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If you¡¯re a fan of hot foods, the health benefits of
chili peppers are icing on the cake when you dine on
your favorite spicy fare. If you¡¯re not a fan of spicy
foods, however, don¡¯t give up on the health ben-
efits. Many of the natural remedies under develop-
ment lack the heat associated with chili peppers.
And even those that do pack some heat appear to
be worth the minor discomfort; the vast majority
of migraine sufferers who use Ausanil, for example,
report the fast relief outweighs the temporary sting
associated with the treatment.
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2015 September
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Chili peppers can treat migraines
and help you lose weight
(BPT) - Do you love the snap that chili pep-
pers give to your food? Are you a fan of the
heat they impart to a variety of dishes? Even
if you¡¯re not, you may want to take another
look at the humble chili pepper. From mi-
graine relief to weight control, researchers are
verifying what some cultures have known for
centuries: the chili pepper and its key constit-
uents, like capsaicin, deliver a host of health
Here are just some of the ways chili peppers
are helping to fight some of the country¡¯s
most common health conditions:
Migraine relief
The World Health Organization recognizes mi-
graines as one of the most prevalent and de-
bilitating conditions in the world. More than 36
million Americans live with migraines, and up
to a third or more (approximately 12 million)
of them are not receiving optimal treatment.
Medications may cause side-effects, do not
always work or work only partially for some
patients, react badly with other medications,
can be expensive or not covered by insurance.
For any or all of these reasons, there remains
a significant unmet need in the world of mi-
graine relief - famine for some amid plenty.
Pharmaceutical companies are working on
medicines that rely on capsaicin pathways to
prevent migraines, Bloomberg News reports.
A non-prescription, homeopathic remedy,
Ausanil, is already commercially available.
Formulated using the raw extract of the chili
pepper, capsicum annuum, the remedy is used
to rapidly relieve migraines and severe head-
aches such as cluster headaches and tension
headaches. Because it acts locally in the nose,
Ausanil doesn¡¯t interact with other medica-
tions and does not cause stomach or liver is-
sues that are associated with commonly used
OTC pain relievers.
¡°When you see a patient time and time again
and nothing seems to give them relief, or
they¡¯re limited on treatments due to drug-
drug interactions or notable side effects, it can
be a very frustrating and heartbreaking pro-
cess,¡± says Dr. Maria Alexianu, of the Atlantic
Neuroscience Institute at Overlook Medical
Center in Summit, New Jersey. ¡°It¡¯s vital to
offer new options to patients who are still
searching for pain relief and are continuously
incapacitated in their daily life.¡±
Weight control
Obesity is also a worldwide issue, making
effective weight-control remedies a priority
for health advocates around the world. Sci-
ence Daily reports that University of Wyoming
researchers are investigating capsaicin as a
weight-control supplement.
Researchers believe the chili pepper constitu-
ent may help boost metabolism by inhibiting
cells that store fat and encouraging the type
of cells that turn fat into energy.
Cancer treatment
Multiple studies aim at exploring the effect of
capsaicin on cancer cells. One notable investi-
gation from Marshall University found evi-
dence that the compound inhibited the
Beating Allergies This Fall
growth of lung can-
cer tumors through an
animal-based study,
according to the Ameri-
can Institute for Cancer
Research. In another
study, researchers at
Nottingham University
in the United Kingdom
also found that capsa-
icin killed cancer cells
without harming healthy
cells in cultures of hu-
man lung and pancreatic
cancer cells.
Fighting diabetes
About 30 million Ameri-
cans live with diabetes,
and the disease is the
seventh-leading cause
of death in the U.S., ac-
cording to the American
Diabetes Association.
While multiple medicines
are available to treat
diabetes, many people
still find it difficult to
control the disease. A
study published in the
American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition found
that eating chili pep-
pers as part of a regular,
healthy diet, could help
control diabetes.
Natural nutrition
Chili peppers also deliver
health benefits beyond
medicinal ones. The
peppers are highly nutri-
tious, delivering a punch
of nutrients that are also
associated with better
health, including vita-
mins A, C and B-6, iron,
copper and potassium.
Suffering from fall allergies?
What you can do to find relief
(BPT) - You heard all about the worst allergy season
ever. You know the pollen tsunami swept through
and left everyone sneezing and wheezing in its
wake. But you want to know why the end of sum-
mer is almost here and you¡¯re still miserable.
¡°Although spring, summer and fall have different
sets of allergens to trip up allergy and asthma suf-
ferers, they can cause the same symptoms,¡± says
allergist Janna Tuck, M.D., Fellow of the Ameri-
can College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
(ACAAI). ¡°Those who have multiple triggers, may
not be able to distinguish between what¡¯s causing
their symptoms. They just know they¡¯re congested,
with red eyes and an itchy nose.¡±
Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger in the fall. It
usually starts releasing pollen with cool nights and
Dr. Tuck. ¡°You should also continue your medica-
tion for two weeks after the first frost. Both nasal
and eye symptoms associated with ragweed aller-
gies can linger after pollen is no longer in the air.¡±
Another treatment option is allergy tablets, avail-
able for grass and ragweed pollens. The tablets
need to be started at least three months before
allergy season begins. While only two allergens can
be treated with this method, it may be a good op-
tion for grass and ragweed allergies not controlled
with other medications. Talk with your allergist to
see if this option is right for you. If not, allergy
shots are a tried and true method of relief.
What else can you do about fall allergy symptoms?
The first line of defense is to avoid triggers. After
spending time outdoors, shower, change and
wash your clothes. While working outdoors, wear
a NIOSH N95-rated filter mask. Only N95 masks
filter out pollen due to its micro size. Be sure to
also keep your car and home windows closed. If
you do go outside, wear a hat and sunglasses to
keep pollen out of your eyes. If you suffer from
any seasonal allergies, see a board-certified aller-
gist. Allergists are trained to diagnose and treat
your symptoms, and to work with you to create an
individual action plan.
If you think you might be one of the more than
50 million Americans that suffer from allergy and
asthma, you can find an allergist in your area with
the allergist locator tool. For more information and
to find relief, visit:
warm days in August,
and can last into Sep-
tember and October. And
the majority of people
who are allergic to spring
plants are also allergic to
So what can you do to
manage allergy and
asthma symptoms in the
fall? Many of the same
things you do in spring,
according to ACAAI.
¡°The most important
reminder is to start taking
fall allergy medication two
weeks or so before symp-
toms usually begin,¡± says
Natural Relief