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Nature & Wildlife
2015 September
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- A continued focus on home matters and
personal relations ahead; bonds strengthen, new
ones form. Professional growth slows a bit while
balance is restored; avoid excessiveness on all
Libra- Energy and enthusiasm grows spurring
much forward action in the professional; collabora-
tions and opportunities manifest. Passion and love
enrgy runs high in the personal bringing excite-
ment and joy.
Scorpio- Harmony, love and passion abound in
the personal as understanding grows and com-
munication becomes clearer. Much opportunity
for future achievement begins to manifest in the
professional; plan well.
Sagittarius- Some lingering bumpiness in the
professional but fear not as a long term trend to-
wards high reward begins; keep keeping on. Social
opportunities begin to manifest in the personal
adding excitement. Avoid toxins.
Capricorn- An interesting month on all levels,
possibly testing. While clarity increases some
roadblocks may appear; may be prudent to focus
on understanding, compassion and the spiritual.
Aquarius- Long term professional blocks begin
to fade away allowing for more progress with less
stress. Hi passion and excitement in the personal.
A focus on reasonable expectations is crucial.
Pisces- Physical good but susceptible to stress;
focus on good nutrition and self-pampering. Still
some bumpiness ahead on all levels; diplomacy,
kindness and understanding are the keys to peace
and progress.
Morning planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and
Neptune(only with a strong telescope) are vis-
ible in the morning sky.
Evening planets: Mercury, Saturn and
Neptune(all night but only with a strong tele-
scope) shine in the night sky this month.
* September 13 - Partial Solar Eclipse. A
partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon cov-
ers only a part of the Sun. A partial solar eclipse
can only be safely observed with a special solar
filter or by looking at the Sun¡¯s reflection. The
partial eclipse will only be visible in southern
Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica.
* September 23 - September Equinox. The
Sun will shine directly on the equator and there
will be nearly equal amounts of day and night
throughout the world. This is also the first
day of fall (autumnal equinox) in the Northern
Hemisphere and the first day of spring (vernal
equinox) in the Southern Hemisphere.
* September 28 - Full Moon, Supermoon.
This full moon was known by early Native Amer-
ican tribes as the Full Corn Moon because the
corn is harvested around this time of year and
is also known as the Harvest Moon. The Harvest
Moon is the full moon that occurs closest to the
September equinox each year. This is also the
second of three supermoons for 2015 when the
Moon is at its closest approach to the Earth and
may look slightly larger and brighter than usual.
This will be the closest full moon of the year.
* September 28 - Total Lunar Eclipse. A total
lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes
completely through the Earth¡¯s dark shadow, or
umbra. During this type of eclipse, the Moon will
gradually get darker and then take on a rusty
or blood red color. The eclipse will be visible
throughout most of North and South America,
Europe, Africa, and western Asia.
The Horoscopes
The gather operations will include helicopters,
support vehicles and personnel on the ground.
Until the operations have concluded, the BLM
is asking everyone to avoid the area. Hunters
are advised to seek alternative hunting areas
within the GMUs.
For more information, contact the BLM at
970.210.2126 or 970.878.3842, or visit: www.
The Moon Dance
Muzzleloader and archery
hunters heading to Game
Management Unit 21, located
south of Rangely and west
of Highway 139, are advised
that the Bureau of Land Man-
agement will conduct excess
horse gather operations in
the area beginning Sept. 14,
coinciding with the start of
the early hunting seasons.
The BLM says they will focus
on gathering 167 horses in
West Douglas Horse Area
first, but if they are unable to
gather the required number
of horses there, they may
Night Time Delights
move operations east into GMU 22. The BLM
estimates that operations may run a week to
ten days.
¡°We prefer that this take place at a time that
does not affect hunters, but that is not our
decision,¡± said Northwest Regional Manager
Ron Velarde of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
¡°All we can do is alert hunters that they need
to take the horse gather into consideration
when making plans.¡±
Aries- On top of long term professional
growth trends comes smoother paths adding
to progress; keep focused on clear com-
munication. Passion grows as Venus moves
Taurus- A focus on good nutrition and
pampering helps ease increasing busyness at
work. In the personal, be ready to meet your
match if single; strong love energy begins to
spread and grow.
Gemini- Physical energy high. Personal re-
lationships grow stronger or maybe smarter
from increasing clarity. Creative and intellec-
tual opportunities manifest as stress eases in
the professional.
Cancer- Complications ease and communica-
tion channels become more open strengthen-
ing personal relationships; kindness has it¡¯s
rewards. Steady progress in the professional.
Leo- Good physical energy supports a
steadyfast increase in busyness and forward
movement in the professional; expect oppor-
tunity. Love energy grows also; this could be
a very exciting month.
Hunter Advisory