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2015 September
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(federal, tribal, state, local and private) that would
provide seed storage resources. This network
would support the Presidential Memorandum on
Pollinators and help increase the availability of na-
tive seed to a broader user base. The Strategy also
calls for the coordinated establishment of a nation-
wide network of native seed collectors, a network
of farmers and growers working to develop seed,
a network of nurseries and seed storage facilities
to supply adequate quantities of appropriate seed,
and a network of restoration ecologists working on
the ground. While the use of native seed is encour-
aged, the Strategy does not preclude the use of
non-native seed in the instances where it is appro-
Sophia Shaw, CEO of Chicago Botanic Garden and
chair of the Plant Conservation Alliance Non-Federal
Cooperators Committee, said the Strategy was a
major step forward for restoration and rehabilita-
tion. ¡°The cooperators look forward to helping
federal agencies implement the strategy across the
country,¡± Shaw said.
The Seed Strategy does not change or create new
policy, but provides a framework for increased col-
laboration and a common set of goals by using the
collective resources of participating agencies. It
also aims to provide all land managers ¨C federal,
tribal, state, county, and private ¨C the tools they
need to address ecological restoration at all levels.
The Strategy is also a major action item called for
in the Interior Department¡¯s rangeland fire strategy
to address the increasing threat of wildfires that
damage vital sagebrush landscapes and productive
rangelands in the West, especially in the Great Ba-
sin states of California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and
Utah. That strategy outlines the need to aggres-
sively restore fire-impacted landscapes using native
seed and local vegetation.
Annual Directory Promotes Colorado Hay
8/20/2015: The Colorado Department of Ag-
riculture publishes the Colorado Hay Directory
annually to help connect Colorado hay produc-
ers with buyers. The 2015 edition of the direc-
tory is available to the public at no cost.
¡°We receive calls from hay buyers throughout
Colorado and across the country requesting
the publication,¡± said Wendy White, market-
ing specialist for the Colorado Department of
Agriculture. ¡°The directory continues to be a
great way for Colorado producers to market
their hay.¡±
The 29th edition of the Colorado Hay Directory
features producers and brokers of hay as well
as companies that provide hay-related prod-
ucts and services. Categorized by region, each
listing includes the type and amount of hay
available, bale type and size, whether or not
laboratory analysis is available, certified weed
free status and identifies organic hay.
The Colorado Hay Directory is published by the
Colorado Department of Agriculture in coop-
eration with participating Colorado hay produc-
ers, Colorado State University Extension, and
with support from Centennial Western Corpo-
ration, Hutchison Incorporated, Land Trust of
the Upper Arkansas, Middle Park Stockgrowers
and ProAG-Morris Industries Inc.
The directory and other hay resources, includ-
ing the Colorado Cattlemen¡¯s Association Hay
Availability List, are available online at:
For more information or to request a copy
of the 2015 Colorado Hay Directory, call
the Colorado Department of Agriculture at:
The Conservation
Objectives Team
(COT) report, pre-
pared by the U.S.
Fish and Wildlife
Service to guide
efforts to conserve
the Greater sage-
grouse, highlighted
the importance of
restoring sage-
brush ecosystems
to healthy native
sagebrush plant
communities. As
invasive annuals
like cheatgrass
replace native
perennial bunch
grass communi-
ties, the frequency
and intensity of
rangeland fires
High Country Beverage Sponsors
Telluride Foundation
MONTROSE, CO: Community minded High
Country Beverage has just partnered with the
Telluride Foundation as a Gold Hill Donor. High
Country Beverage has committed to donate
$40,000 over four years to the Foundation.
¡°We are proud to be able to contribute to the
beautiful landscape and the quality of life for
residents in our community,¡± said Tom Nich-
ols, Marketing Manager of High Country Bev-
erage. ¡°This partnership with the Telluride
increases. For this reason, the COT empha-
sized that ¡®every effort must be made to
retain and restore native plant communities
to reduce the risk of fire in the sagebrush
Envisioned and initiated by the BLM as col-
laboration between partners, the Strategy
was developed in concert with many local,
state and federal partners, including the Plant
Conservation Alliance (PCA). The PCA is an
umbrella organization of more than 300 non-
federal partners who work together to con-
serve and restore native plant communities
across the United States, including biologists,
resources managers and soil scientists.
The goals and objectives for the strategy
were initially created during a Seed Confer-
ence held in Washington, D.C., in June 2014.
Private seed growers and organizations such
as the Western Governors¡¯ Association have
also engaged during the development of the
The 12 federal agencies also engaged in
the development of the strategy include the
Department of the Interior (BLM, Bureau of
Indian Affairs, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park
Service); Department of Agriculture (Agricul-
tural Research Service, National Institute of
Food and Agriculture, Natural Resources Con-
servation Service, and U.S. Forest Service);
Department of Transportation (Federal High-
way Administration); the Smithsonian Institu-
tion; and the U.S. Botanic Garden.
For more information on the National Seed
Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration,
2015 Colorado Hay Directory
Foundation will help continue to make those
strides in our region.¡±
The Telluride Foundation exists to create a stron-
ger Telluride community through grant making,
technical assistance and proactive initiatives. It
is a nonprofit, apolitical community foundation
that provides year-round support for local orga-
nizations involved in arts, early childhood devel-
opment, education, athletics, charitable causes,
land conservation and other community-wide
efforts through technical assistance, education
and grant making. The Foundation makes grant
awards to qualified organizations and runs pro-
gram initiatives to enhance the quality of life for
people living and working in the Telluride region.
For more information on the Telluride Founda-
tion, visit:
¡°The Telluride Foundation is proud to be associ-
ated with a community minded organization like
High Country Beverage,¡± said Paul Major, Presi-
dent and C.E.O. of the Telluride Foundation.
About High Country Beverage
High Country Beverage is an independent Colo-
rado family owned and operated beer distribu-
tor known for product quality and outstanding
customer service. They proudly represent over
250 brands of the finest local, craft, domestic
and imported malt beverages from around the
world. For more information about High Country
Beverage, please call 1.800.462.3615, or visit us
online at:
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