiated laws that enable the state
to monitor and control recreational
marijuana businesses. Nebraska and
Oklahoma now have the opportunity to
respond to Colorado¡¯s filing within two
weeks. At this stage, the only decision
before the Court is whether or not it
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Colorado¡¯s marijuana laws - leaving legalization intact but
eliminating large swaths of state regulatory power - is
a dangerous use of both the Supremacy Clause and the
Court¡¯s original jurisdiction, and it is unlikely to redress
the Plaintiff States¡¯ alleged injuries. The Court should
deny the Motion for Leave to File and dismiss the Com-
I. This dispute does not require exercise of the Court¡¯s
original jurisdiction.
A. Colorado has not invaded any sovereign right
of the Plaintiff States.
B. The legal and factual issues presented by this
case are better suited for resolution in the lower
federal courts and through the normal appeals
II. The Plaintiff States lack standing.
A. Curtailing Colorado¡¯s power to regulate
marijuana will not redress the Plaintiff States¡¯
B. The Plaintiff States¡¯ injuries are caused by
third parties who choose to violate federal and
state law.
III. The Plaintiff States have no cause of action to
preempt Colorado law.
IV. The United States is an indispensable party.
V. If it accepts the Complaint, the Court should provide
for direct resolution of dispositive legal issues.
A notable excerpt from the brief:
¡°Since the Controlled Substances Act¡¯s implementation
more than forty years ago, nearly all marijuana enforce-
ment in the United States has taken place at the state
level.¡± Erwin Chemerinsky, et al., Cooperative Federalism
and Marijuana Regulation, 62 UCLA L. REV. 74, 84 (2015).
Federal arrests make up a tiny fraction, less than 1%, of
marijuana-related arrests. Id. ¡°The federal government
does not have the resources to impose [criminal sanc-
tions] frequently enough to make a meaningful impact on
proscribed behavior.¡± Mikos, supra note 1, 62 VAND. L.
REV. at 1464.
As a result, displacing state marijuana laws, and leaving
regulation up to the federal government, would create
a massive regulatory vacuum. And it would do so in the
context of a product whose use is staggeringly wide-
(source link:
will accept the case for consideration on the merits or
dismiss Nebraska and Oklahoma¡¯s complaint.
The following statement is to be attributed to Colorado
Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman:
¡°My office remains committed to defending Colorado¡¯s
law. At the same time, I share our border states¡¯ con-
cerns regarding illegal marijuana activity, and my office,
as well as our partner state and local law enforcement
agencies, are committed to stopping marijuana diver-
sion. This lawsuit, however, even if successful, won¡¯t
fix America¡¯s national drug policy, at least not without
leadership from Washington, D.C., which remains
noticeably absent.¡±
[The following is the introduction and argument taken
directly from the Supreme Court brief filed by Colorado.
This is a very comprehensive and impressive brief on the
recent history and evolution of Cannabis law. Visit the
source link below to read the whole brief. A must read,
highly recommended knowledge. - ed.]
Colorado¡¯s voters, as well as those in nearly half the
States, have made a policy decision to legalize and regu-
late marijuana at the state level. Marijuana related
activities, of course, remain illegal under federal law.
Gonzales v. Raich, 545 U.S. 1 (2005); United States v.
Oakland Cannabis Buyers¡¯ Coop., 532 U.S. 483 (2001).
But this case does not concern questions the Court
settled a decade ago in Raich and Oakland Cannabis. No
one contends that Colorado law trumps the federal mari-
juana ban or immunizes anyone from federal prosecu-
tion. Instead, the question here is whether a State that
chooses to legalize marijuana is then prohibited from
regulating the market for it.
Nebraska and Oklahoma concede that Colorado has
power to legalize the cultivation and use of marijuana¡ªa
substance that for decades has seen enormous demand
and has, until recently, been supplied exclusively through
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a multi-billion-dollar black market. Yet the Plaintiff
States seek to strike down the laws and regulations
that are designed to channel demand away from this
black market and into a licensed and closely monitored
retail system. They suggest that the federal govern-
ment will backfill the resulting regulatory vacuum, even
though the Presidential Administration has indicated it
lacks the resources and the inclination to fully enforce
the federal marijuana ban; Congress has partially
endorsed the Administration¡¯s non-enforcement policy;
and the States have, for the last four decades, carried
out the vast majority of marijuana enforcement across
the country.
The Plaintiff States¡¯ attempt to selectively manipulate
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Colorado Responds
¡°Even where Congress has the authority under the
Constitution to pass laws requiring or prohibiting
certain acts, it lacks the power directly to compel
the States to require or prohibit those acts.¡± - New
York v. United States, 505 U.S. 144, 166 (1992)
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