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up, or make fun ¡®mocktails¡¯ with your friends. Just
cut up oranges, lemons, grapes and other berries
and immerse them in your water for a fruity drink.
Purchase some travel flavor packets to add to your
cup. Like tea? It¡¯s a great way to flavor your water,
and it provides plenty of other benefits, too.
* Get out and explore all the watering holes in
your community. When on a walk, run or bike ride
through your community parks, tuck the Every
Health & Nurturing
2015 August
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him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep
it.¡± God sees Adam lonely and then calls forth
every animal and brought then to the man
and the man named them all, but found no
partner to ease his loneliness. God then places
man into a deep sleep, removing one of his
ribs and forming woman from Adams rib.
Pope Francis has just written an Encyclical
about our moral obligation to the planet and
to one another. The writing challenges all
peoples, nations, religions, groups and individ-
uals to reconsider how natural resources are
used. Climate change is not a figment of our
collective imaginations, but a reality. Ask the
folks in tornado alley and in areas where tor-
nados are not normally experienced. Consider
the floods and fires at the wrong time of the
season and in unlikely places. It doesn¡¯t much
matter who or what is to blame, but how are
we responsible to holy ground.
The Book of Daniel states that humankind has
dominion over the earth. Some have confused
dominion with the word domination, which
is not what the experience of a gracious God
intended. Domination infers that whatever
is convenient, economically beneficial, easy,
and good for me. Bounia saw a very different
reality. She continued to walk with God in the
garden, accepting her responsibility to care for
and protect her garden.
What are the ways that you hold responsibility
for the earth and all the beauty of creation?
Who in your life set the path of your choices?
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located
at 102 2nd St, in Dolores. 970.759.9740)
Drink Your Water
your to-do list:
* Always have a reus-
able water bottle with
you. Tuck it into your
purse or gym bag and
have an extra one at
your desk. You can
find plenty of variet-
ies in the stores, and
you might even con-
sider personalizing one
so you remember it¡¯s
yours and there for
you. If the container
is handy, you¡¯ll find
yourself drinking out of
it more often, just out
of habit.
* Always make sure
your water is freshly
filtered. The new Ev-
eryDrop Ice and Water
Refrigerator Filters
are National Science
Foundation certified to
reduce more contami-
nants than comparable
refrigerator filters, en-
suring you¡¯re drinking
the quality water you
desire. Be sure you¡¯re
replacing your ice and
water refrigerator filters
every six months, to
continue to enjoy fresh,
great tasting water at
* Add fun flavors to
your water to change it
Easy tips to drink more water
throughout the day
(BPT) You know drinking plenty of water every
day is good for your health. The Institute of
Medicine recommends men consume about 13
cups of fluid a day and women take in about 9
cups. Yet remembering to drink water may not
always make the top of your daily to-do list.
Here are some tips to naturally incorporate
drinking liquids into your day to give you the
energy you need to accomplish everything on
Drop Portable Water Filter into your purse or bag.
It filters one gallon of water in just two minutes,
so when you fill up at a water fountain location,
you don¡¯t have to wait to get fresh, great tasting
With these tools, you¡¯ll discover it¡¯s easy to stay
hydrated throughout the day. Here¡¯s a toast to
you for drinking more water, staying hydrated and
feeling great. Cheers.
leaf plants.¡±
¡°Praise God for the good
soil and clean water.¡±
(That was Bounia)
What Bounia believed
about using whatever
was at hand and wast-
ing nothing came from
a deep spiritual sense of
God in our lives. Respect
for everyone and every-
thing was taught not in
words, but by example.
The second chapter of
the Book of Genesis
describes the Yahwistic
story of Creation. God is
on the earth and causing
creation unto being. God
forms man from the dust
of the already existing
earth. ¡±The Lord God
took the man and put