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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
LDN is a fairly new therapy for fibromy-
algia, chronic fatigue and yes even some
forms of cancer. LDN is available from
compounding pharmacies only, it is very
reasonably priced, and has a very low side
effect profile.
LDN was first used in the early eighties
in conjunction with AIDS (HIV) research.
HIV patients given LDN showed an in-
crease in immune system function, and an
increase in survival of T4-helper cells. The
reason why LDN worked was not known
at the time, and even today, we are not
100% sure of why it works. The prevailing
evidence today indicates that LDN likely
works due to its blockage of opioid recep-
Our brain and adrenal tissue produce the
body¡¯s own opiates (endorphine and met-
enkephalin). Most people are aware of en-
dorphines as they relate to runner¡¯s high,
or exercise high, where a large amount
of natural opiates are produced following
heavy exercise.
Our body¡¯s immune system has large num-
bers of opiate receptors, and regulation
of the immune system is partially accom-
plished by production of endorphines in
the right amounts and at the correct time.
LDN is given at bed time, and after
We don¡¯t know. But lots more work is being
done, and the chance for finding long lasting re-
lief for these patients seems to be possible.
Low dose Naltrexone is very safe, side effects are
mild, including drowsiness, dizziness, extremely
vivid dreams during the first few weeks of
therapy, the dreams generally decline after that.
It also does not work on everyone, but proper
planning may make it more effective.
Taking the patient off of all opiates, or partial
opiates for at least three weeks prior to start-
ing therapy is a must. There is no guarantee
of relief. Most people with these illnesses have
spent years and lots of money trying to find and
answer to their misery. This does look promising,
and might be worth a try.
This is a very simplistic explanation of how low
dose Naltrexone works. There are many other
chemicals that affect the immune system, or can
generate pain and inflammation, and the effects
of Naltrexone may work on one or more mul-
tiple other receptors besides opioid receptors.
It has shown a lot of promise for many of these
hard to treat ailments, and if interested, ask a
compounding pharmacist about this and other
Some other therapies are Ketanine nasal spray,
Ketanine topical cremes, with a multitude of oth-
er products added to the Ketanine. These can be
very helpful for Shingles, Neuropathy and cases
where people cannot tolerate oral medications.
If you have multiple chemical allergies, we can
compound many agents such as thyroid, without
starch, lactose or other fillers. Any questions, ask
your doctor and see if they will consult with a
compounding pharmacist about options that you
may not know exist.
(By Don Colcord R.P.H., The Apothecary Shoppe,
480 Main St, Nucla, CO, 970.864.2100)
absorption, blocks opioid receptors for a short
time (about 5-6 hours). This occurs in late night
and early morning hours (2-4a for most people).
This occurs during REM sleep, where the body
devotes all of its energy to repair and healing of
the body.
Blocking opioid receptors for this short period
of time, causes the body to overcompensate
for what it perceives as a shortfall in its normal
production. Circulating opioid levels increase
dramatically, and as they do, the effect of the
LDN wears off.This leaves the body with large
amounts of endorphines and other immune
system modulating agents, at a time when no
blocking agent is left. This increase causes a
decrease in pain, and a very active immune
An up-regulation of the immune system de-
creases blood flow to tumors, decreases pain in
fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and a better
functioning immune sysytem. LDN has showen
effectiveness in over 50 disease states involving
autoimmune diseases, including MS.
Naltrexone is available in 50mg tablets from
pharmacies for use in control of addictive
behavior to opiates, alcohol or other addictive
medications. Before LDN, Naltrexone 50mg was
also tried for use in autoimmune diseases with
limited to no success, it seemed to make most
conditions worse.The use of opiates (Vicodin,
Oxycodone, Percocet) has of course been used
and surprisingly with limited success. Both of
these therapies work on opioid receptors, but at
much larger doses than LDN.
Their relative failure to give prolonged relief
would indicate that there are multiple mediators
involved, opioid receptors being just one. Are
natural body made endorphines better by the
immune cycle? Is it the timing of the blockade?
¡°Though the doctors treated him, let
his blood, and gave him medications
to drink, he nevertheless recovered.¡±
¨D Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace
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