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2015 June
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- An up and down long testing period be-
gins in the personal which is likely to bring clar-
ity, direction and personal growth; remain calm.
Clarity also in the professional leads to success.
Libra- Communication channels wide open;
social opportunities manifest in the personal as
well as collaborative possibilities in the profes-
sional. Stronger physical yet a focus on the
Scorpio- Be cautious with the physical, get-
ting good nutrition and rest, as exciting big time
happenings manifest. Monumental events, fame,
fortune, promotions, proposals, do I hear
wedding bells?
Sagittarius- Diplomacy and self control are a
must, as possible stressful delays or outright
challenges in the professional appear, while
passion, romance and desire heat up in the
Capricorn- Partnerships and collaborations help
ease the burdens of a busy and hectic month
professionally; persistence pays. Even so, main
focus is likely on spiritual and relationship
Aquarius- Great times as love, joy, high pas-
sion and fulfillment abound in the personal;
existing bonds strengthen, new loves blossom.
Physical energy, ambition and morale high.
Happy June!
Pisces- Family matters, housing, building sanc-
tuary a central focus in the personal; health and
nutrition may also demand attention. At work,
opportunities for financial gains manifest.
Evening planets: Venus and Jupiter appear
in the western sky after sunset and draw closer
together all month. This is the best time to view
Venus since it will be at its highest point above
the horizon; Saturn is at its brightest and out all
night long in the SE sky.
Morning planets: The planet Mercury reaches
greatest western elongation of 22.5 degrees from
the Sun and is visible low in the morning sky just
before dawn.
Mars is behind the Sun¡¯s glare and not visible.
* June 2 - Full Moon. The Moon will be located
on the opposite side of the Earth as the Sun and
its face will be will be fully illuminated. This full
moon was known by early Native American tribes
as the Full Strawberry Moon because it signaled
the time of year to gather ripening fruit. It also
coincides with the peak of the strawberry har-
vesting season. This moon has also been known
as the Full Rose Moon and the Full Honey Moon.
* June 21 - June Solstice. The June solstice
occurs at 16:38 UTC. The North Pole of the earth
will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have
reached its northernmost position in the sky
and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at
23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day
of Summer (Summer Solstice) in the Northern
Hemisphere and the first day of Winter (Winter
Solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.
The Horoscopes
Snowmass/Aspen, June 19. A wood-fired meat-
laden feast featuring chefs & farmers working
together to spotlight traditional outdoor cooking
techniques. An epic showcase of wineries, brewer-
ies, craft distilleries, 40+ notable chefs & butchers
cooking 3,000 pounds of heritage breed animals in
celebration of breed diversity & family farming.
Join well-known buyers, sommeliers, restaura-
teurs, chefs, media, consumers and independent
business who are all looking for the same thing,
The Moon Dance
* Columbine Ranger District, 367 South
Pearl, Bayfield
* Dolores Public Lands Office, 29211
Highway 184, Dolores
* City Market, 508 E. Main, Cortez
* Dolores Food Market, 400 Railroad
Ave., Dolores
* Cox Conoco, 201 E Railroad Ave,
* Pagosa Ranger District, 2nd & Pagosa
St., Pagosa Springs
Restrictions apply to the cutting of
standing dead ponderosa pine and live
Gambel oak.
This and other information is offered on
firewood tags and accompanying bro-
chures. Permit holders are expected to
be familiar with these regulations.
Night Time Delights
Information on specific road conditions is available
by clicking on ¡®Road and Motorized Trail Information¡¯
in the right hand column of the San Juan National
Forest Web site at:
For more information contact the San Juan Public
Lands Center at: 970.247.4874
Cutting Firewood
Aries- Much physical energy and pas-
sion. Romance, love and pleasure abound.
Fantastic environment for professional
creativity, action and success; everything is
Taurus- Physical energies good; remember
moderation. Answers arrive in the profes-
sional however main focus is on the per-
sonal, family, home matters; sanctuary can
be made with a little effort.
Gemini- Big changes, progress and oppor-
tunity in the professional; expect results and
financial increase. High morale and physical
energy. Love and desire find fulfillment at
home. A great month.
Cancer- A continued co-influencing be-
tween the personal and the professional
leads to success, strengthens bonds, brings
clarity; honorable choices now seed great
rewards. Avoid all toxins.
Leo- Professional opportunities to shine
manifest bringing reward and recognition;
good probability for financial growth. Morale
and physical energy strong. In the personal,
love overgrows any weeds.
San Juan National Forest Firewood
Permits on Sale
As backcountry roads open for the sum-
mer season, permits to cut firewood in the
San Juan National Forest are now on sale at
agency offices and selected retail outlets.
A minimum purchase of $20 allows the bearer
to gather two-and-a-half cords of dead and
downed firewood from the San Juan National
Forest for personal use prior to December 31,
2015. Each tag is good for one-half cord of
The appropriate number of tags must be
validated and securely fastened to firewood in
a visible manner before the vehicle is driven
from the place where the firewood was gath-
One household may purchase permits for up
to 10 cords of firewood per year for personal
use. Gathering firewood for resale requires a
commercial permit.
Permits, which come with a brochure and
map, are available at:
* San Juan Public Lands Center, 15 Burnett
Court, Durango
* Kroeger¡¯s Ace Hardware, 8 Town Plaza,
Heritage Fire
One-of-a-kind traveling culinary competition
and tasting event promotes sustainable
farming of heritage breed pigs