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Nature & Wildlife
2016 August/September
Pg 13- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- Strong physical and enthusiasm as much
goes your way in all areas. Harmony at home,
blessings, new love, maybe even marriage?
Financials increase. Keep smiling.
Libra- Practical tendencies override romantic
desires in the personal. Some slowing in profes-
sional progress yet it is temporary as growth
picks up ahead. Stay nourished and rest.
Scorpio- Financials may face headwinds,
however assertiveness smoothes the way as
confidence grows. Love is all around you so
expect to find your mate or current relations to
Sagittarius- A pleasant period ahead; plan
for happiness to grow, money to flow, possible
fame or recognition, really anything is possible
right now. Make dreams big and act on them.
Capricorn- Be attentive and take care of your
body; avoid risky situations. Be prepared for
possible professional disruptions; be prudent
with money. A focus on Spirit will guide you
Aquarius- Collaborations and previous efforts
begin to pay off professionally. Energy grows
but be careful not to get ahead of yourself. Main
focus remains on personal relations, love rules.
Pisces- Much harmony and teamwork likely in
the personal as communication channels clear
and love energy waxes strong. Many paths
appear in the professional giving options for the
Visible planets: Saturn and Mars will be visible
in the evening sky through November; A spec-
tacular conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will be
visible in the August evening sky. The two bright
planets will be extremely close, appearing only
0.06 degrees apart, in the western sky just after
sunset; Mercury will be at its highest point above
the horizon low in the August western sky just
after sunset and just before sunrise in Septem-
ber; Neptune, brighter than any other time of
the year, is visible all night, but due to its extreme
distance from Earth, will only appear as a tiny blue
dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.
* August 11, 12 - Perseids Meteor Shower,
produces up to 60 meteors/hour at its peak, fa-
mous for producing a large number of bright me-
teors annually from July 17-August 24, peaks this
year on the night of August 11 and the morning of
August 12, meteors will radiate from the constella-
tion Perseus but can appear anywhere in the sky.
* August 18 - This full moon was known by early
Native American tribes as the Full Sturgeon
Moon because the large sturgeon fish of the Great
Lakes and other major lakes were more eas-
ily caught at this time of year, also known as the
Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon.
* September 16 - This full moon was known by
early Native American tribes as the Full Corn
Moon because the corn is harvested around this
time of year, also known as the Harvest Moon
which is the full moon that occurs closest to the
September equinox yearly.
* September 22 - September Equinox, occurs at
14:21 UTC, the Sun shines directly on the equator
and there will be nearly equal amounts of day and
night throughout the world, also the 1st day of Fall
(autumnal equinox) in the Northern Hemisphere
and the 1st day of Spring (vernal equinox) in the
Southern Hemisphere.
During the day-long event, CPW personnel will
lead a variety of fun programs and events, in-
cluding hay rides, scavenger hunts, moose talks,
and even backyard bass. Brats and burgers will
be on sale during the event.
The event is free, however a $7 daily pass or
an annual pass is required to enter the park.
970.723.8366. More info:
Finally, be sure to leave accurate in-
formation at home about where you¡¯re
hunting and when you¡¯ll return.
For more information about hunting in
Colorado see:
From Fort Collins, take Highway 287, then west on
Highway 14. From Steamboat Springs, take High-
way 40 and turn north on Highway 14 to Walden,
then travel east on Highway 14, through Gould to
the Park¡¯s Moose Visitor Center at 56750 Highway
14, approximately 22 miles east of Walden.
Said Park Manager Joe Brand, ¡°This is a great way
to wrap-up the summer, not only enjoying one of
the most scenic state parks, but also in celebration
of an animal that is becoming an iconic species in
Aries- Opportunities for professional
achievement and advancement grow;
financials improve. A focus on teamwork
at home strengthens bonds; love energy
begins trending higher.
Taurus- Creative expression leads to
results in the professional as blockages
step aside. Increasing desire and passion;
singles be ready, for love may find you.
Gemini- Family matters a focus with
possible turbulence; be cautious about
making decisions that may be irreversible.
Clear communication at work is key to
Cancer- A challenging period in both
professional and personal arenas. Tap into
your intellectual resources and be kind
and diplomatic to overcome any
Leo- Financial growth likely, however be
very prudent with any increases as they
could just as quickly evaporate. Prudence
also needed in the personal as passion
Your body needs about three quarts of water
a day to metabolize its energy reserves and
carry away waste. Carry iodine tablets to add
to water taken from streams or snow banks.
Avoid drinking ice-cold water which can cause
your body temperature to drop.
sickness is another danger. Hunters who are
fatigued, cold or exhausted are vulnerable.
At the very least, altitude sickness can ruin
a hunting trip; at the worst, it can be fatal.
Hunters who are coming to Colorado from low
altitude areas should be especially careful.
Take time to acclimate and do not move
quickly above 8,000 feet. Symptoms of al-
titude sickness include shortness of breath,
fatigue, nausea, headache and loss of appe-
tite. To avoid altitude sickness get in shape,
limit alcohol consumption, acclimate for a
few days before the start of the season and
drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is a key
factor in reducing your chances of getting
altitude sickness. Hunters with any heart
problems should be extra careful in Colorado¡¯s
high country and should consult their doctors
before going to the high country. If you have
a heart condition you should keep any pre-
scribed medication with you at all times. In-
form your hunting partners of your condition.
Sep 1st/30th 9th
The Moon Dance
The Horoscopes
Night Time Delights
The Moose Fest!
State Forest State Park Hosts
GOULD, CO: Colorado Parks and
Wildlife hosts the 2nd Annual Colorado
State Forest Moose Festival, Saturday,
August 13, from 10a-4p, near the site
of the state¡¯s first moose relocations
in 1978. Everyone that admires the
charismatic ungulates are invited to the
daylong festival of all things moose.
State Forest State Park is located along
the Medicine Bow Range in North Park.