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Health & Nurturing
2016 June/July
Pg 9 - The Sunshine Express
summer vacation. I couldn¡¯t wait. Dad taught me to
swim in the method that was popular at the time.
He tossed me in over my head in the lake and the
phrase ¡°sink or swim¡± came to reality. Here I am, so
I must not have sunk. Long walks with my grandfa-
ther were delightful carrying my small pail in which
to hold wild blueberries. He spoke French and very
little English, so conversation was at a minimum.
Catching fire-flies in the cool evenings and placing
them in a glass jar with holes poked in the lid im-
proved hand to eye coordination. Before I knew it,
it was time for back to school shopping. New shoes,
dresses, my own lunch box and thermos, larger
pencil box, because I would be in the second grade,
and I couldn¡¯t wait.
I rode the school bus seven miles one way, and
then walked another 10 minutes to home. My friend
Linda and I were dropped off at the same stop and
walked home together. She had a sister that was
celebrating her ¡°sweet sixteen¡± birthday. I couldn¡¯t
believe my ears. Linda and I were 12 years old at
the time. Carol was going down to the DMV to apply
for her driver¡¯s license the very next morning, and
she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend!
Life seemed to revolve around school starting and
ending. One momentous event following another -
Labor Day and Memorial Day - favorite school sub-
jects and boys - passing one year to the next - and
then our senior year, the yearbook committee - the
Senior Prom - basketball games and cheerleading -
it was all coming to an end and I couldn¡¯t wait.
Graduation came and I won the Essay contest and
had to read my essay in front of the assembly. Di-
plomas were distributed, everyone wept, and it was
over. Some went on to college, others got jobs and
married, one passed away. Careers started, homes
were bought, children were born and raised, spous-
es died and life went quietly on.
As quickly as the time flew by, it is now in warped
speed. I believe it all began with instant coffee - it
was no longer necessary to perk a pot of coffee
on the stove. Just pour some hot water over some
powder and on your way. Frozen TV dinners came
along soon after, and then clothes lines and clothes
pins were replaced with the automatic clothes
dryer. ATM¡¯s replace the bank teller, drive up to the
window for your six pack of beer, auto deposit your
check and auto pay your bills.
With all that extra time to enjoy life, do not drive
55mph in a 65mph zone or the cars following you
will pass and salute, safe or not.
Our time on this planet is brief and precious. Prac-
tice patience and enjoy the day. Appreciate that we
are blessed no matter what the circumstances of
our life may be now. Just be patient - it will change.
When are you most patient?
When are you most impatient?
Which one feels better?
(Sandy Lauzon of River¡¯s Edge & Rustic Style
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by taking an after-dinner walk around the
block each night.
Snack healthy- Kids love to snack, especially
when they¡¯re home for the summer. Stock up
on easy go-to snacks like Snack Factory(R)
Pretzel Crisps(R), fresh fruit, and granola
bars so you¡¯ll be ready when their stomachs
start to growl. Pretzel Crisps dipped in peanut
butter or hummus create a filling, wholesome
snack. They¡¯re packed in resealable bags,
making Pretzel Crisps the perfect portable
snack for the car rides between swim practice,
summer camp and everything in between.
Stay hydrated- Instead of that third cup of
coffee, you might want to be more conscious
of your water intake. You and your family will
need to stay hydrated in the summer heat, so
always be sure everyone has a bottle of water
with them. If there¡¯s a bottle within arm¡¯s
reach, you¡¯re more likely to sip using little
conscious effort.
Make a point to unplug- While it¡¯s impor-
tant to let your kids stay connected to friends
and peers during the summer, you should also
be aware of your family¡¯s technology use. For
example, you could make a pact to put away
devices at dinner time and two hours before
bedtime. Find an approach to regulating tech-
nology that works for you.
Stick with stellar sleeping habits- Your
kids will likely want to stay up later in the
summer, but make sure they¡¯re still getting
adequate sleep. Work as a team to make
sleep a family priority.
(BPT) The sunny days of summer are here
and school may be out, but your family is
still as active and busy as ever. It¡¯s easy to
get caught up in a hectic schedule of activ-
ities, but don¡¯t let the summer hustle keep
you from a healthy lifestyle. Enjoying the
summer is about balance and planning.
These tips will help your family stay happy,
healthy and ready to tackle anything the
summer months throw your way.
Fuel up with breakfast- Set the tone for
the rest of your day with a good-for-you
breakfast. A complete breakfast gives you
and your family the energy needed to take
on the busy summer schedule. There are
plenty of easy breakfast recipes that let
you eat while you¡¯re running out the door.
Try peanut butter or avocado on toast,
hard boiled eggs or a fruit smoothie for a
quick, satisfying meal.
Set a summer schedule- Create a mas-
ter calendar to hang up in your kitchen.
This should include everyone¡¯s daily activi-
ties for the summer so nothing is forgot-
ten. Take a look at the calendar at the
beginning of each week to get a sense of
what¡¯s to come.
Remain active- Encourage your kids to
get outside by planning a weekly outdoor
activity as a family. From hiking, biking, a
game of tag, skating and swimming, find
something your family loves doing togeth-
er. You can also get some extra steps in
7 Summer Health Tips