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tablespoon of milk and beat until mixed. If de-
sired, add extras like chopped onion, mushrooms
and cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds, then stir
and microwave for another 30 seconds until done.
4. Breakfast pizza
Put a healthy twist on pizza for a quick, satisfy-
ing breakfast kids and adults will love. Start with
sliced naan or a whole wheat bagel. Toast to
warm and add a smear of ricotta cheese. Then
top with sliced tomatoes and sprinkle with a dash
of fleur de sel and dried basil, if desired. If you
prefer a sweeter pizza, skip the tomatoes and use
sliced fruit instead. This tasty breakfast will fight
hunger pangs straight until lunchtime.
5. Superfood smoothie
Smoothies are a tasty treat for breakfast that
takes mere minutes to make. Select vitamin-
packed frozen or fresh fruits such as berries,
mango, pomegranates and kiwi. Add sliced fruit
to the blender. For an extra-creamy smoothie
that tastes like a healthy version of a fruity malt,
blend with almond or coconut milk, plain yogurt
and frozen banana. Experiment with ingredients
to create the perfect customized smoothie that¡¯s
lip-smacking good.
Food, Home & Garden 2016 February/March
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In A Hurry?
Healthy 5-minute breakfast ideas
the whole family will love
(BPT) The alarm goes off and the morning
mayhem begins. You quickly wake the kids
from their dreamy slumber before jump-
ing in the shower. As everyone hurries to
get ready and out the door on time, there¡¯s
one critically important part of the day that
often gets overlooked: a healthy breakfast.
Research shows nutrients from a whole-
some breakfast help provide sustainable
energy while boosting concentration in
the classroom and at work. Breakfast also
jumpstarts the metabolism and can help
reduce snacking and the temptation for un-
healthy eating later in the day. Nonetheless,
during those busy mornings it¡¯s tempting to
bypass breakfast to save a few minutes.
It¡¯s time to change breakfast bad habits for
good! These five breakfast ideas aren¡¯t just
healthy and delicious, they take a mere 5
minutes or less to make so you save time
and feel your best every day.
1. Cereal sundaes
Healthy cereal sundaes are simple to make
and fun to eat. Start with a base: plain
yogurt which is loaded with beneficial pro-
biotics. Then, set out a variety of healthy
toppings and let everyone in the family cus-
tomize their breakfast sundae. Bran cereal,
fresh or dried fruit, chopped unsalted nuts
and a drizzle of raw honey will gear you up
for a great day.
2. Sprouted grain waffles
Most toaster waffles use refined wheat
flour often devoid of nutrients. Put a health-
ier breakfast waffle on the table in just 3
minutes when you toast Ezekiel 4:9(R)
Sprouted Grain Waffles. Sprouted grains
activate otherwise dormant nutrients to
produce remarkable protein that keeps your
family fueled. Learn more at www.FoodFor- Top with a favorite nut butter and
you have an energizing, nutrient-packed
3. Microwave egg scrambles
Fresh eggs are nutritional powerhouses
packed with protein and vitamins A, D and
E. Microwave egg scrambles taste like an
omelet without the cooking hassles. Simply
crack an egg into a coffee cup, add a
toes on a grill rack or basket, and within 15 minutes,
you¡¯ll have yourself the most spectacular side dish.
Customize a nutritious breakfast hash: Drizzle
a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a skillet and
add diced potatoes (fresh, frozen or refrigerated)
with bell pepper and onion, cover and cook on me-
dium heat for 10 minutes. To serve with soft-cooked
eggs, use a spoon and make 4 shallow depressions
in the hash and carefully crack an egg into each
hollowed-out spot. Cover the pan and cook eggs for
5 minutes, or until the whites are set and yolks are
still runny, then serve immediately. Alternatively,
scramble four eggs and top your hash. For a final
touch, top with hot sauce or a sprinkle of tarragon,
salsa or chimichurri sauce.
One medium-sized skin-on potato has just 110
calories and contains 45 percent of your daily value
of vitamin C. On its own, a potato contains no fat,
no sodium, no cholesterol and has more potassium
than a banana. Healthy eating is so much better with
foods you love and new ways to enjoy them. For
more potato recipes, visit:
(BPT) Potatoes are the vegetable that take break-
fast, lunch, dinner and snacks to the next level of
yum. They are quick to disappear but also quick
and easy to buy, prepare and serve. Not only are
potatoes uber satisfying, but research published
in the Journal of American College of Nutrition
also shows that when prepared healthfully, they
can be a part of a weight loss program-just call
them the 9th Wonder of the World. If you¡¯re look-
ing for flavorful and nutritious dishes that can be
part of your weight management plan this new
year, then look no further.
Here¡¯s a little inspiration for potato dishes sure to
become favorites in 2016:
DIY potato chips: This is a super easy and deli-
cious recipe. Boil a russet potato and a few purple
potatoes for 5 minutes, drain, dry and cut into
thin slices. Toss the freshly cut slices in one beat-
en egg white. Spray a non-stick pan with cooking
spray and evenly space the chips throughout the
pan. Bake slices at 400 degrees F for 35 minutes,
turning halfway through. Top chips with sea salt
or a sprinkle of bleu cheese.
Season with new flavor favorites: Spice up
your baked or roasted potatoes with healthy top-
pings that really raise the bar on nutrition and
flavor. Start with a plain, thick and creamy yogurt
and a good source of protein. If you¡¯re serious
about spice, try adding a tablespoon of Sriracha
and orange juice to a half-cup of your yogurt,
mix, and add a dollop to your potatoes. Love a
Mediterranean flair? Top your taters with Greek
yogurt mixed with lemon, garlic, roasted red pep-
pers and oregano.
Wholesome mashed potatoes: Mash your pota-
toes with a low-fat spread, Greek yogurt or skim
milk for that creamy, delicious texture you love,
without all the extra calories.
Slim-belly baked potato bar: Families will
love a baked potato bar. Top a baked potato with
ground turkey, salsa and light sour cream for taco
night, or top your potatoes with tomato sauce,
turkey pepperoni, Italian blend shredded cheese
and other veggies for a pizza-style delight.
potatoes: Po-
tatoes are the
perfect addition
to your back-
yard barbecue
menu. Grilling
potatoes adds
a unique flavor
you can¡¯t get
from the stove
or oven. Cre-
ate your own
spud rub with
onion powder,
lemon pepper,
paprika, sea
salt and ground
cumin and coat
potatoes with
a little extra
virgin olive oil.
Place the pota-
¡°My idea of heaven is a
great big baked potato and
someone to share it with.¡±
- Oprah Winfrey
6 Fresh Ways To Enjoy Potatoes