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2016 February/March
Pg 11- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Cooperative leadership and friendly
communication leads to recognition and success
in the professional. Passion, love and emotional
energies run high; smile and be happy.
Libra- Entering a period of opportunity as
your abilities draw attention and awareness;
advancement, recognition and financial reward
likely. Love and passion grows in the personal.
Scorpio- Passion and adventurous desire
demand much attention and driving focus as a
long period of strong love energy ensues. Brav-
ery and motivation fuels professional growth;
avoid risky schemes.
Sagittarius- Pamper yourself to prevent a
possible physical decline due to over exertion.
Clear communication brings stability and har-
mony in the personal. Large financial gain may
Capricorn- Teamwork and collaborations in the
professional begin to bear the fruit of success.
Strong love energy manifests in the personal,
new love likely for singles.
Aquarius- Start smiling because you¡¯ve got
many forces at work for you right now; high
physical energy and strength, inspiration and
initiative, and love all around you. Anything is
Pisces- Love and harmony in the personal.
Love and harmony in the professional. Grab the
reigns and accomplish whatever you wish, but
do not neglect to rest.
Morning planets: Mercury has entered into
the morning sky, joining up with Jupiter, Mars,
Venus and Saturn - the first appearance of all
five visible planets in the same sky since the year
2005. Look for all five planets in the predawn/
dawn sky until about February 20
Evening planets: Jupiter at Opposition will be
brighter than any other time of the year and will
be visible all night long, A good pair of binocu-
lars should allow you to see Jupiter¡¯s four largest
moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of
the planet; Mercury will swing back to the eve-
ning sky on March 23
* February 22 - This full moon was known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Snow Moon
because the heaviest snows usually fell during this
time of the year
* March 20 - March Equinox. The March equinox
occurs at 04:30 UTC. The Sun will shine directly
on the equator and there will be nearly equal
amounts of day and night throughout the world.
This is also the first day of spring (vernal equinox)
in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of
fall (autumnal equinox) in the Southern Hemi-
* March 23 - This full moon was known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Worm Moon
because this was the time of year when the
ground would begin to soften and the earthworms
would reappear
* March 23 - Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. A pen-
umbral lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes
through the Earth¡¯s partial shadow, or penumbra.
During this type of eclipse the Moon will darken
slightly but not completely. The eclipse will be
visible throughout most of extreme eastern Asia,
eastern Australia, the Pacific Ocean, and the west
coast of North America including Alaska
calendar, far more important than even Christmas
day - Jesus¡¯ birth.
Fewer than one person in a thousand could tell you
how the date for Easter Sunday is determined.
This simplistic calculation for ¡®When is Easter¡¯ works
for most years:
1) Start your calculation from the Vernal Equinox,
which is usually on March 20th.
2) Consult a diary to determine the next full moon.
Easter falls on the following Sunday.
effectiveness of the Sport Fish
Restoration program and recognizes
excellence in fisheries management,
research, and education,¡± Kurzawski
For more than 20 years, since the
early 1990s when whirling disease
was discovered in Colorado, CPW
aquatic scientists have been studying
the disease and developing strains
of rainbow trout that are resistant.
Krieger explained that the work has
been painstaking and exacting.
¡°But the hard work by aquatic staff
has paid off. We¡¯ve restored hatcher-
ies, and wild rainbow trout are again
thriving in the wild,¡± Krieger said.
The award was presented to the
researchers at the Jan. 13 Colorado Parks and
Wildlife Commission meeting in Denver.
Aries- Solid accomplishment and financial
growth in the professional; plan well to reap
much. Social opportunities may manifest in
the personal and add needed balance; steady
health improvement trending ahead.
Taurus- High energy and rising passions;
avoid excesses. Desire for love and adventure
in the personal. Opportunities for financial
gain manifest in the professional.
Gemini- Tend to any signs of physical dis-
tress that may arise from a probable period
of turbulence; a focus on the spiritual keeps
perspective clear. Worry turns to courage as
the winds let up.
Cancer- Love and romance blossom; new
loves emerge, existing love bonds strength-
en. Collaborations in the professional bear
much fruit. Extra rest boosts the physical.
Leo- An increasing focus on relationships,
both professional and personal; opening
communication channels begin to bring much
clarity also stimulating cooperation and col-
collects an excise tax on fishing and boating gear
and fuel. Money is granted back to state wild-
life agencies and used for operating and project
expenses. In 2015, Colorado¡¯s share of the grant
funds totaled $8.3 million.
Ken Kurzawski of the American Fisheries Society
explained that this award is aimed at projects
that restore aquatic resources and provide im-
proved opportunities for anglers.
¡°This award highlights the importance and
Easter Sunday celebrates the day when Jesus
Christ was resurrected. On Good Friday, Christ
was crucified and then buried. But on the third
day, he rose from the dead. Thus Easter Sun-
day is the most important date in the Christian
Easter Sunday Calculation
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