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2015 October
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
Bounia, Architect of Change
Bounia had insight and wisdom that I am just catching up to. Too late
smart, too soon old.
Everyone lived on Lincoln Street. Maybe ten houses, downstairs apart-
ment and upstairs apartment, both sides of the street. Bounia and Gege,
as well as four children, and then one son and daughter-in-law shared the
space. There were two small bedrooms, a small living room, kitchen and
toilet. Bounia lived upstairs and the Gloria family lived downstairs. If you
got weary of Ukrainian food, you could join the Gloria family and enjoy
Portuguese food. Up and down the block was the League of Nations.
All were poor, so all shared what they had. All had Victory gardens and
all saved metal, rags and bottles for recycling. It was World War II. What
was common among all was a sense of hope and a reverence and respect
for one another.
These common people were Architects of Change. They saw a problem
and step in to do something about it. No one waited for someone else to
step in. There was no one else.
Courage is not a lack of fear, it¡¯s having fear and doing it anyway. Bounia
and the residents of Lincoln Street push through the fear. They replaced
fear with hope - hope that things would get better, and things got better.
Families grew and graduated high school and college and things got bet-
ter. Young adults married and grandchildren were born. Things got a bit
crazy, but better.
Pope Francis recently spoke to the realities of the current world situa-
tion, but with an attitude of hope. Not a romantic hope, a hope that will
require cooperation among the citizens of the world. He challenged the
Politicians of the world to focus on the common good, not only how much
revenue would be generated. Pope Francis has just released an Enclyclical
entitled ¡®On Care for Our Common Home¡¯, in which he challenges dialogue
on turning the tide of the misuse of our common resources. Water and air
are probably the most endangered, but to also resist mindless consump-
tion of products.
I was issued keys to a church facility and used these keys on a Thursday
evening for a meeting. I placed the keys in my jacket pocket. Saturday
morning I repeated the workshop I was presenting and arrived at the
church to open the hall. I had a jacket on, but it was the red one, not the
blue one I wore on Thursday. If I were more in tune with the message
Pope Francis shared, one jacket would be enough and my keys would
have been available to open the hall.
Technology is the fragmentation of the world. Perhaps it is time to redi-
rect the use of technology to more humane uses. We have this one awe-
some planet on which to enjoy the blessings of Creation. This may be the
opportunity of a lifetime to return to an attitude of reverence of the earth
and of one another. Bounia would be so pleased.
I invite you to live an integrated life with purpose and meaning. Service is
the best way to find yourself. To lose yourself in service is to gain peace
on earth. Are you willing to do one more activity to better the life of an-
other? Are you willing to recycle one more thing? Are you willing to share
that extra jacket with one in need? From my pen to God¡¯s Ear.
(Sandy Lauzon is a Shaklee Distributor located at 102 2nd St, in Dolores.
Q. How do we
know that Job
went to a
A. Because in
Job 16:12 we
read, ¡±I had
come to be at
ease, but he
proceeded to
shake me up
and he grabbed
me by the back
of the neck and
proceeded to
smash me.¡±
Sandy Lauzon