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Lawn technology gifts for Mom and Dad
(BPT) Whether it¡¯s for Father¡¯s Day, Mother¡¯s Day, a
birthday or just to show your appreciation, it¡¯s always
a struggle to come up with gift ideas for your par-
ents. This is especially the case when parents claim
they have everything they need and prefer to do
things their own way.
One of those things they¡¯ll always have to do is take
care of the lawn. Mowing, trimming, fertilizing and
more mowing. Whether they like it like it or not, it¡¯s a
weekly chore.
So this year, why not think about getting them some-
thing that eases their routine?
Whether Mom and Dad are somewhat behind the
times when it comes to technology, or they¡¯re the
ones who wait in line to get the latest smartphone,
there are game-changing breakthroughs in lawn care
technology that are making a big splash across the
country. And this just might be the gift idea you¡¯ve
been looking for.
An evolution in lawn care
Maintaining a lawn takes a lot of work, and as you
grow older, you realize this more than ever. At times,
the satisfaction in doing the work yourself may start
to wear thin.
The good news is that technology similar to that
which goes into self-driving cars, along with the
sensors that allow new cars to park themselves, are
being harnessed for lawn care.
That¡¯s right, a robotic mower is now available that
automatically cuts your grass.
Words not normally associated with lawn care, such
as effortless and hands free, are now the secret to a
great looking yard!
The Automower(R) revolution
Husqvarna, the world¡¯s largest producer of robotic
mowers, recently brought three new models to its
lineup of Automowers(R). Guided by the boundary
wires that define the borders of your yard, flower-
beds and other landscaping features, the Husqvarna
Automower(R) is designed to easily maneuver over a
variety of terrain, including inclines up to 25 degrees
(depending on the model) and narrow spaces.
The automated system is amazing in itself, but one of
the things many owners are most surprised at is how
the Automower(R) can precisely cut grass even in the
midst of a downpour. Add to this its silent operation
and your parents will no longer need to wait for the
right time to mow.
While the technology may be impressive, this is far
from just a cool new toy. With its sharp, razor-like
blades, this little machine houses a unique cutting
system that will keep your parents¡¯ lawn looking bet-
ter than ever.
The loud, gas-powered world of small engines that
makes up lawn care is changing. Who knows, the
motorized push lawn mower might go the way of the
rotary phone.
While the 21st century has seen some astronomic
leaps in technology, most of the attention re-
volves around the devices we put in our pockets
or on our desks. Breakthroughs like the Husqvarna
Automower(R) remind us of the extent by which
technology is making our lives easier.
And not just making lawn mowing easier, but making
it a bit easier to buy Mom and Dad a gift as well.
wood filler dries, sand and stain the area to
create an invisible repair. If you wish to paint
the furniture, sand the entire table or chair to
prepare the wood for new primer and paint.
White paint gives traditional-style furniture a
vintage touch, while adding designs with clean
lines provide a more contemporary edge. Bold
colors, such as turquoise, can also transform
your new furniture to become a statement piece
in the home.
*Add your personal touch. Along with saving
money and helping the environment, upcycling
furniture is beneficial because it provides an
opportunity to create truly one-of-a-kind de-
signs. Furniture stencils make it easy to restore
wooden pieces with eye-catching patterns, or
you can add prints using fabric and wallpaper. If
you prefer a simple style, a fresh coat of paint
and new hardware are all you need to update a
table or dresser.
You can even repurpose furniture to achieve a
unique look. A small TV stand can become your
bedroom¡¯s nightstand. An old wooden changing
table might be the perfect place to display your
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2016 August/September
Pg 7 - The Sunshine Express
Furniture Makeover Tips
Upcycle your summer treasures
with these 5 DIY tips
(BPT) The months of summer are a perfect time
to hunt for hidden one-of-a-kind treasures bur-
ied in neighborhood yard sales. Whether it¡¯s an
old wooden dining chair, coffee table or book-
shelf, there is beautiful potential in what others
view as old and outdated. And with just a few
handy touch-ups, it¡¯s easy to transform yester-
day¡¯s furniture trends into today¡¯s style. Follow
these five steps to begin your DIY furniture
makeover today.
*Lose the dirt and return the natural shine.
A dry microfiber cloth is all you need to remove
dust and loose dirt. If the wood appears dull or
faded, create a polishing solution of half olive
oil and half white vinegar to restore its natural
shine. Apply the mixture with a cheese cloth
and use a clean soft cloth to blot any excess
*Repair the imperfections. Even wooden fur-
niture with gouges or scratches can be restored
to its former glory. Apply DAP Plastic Wood All-
By following a few easy steps, you can breathe new
life into any wooden furniture you find this summer.
succulents and
herbs. Get cre-
ative and try out
a few different
ideas to discover
the best use for
your new find.
*Keep a repair
kit on hand
for later. Most
wooden furniture
will likely need
a touch-up from
time to time.
With DAP¡¯s Wood
Finish Repair Kit,
you can repair
and restore the
furniture you
already have
when scratches,
small nail holes
or other minor
blemishes ap-
Don¡¯t let the
small imper-
fections turn
you away from
bringing a
beautiful piece
of old furniture
into your home.
By following a
few easy steps,
you can breathe
new life into any
wooden furni-
ture you find
this summer.
To learn more
about Plastic
Wood, Plastic
Wood-X and
other DAP prod-
ucts, visit:
Robotic Mowers? Yes Please!
Purpose Wood
Filler and simply
wait for the filler to
dry before sand-
ing, painting and
staining. If you¡¯re
a beginning DIYer,
take advantage of
new Plastic Wood-X,
which goes on pink
and dries natural
to signal when it¡¯s
time to move to the
next step - taking
the guesswork out
of drying time. Both
of these wood fillers
dry with minimal
shrinking and no
cracking, are low in
odor, and clean up
easily with water.
*Enhance the
color. After the