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The Good News
2015 June
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Redesigned tourism promotion program
makes a splash for this vacation destination
Glenwood Springs, CO, May 14, 2015: Tourism
in Glenwood Springs, Colorado is thriving, expe-
riencing record-breaking visitation numbers and
strong accommodation tax collections in 2014 and
throughout the first quarter of 2015.
In preparation for the busy summer season,
Glenwood Springs is introducing a new logo and
marketing strategy which will focus on the desti-
nation¡¯s primary asset, water.
To take on this task, a new marketing agency
based in Denver, Colorado was hired. XUMA Com-
munications is known for its out-of-the-box think-
ing. After extensive evaluation, XUMA presented
concepts based upon the one element that dif-
ferentiates Glenwood Springs from other Colorado
mountain destinations, the influence of water.
Don Poole, XUMA Principal/Creative Director says,
¡°The town¡¯s name is literally defined by water,
Glenwood SPRINGS. Let¡¯s take ownership.¡±
The springs in this region have played a major
role in the formation of thermal mineral pools,
vapor caves, the Colorado River, Hanging Lake,
waterfalls, and subterranean cave formations.
Water is centric to local activities such as swim-
ming, soaking, rafting, paddle boarding, kayak-
ing, sightseeing, exploring, Gold Medal fishing, as
well as snow and ice sports.
Generally, vacationers are enamored with water.
Recent studies show that activities involving wa-
ter are an important part of travel planning.
*Nearly 197 million people in the United States
participate in a water sport (source: The Outdoor
Foundation - Outdoor Participation Report)
*49% planned to swim on their summer vacation
(source: 2014 TripAdvisor Annual Summer Travel
Announcing a virtual career fair on June
5th, 2015, for Veterans, transitioning mili-
tary members, spouses and family members
across the country.
Get My Vet a JobTM is hosting a career fair
designed for one purpose to provide jobs for
veterans, transitioning military members,
spouses, and family members.
With employers in all 50 states with thou-
sands of job openings, this will be a true hir-
ing event.
In Colorado there are over 200 immediate
hire jobs throughout the state, which hiring
managers will be conducting interviews on
June 5th at the virtual career fair.
Job seekers across the state can attend with-
out leaving their home. The career fair will be
online and all interviews with hiring managers
will be done virtually.
A few of the companies conducting inter-
views at the virtual career fair are: VMWare,
NexRep, C.R. England, Camping World, plus
many more.
¡°Our mission on June 5th is #3000Strong,
which means 3,000 veterans will become
employed on a single day at one single career
fair,¡± stated Michele Unangst, the Founder and
CEO of Get My Vet a JobTM.
¡°We have partnered with employers commit-
ted to hiring Veterans and transitioning mili-
tary members, understanding the skills they
bring to their job openings,¡± continued
Michele Unangst.
Get My Vet a Job will provide all Veterans,
transitioning military members and spouses, at-
tending the job fair, a free video cover letter for
the event. Plus all job seekers can participate in
workshops by industry experts in the areas of:
Telecommuting, Interviewing, Social Media, and
Job Searching.
To register for this free virtual career fair go to:
Glenwood Springs = Water
Pictured left to right are: Sasha Serna, Kristina
Livingston, Laura McHenry, Skylar Sherman, Laela
Whitecotton, Khyztin Stiegelmeyer
The Cortez Public Library would like to thank
Brandi Sherman and Girl Scout troop #1376.
The scouts raised $500 to donate to the chil-
dren¡¯s section of the library.
Their fundraiser was called A Buck For Books.
The premise behind the fundraiser is that it¡¯s
hard to find money to donate to all the causes
there are. However, most people can spare just
a dollar, and by doing a dollar here and there, it
would then add up to a great amount!
And it did!
Thanks also to everyone who participated.
*40% said that a
pool is ¡°the amenity
I can¡¯t live without¡±
on vacation (source:
2014 Destination
Hotels Summer
Travel Trends Re-
¡®A Buck For Books¡¯ Effort
Get My Vet a Job Event
*Guided fishing trips increased 40% and
whitewater rafting trips increased 20%
(source: 2014 TripAdvisor Annual Summer
Travel Survey)
*57.3% of Coloradoans indicated they partici-
pate in some sort of water activity (source:
2013 Colorado Parks & Wildlife, Outdoor Rec-
reation Participation Survey)
*The hot springs landing page on Colorado.
com was the most visited activity page (2014)
*¡¯hot springs¡¯ was the number one site search
term on (2014)
Poole explains, ¡°Glenwood Springs has many
of the same activities and attractions as other
alpine areas. But look what happens when
you ¡®just add water¡¯.¡±
For more info visit:
Farmers, ranchers and private forest landown-
ers can now do business with USDA¡¯s Natural
Resources Conservation Service online. With the
May 27th launch of Conservation Client Gate-
way, producers will have the ability to work with
conservation planners online. Customers can
log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More info:
New USDA Portal