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2015 October
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Physical looks real strong. With love and
passion energies also on high your ambitions
both professional and personal may be zealous;
be slow and smart with decisions.
Libra- Energy and optimism drive ambition
and initiative to higher levels with professional
progress a result. Satisfaction and relational
harmony manifests from positive and loving
Scorpio- Social opportunities manifest opening
doors to love and joys. Collaborations and team-
work in the professional; help arrives to follow
your lead. Avoid toxins, get proper nutrition for
Sagittarius- Professional growth opportunities
manifest; courageous yet well thought out ac-
tion brings progress and success. Personal social
activity increases, love may appear or become
more obvious.
Capricorn- Meditation, analysis, discussions,
open honest communications, any intellectual
pursuits will yield much fruit at this time both
at home and at work; avoid impulsive decisions
and excessive behaviors.
Aquarius- Communication channels clear;
understanding and bonding at home come from
shared objectives, efforts and cooperation. Fi-
nancials may grow from unexpected sources.
Pisces- Teamwork brings rewards at work. Love
energy runs high; could be big events in the
personal, love may arrive or existing love will be
recharged or amplified.
Morning planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter and
Mercury. This is the best time to view Mercury
since it will be at its highest point above the hori-
zon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in
the eastern sky just before sunrise
Evening planets: Uranus will be brighter than
at any other time of the year and will be visible all
night long. This is the best time to view Uranus.
Due to its distance, it will only appear as a tiny
blue-green dot in all but the most powerful
* October 1 - Newly discovered comet C/2013
US10 Catalina may reach naked eye visibility on
October 1. The comet will continue to brighten and
could reach magnitude 5 by November 6.
* October 8 - Draconids Meteor Shower, a
minor meteor shower producing about 10 meteors/
hour, runs annually from October 6-10 and peaks
this year on the 8th. The 2nd quarter moon will
block out all but the brightest meteors this year.
Best viewing will be in the early evening from a
dark location far away from city lights. Meteors will
radiate from the constellation Draco, but can ap-
pear anywhere in the sky
* October 21, 22 - Orionids Meteor Shower,
an average shower producing up to 20 meteors/
hour at its peak, runs annually from October 2 to
November 7. It peaks this year on October 21 and
the morning of October 22. The first quarter moon
will set shortly after midnight leaving fairly dark
skies for what should be a good show. Best viewing
will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors
will radiate from the constellation Orion, but can
appear anywhere in the sky.
* October 28 - Conjunction of Venus, Mars, and
Jupiter. A rare, 3-planet conjunction, The planets
will all form a tight 1-degree triangle in the early
morning sky. Look to the east just before sunrise
for this spectacular event.
The Horoscopes
Sheep Gulch Wood Cutting Area, which is three
miles north of Gypsum, Colo.
The cutting season runs until Nov. 30. Permit price
varies by species sought: Pinyon pine is $12.50 a
cord and juniper (cedar) is $7.50 a cord. There is a
$15 minimum purchase per permit.
Maps and permits are available at the Colorado
River Valley Field Office, 2300 River Frontage Road
in Silt, Colorado.
For more information call 970.876.9000
The Moon Dance
as well as other recreationists,¡± BLM
Grand Junction Field Manager Katie Ste-
vens said. ¡°It will provide long-distance
OHV recreation opportunities connect-
ing the Bangs Canyon area with trails in
Dominguez-Escalante NCA and Uncom-
pahgre National Forest. Extensive plan-
ning and strong partnerships were key to
getting this project approved.¡±
The BLM considered comments from the
Colorado Department of Transportation,
Mesa County, the Wilderness Society,
and local recreation user groups includ-
ing the Grand Mesa Jeep Club, Western
Slope ATV Association, Quiet Trails Group
and Grand Valley Trails Alliance in devel-
oping this trail proposal.
Trail construction is anticipated to begin
this fall.
Night Time Delights
More information, including an environmental as-
sessment and a map, is available at:
For more information contact BLM Outdoor Recre-
ation Planner Chris Pipkin: 970.244.3024
Aries- Busy and testing in the professional;
good planning and determination helps miti-
gate extra workloads or stress. A main focus
on personal relations; communication chan-
nels become clearer.
Taurus- High physical energies, passion and
desire thrive; it will be easy to fall in love so
be sure of what you fall for. Professional ad-
vancement comes from being creative; again
be deliberate and cautious.
Gemini- Strong physical energy. Much prog-
ress in the professional from new or creative
efforts. In the personal arena, love is in the
air, no, it¡¯s everywhere; be ready to receive
and to give it.
Cancer- A general feeling of positivity and
optimism grows spurring much initiative in all
areas; pace yourself and avoid excess of any
kind. Clarity brings bonding with loved ones
or shows new love.
Leo- Positive developments in the profession-
al drive increased rewards; take care not to
let it trickle away. Desire for love and passion
become stronger in the personal.
Connector Trail On The Way
BLM approves connector trail increasing
off-highway vehicle opportunities
The Bureau of Land Management Grand
Junction Field Office today approved a con-
nector trail linking two sections of the popu-
lar Tabeguache long-distance trail currently
blocked by private land.
The 1/3-mile connector trail will link a 17-
mile section of the Tabeguache Trail between
Little Park Road and Colorado Highway 141
near Whitewater, Colo. The route is currently
blocked by a -mile section of private land.
Riders with licensed OHVs will then be able
to cross Highway 141 and continue on the
142-mile Tabeguache Trail, a popular trail
between Grand Junction and Montrose, Colo.
Only licensed OHVs are allowed on the high-
way, but the BLM plans to continue working
with the Colorado Department of Transpor-
tation and Mesa County to provide an OHV
highway crossing and roadside trail on the
southeast side of Highway 141, creating a
legal connection for OHVs between the trail
segments on either side of the highway.
¡°This new trail connection will provide an im-
portant backcountry link between Little Park
Road and Highway 141 for OHV enthusiasts
BLM opens new wood-cutting area
Wood-cutting permits for live and dead pinyon pine
and juniper (cedar) trees are now available for the
New Firewood Now Available