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The Good News
2016 August/September
Pg 4 - The Sunshine Express
being done by satellites today in a flexible and
sustainable way.
¡°We have flown 40¡¯000 kilometers (around the
world) without fuel, but there is still a lot to be
done to encourage a worldwide implementation
of clean technologies and to motivate everyone
to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels in their
daily lives, hence the creation of the Internation-
al Committee for Clean Technologies,¡± empha-
sized Piccard.
¡°Solar Impulse is of course very well positioned
to contribute to the next generations of manned
or unmanned electric aircrafts. By capitalizing
on the engineering skills and expertise gained
over the past decade, we will continue to work
to encourage concrete innovations and disruptive
solutions,¡± concluded Borschberg.
Thanks to the Solar Impulse team, both on the
Round-The-World and in the Mission Control
Center in Monaco as well as the Main, Official and
Round-The-World partners, Piccard and Borsch-
berg were able to make their dream a reality
and accomplish their pioneering adventure. In
addition, Solar Impulse would like to extend its
gratitude to: Host Partners Masdar and Mubadala
as well as the Government of the United Arab
Emirates as the Solar Impulse Round the World
Host Country; and to the Swiss Confederation, in
particular to the Departments of Foreign Affairs,
Environment, Transport, Energy and Communi-
cations, the Federal Department of Defense, the
Civil Protection and Sport as well as Presence
Among the hundreds of guests present to witness
the historic arrival of Si2 in Abu Dhabi, were HSH
Prince Albert II of Monaco, HE Doris Leuthard,
Vice President of the Swiss Confederation, and
HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of
State and Chairman of Masdar.
Upon landing, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
said: ¡°Solar Impulse will mark our history. And
we will remember this day, which will remain the
day of great victory for solar aviation, also as the
day when we were given the proof that we can
move towards a low carbon economy, reconciling
the mobility and progress we all need, with pro-
tection of our planet, which is our greatest duty.¡±
¡°It is a historic moment for Monaco and for me,¡±
he added, ¡°because the Principality has the plea-
sure of housing Solar Impulse¡¯s control Centre
and my Foundation is a partner of this adventure.
We have shared so many hopes and so many
joys together throughout this epic journey.¡±
Vice President of Switzerland Doris Leuthard
welcomed this extraordinary accomplishment
with a message of optimism for the international
community: ¡°Solar Impulse is succeeding where
Ikarus failed. An idea born in Switzerland has
shown to the world that by investing in innova-
tion and sustainable clean energies, all of our
dreams can come true. Let¡¯s follow on this great
success by good implementation.¡±
HE Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of
State and Chairman of Masdar, emphasized: ¡°We
are pleased to welcome back Bertrand Piccard
and Andre Borschberg after their outstanding
success in circumnavigating the world using only
the power of the sun. As a leader in developing
innovative renewable energy projects and
Record Solar Flight (continued from pg3) Masdar is truly excited about the endless possibili-
ties of solar energy and we will be a part of taking
such technologies to the next level.¡±
As stated in Piccard¡¯s manifesto for clean technolo-
gies written in 2004, Solar Impulse¡¯s ambition is
¡°for the worlds of exploration and innovation to
make a contribution to the cause of renewable
energies; to demonstrate the importance of clean
technologies for sustainable development; and to
place dreams and emotions back at the heart of
scientific adventure.¡±
Upon the final landing of the revolutionary air-
plane, designed and built by a team of engineers
pulled together and led by Borschberg following
more than ten years of calculations, simulations
and testing, members of the Solar Impulse team
could be seen carrying banners that read: 40¡¯000
km WITHOUT FUEL - A first for energy - TAKE IT
There is still much to be done to make the world
we live in more energy efficient, but through inno-
vation and pioneering spirit, the first ever Round-
The-World Solar flight is credible proof that change
is possible and that there is reason to hope for a
more sustainable world.
Flight report: Leg 17 ¨C Cairo International Air-
port, (Egypt) to Al Bateen Executive Airport, (Abu
Pilot: Bertrand Piccard, Initiator, Chairman and
pilot of Solar Impulse
Take-off: 1:28 am local time Cairo, Egypt on 24
July 2016 (23:28 pm UTC on 23 July 2016)
Landing: 4:05 am local time Abu Dhabi, United
Arab Emirates on 26 July 2016 (2:05 am UTC on
26 July 2016)
Flight time: 48 hours and 37 minutes
Maximum altitude: 28¡¯000 feet (8¡¯534 m)
Average speed: 34.5 mph (55.4 km/h)
Flight distance covered: 2¡¯694 km (1¡¯674 miles)
State Job Growth Continues
Colorado Employment Situation Report
from June 2016
Employers in Colorado added 5,000 non-farm
payroll jobs from May to June for a total of
2,598,700 jobs, according to the survey of
business establishments. Private sector payroll
jobs increased 5,100 and government de-
creased 100.
According to the survey of households, the
unemployment rate increased four-tenths of a
percentage point in June to 3.7 percent. The
previously reported May 2016 unemployment
rate of 3.4 percent was revised down to 3.3
The number of people actively participat-
ing in the labor force increased 300 over the
month to 2,898,000 and the number of people
reporting themselves as employed decreased
8,800 to 2,792,000. The increase in labor
force combined with the decrease in total em-
ployment caused the number of unemployed
to increase 9,000 and the unemployment
rate to increase to 3.7 percent. The national
unemployment rate increased two-tenths of
a percentage point from May to June to 4.9
Over the year, the average workweek for
all employees on private nonfarm payrolls
decreased from 34.0 to 33.7 hours and aver-
age hourly earnings increased from $26.41 to
The largest over the month private sector
job gains were in construction, professional
and business services, and trade, transporta-
tion, and utilities. The largest over the month
private sector job decline was in leisure and
Over the year, nonfarm payroll jobs increased
61,500 with an increase of 52,900 in the pri-
vate sector and an increase of 8,600 in gov-
ernment. The largest private sector job gains
were in construction, leisure and hospitality,
and professional and business services. Mining
and logging declined over the year.
Over the year, the unemployment rate is down
two-tenths of a percentage point from 3.9
percent. The number of Coloradans partici-
pating in the labor force increased 78,400,
total employment increased 81,400 and the
number of unemployed decreased 3,000. The
national unemployment rate declined from 5.3
percent in June 2015 to 4.9 percent in June
All Colorado estimates from the establishment
and household surveys, including greater geo-
graphic detail, are available at: www.colmi-
Estimates for all states and the nation are
available at:
The July 2016 Colorado Employment Situation
will be released at 8:00 AM on Friday, August
19, 2016. The full schedule of release dates
for calendar year 2016 estimates is available
Masdar is com-
mitted to sup-
porting ground
breaking initia-
tives, like Solar
Impulse, which
will inspire
and deliver a
more sustain-
able future.
Solar Impulse
has proven just
how practical
the application
of solar energy
can be. It will
also provide
valuable data
that will lead to
critical im-
provements in
two key areas,
energy storage
and efficiency.