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The Good News
2016 August/September
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agricultural producers.
A second Colorado project is under construc-
tion near Kersey, Colorado, to help a farmer
there use the energy in his irrigation water to
generate electricity. That will help offset the
electrical bill for his farm. That project uses
¡°low-head¡± hypropower technology because
the available pressure in the surface-fed water
is lower, as is the case with many agricultural
water supplies.
The Colorado Department of Agriculture is
looking for more producers who want to
participate. Sam Anderson, the department¡¯s
lead official for the hydro program, said the
department will help producers apply to the
funding programs. Applicants must be eligible
to receive funding from the EQIP program. To
start the application process contact Anderson
The overall project has 14 partner agencies
and groups:
USDA ¨C Natural Resource Conservation Service
Colorado Department of Agriculture ACRE 3
energy grant program
USDA ¨C RD Rural Energy for America Program
Colorado State Conservation Board
Colorado Energy Office
The Nature Conservancy ¨C Colorado
American Rivers
Colorado Water Conservation Board
Colorado Association of Conservation Districts
Colorado State University Extension
Colorado Small Hydro Association
Colorado Rural Electric Association
Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
Hydro Research Foundation
Agencies Help Producers Use Existing
Water To Create Electricity;
Hydro Program Open To More Farmers
BROOMFIELD, CO, July 29, 2016: The first joint
project to help farmers use existing irrigation
water to generate electricity has been complet-
ed in Colorado. And the Colorado Department
of Agriculture is looking for more producers
who want to try it.
The installation, near Hotchkiss, Colorado, is
the first for the multi-agency Pressurized Ir-
rigation Small Hydropower Partnership Project,
which is part of the U.S. Department of Agricul-
ture¡¯s Natural Resources Conservation Service¡¯s
(NRCS) Regional Conservation Partnership
Program (RCPP). During the next few years,
the program is expected to create 30 on-farm
hydropower projects in Colorado.
¡°This project helps farmers by putting their
water to work, creating electricity that lowers
their power bills,¡± said Don Brown, Commis-
sioner of Agriculture. ¡°We are very proud of
this project and how it gives producers a way
to cut their costs and use their resources ef-
The Hotchkiss installation helps veterinarian
and farmer Susan Raymond use water already
flowing in her irrigation pipeline to generate
electricity to offset that used by her veterinary
practice and alfalfa operation. When the water
is not being used to feed her three center-pivot
sprinklers, it flows through the 8-kilowatt hy-
dropower generator attached to the pipeline.
The $50,000 project was finished in early July
with $32,800 in assistance from four funding
programs, including the Colorado Department
of Agriculture¡¯s ¡°Advancing Colorado¡¯s Renew-
able Energy and Energy Efficiency¡± (ACRE3)
program, the NRCS¡¯ Environmental Quality
Incentives Program (EQIP) and Rural Develop-
ment¡¯s (RD) Rural Energy for America Program
(REAP), and the Delta Conservation District.
The project also used local contractors.
The overall hydro program is funded and as-
sisted by 14 agencies and groups, collectively
contributing $3 million to the effort for project
funding and technical assistance for Colorado
New Technique Takes Bite Out Of Cost
MONTROSE: Dr. Joe C. Stucky, DDS, a popular long-
time Montrose dentist, is introducing a new one-step
denture technique that promises to save patients both
time and money.
Available now, this exciting and new process helps to
streamline denture work by eliminating multiple visits
and further enhances the cutting edge services already
provided by Dr. Stucky and his well trained, competent
and caring staff.
Dr. Stucky has studied and practiced this streamlined
approach while doing mission and charitable work and
is now ready to bring its many advantages to the com-
munities of Western Colorado.
¡°Every element of good denture construction is ad-
dressed¡±, says Dr. Stucky, ¡°but the new materials and
technology allow for a faster, more efficient process,
which translates to significant cost-savings for the
As the founder of Montrose¡¯ original same-day, afford-
able denture service in 1997, Dr. Stucky has delivered
nearly 3,000 dentures to Western Slope patients over
a several year period and he is excited about the pos-
sibilities that this new same-day system offers.
¡°This innovative, new denture technique allows us
to provide a comfortable, attractive denture at con-
siderable cost savings, and unlike most techniques,
which take multiple visits to complete, this same-day,
one-appointment denture is a practical alternative for
people who travel from long distances, as well as for
those in our own local communities.¡±
Sunshine Express editor and co-publisher KingDaddy
was one of the first to be able to take advantage of
this new cost and time saving service provided by Dr.
Says KingDaddy, ¡°Mine was a challenging case, and
yet despite that, Dr. Stucky was able to provide me
with dentures and make needed adjustments in just a
few hours. Dr. Stucky and his most professional staff
made me feel at home and in good hands, and I was
glad to leave with a new smile that same day. I sug-
gest to anyone needing dentures to go to Dr. Stucky
and his team, it is worth the trip.¡±
See what this innovative one-step denture can do for
you by calling Dr. Stucky and his helpful, professional
dental team at: 970.249.1898.
Find out more at:
One Step Dentures
Electricity From Irrigation
¡°Everything we do, even the
slightest thing we do, can have
a ripple effect and repercussions
that emanate. If you throw a
pebble into the water on one side
of the ocean, it can create a tidal
wave on the other side.¡±
- Victor Webster