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Nature & Wildlife
2016 October/November
Pg 13- The Sunshine Express
Virgo- High passion in the personal leads to ad-
venturous desire and epic bonding. Singles may
race to relationship; be sure it¡¯s real and not just a
brush fire. Professional growth and higher earn-
ings ahead.
Libra- Professional growth, initiative and achieve-
ment takes most of your focus. General harmony
at home as practical and financial matters are
attended to. Morale and physical energy trending
Scorpio- Seductive and seducable your love life is
good with spicy moments, however beware con-
frontational energies that may try to arise; always
keep love in mind. Professional collaborations lead
to extra earnings.
Sagittarius- Bold professional initiatives and cre-
ative thinking brings admiration and assistance to
the cause, helping manifest recognition and finan-
cial growth. Avoid conflicts at home, be kind.
Capricorn- A passionate period. High physical
energy, strong ambition, drive and desire fires you
up for intense activity professionally and at home;
avoid extremes and impulsiveness at all costs.
Aquarius- Exploration and adventure may be in
the cards professionally or personally or both, as
optimism and desire exponentially grow. A good
time for reflection and meditation on Spirit.
Pisces- Financial matters a central focus, may
cause some stress; protect the physical with extra
rest and better nutritional practices. Growing clar-
ity in the personal as spiritual searching increases.
Visible planets: Jupiter and Mercury are visible
pre-dawn while Venus, Mars and Saturn are out
in the evening sky. Uranus at its closest approach
to Earth will be brighter than any other time of the
year and visible all night long, due to its distance
however it will only appear as a tiny blue-green
dot in all but the most powerful telescopes.
* October 7 - Draconids Meteor Shower, minor
shower produces about 10 meteors/hour, best
viewing in the early evening instead of early morn-
ing like most other showers, runs annually from
October 6-10 and peaks this year on Oct 7
* October 16 - Full Moon, Supermoon, known
by early Native American tribes as the Full Hunters
Moon because at this time of year the leaves are
falling and the game is fat and ready to hunt, has
also been known as the Travel Moon and the Blood
Moon, the 1st of 3 supermoons in 2016
* October 20, 21 - Orionids Meteor Shower,
average shower produces up to 20 meteors/hour,
runs annually from October 2 to November 7 and
peaks this year on Oct 21 and morning of Oct 22
* November 4, 5 - Taurids Meteor Shower,
minor shower produces about 5-10 meteors/hour,
runs annually from September 7 to December 10
and peaks this year on Nov 4
* November 14 - Full Moon, Supermoon, known
by early Native American tribes as the Full Beaver
Moon because this was the time of year to set the
beaver traps before the swamps and rivers froze,
also been known as the Frosty Moon and the
Hunter¡¯s Moon, the 2nd of 3 supermoons in 2016
* November 16, 17 - Leonids Meteor Shower,
average shower produces up to 15 meteors/hour,
has a cyclonic peak about every 33 years where
hundreds of meteors per hour can be seen last
occurring in 2001, runs annually from November
6-30 and peaks this year on Nov 16 and the morn-
ing of the 17th
When selecting your pumpkin, choose a gourd that is heavy
for its size, clean, well-shaped with no cracks in the rind and
avoid those with soft spots or decay. More than just a beau-
tiful decoration, pumpkins are nutritious. They are fat free,
sodium free, a good source of Vitamin C and an excellent
source of Vitamin A.
For more information, visit:
or call: 303.869.9175
free brochure that comes with the
Information on up-to-date conditions
of specific forest roads is posted online
at: (click
on ¡°San Juan Forest Road Info¡± in the
right-hand column).
For more information contact the
San Juan Public Lands Center at:
Aries- A general focus on the personal with
your love life taking priority. However, stresses
may arise from professional ambitions and
possible confrontations. Be diplomatic and
avoid excesses.
Taurus- Increasing workload in the profession-
al brings growing earnings, even recognition or
advancement; remain frugal however as
physical disturbances may need attention.
Harmony at home.
Gemini- The physical plus personal desire
grows strong; expect to find new love or for
existing love to sizzle. Detour around
confrontational subjects. Creative professional
initiatives pay well.
Cancer- Passionate waves in the personal; ride
the highs, let slide the lows. Laugh more, but
also take your partner¡¯s view more to heart.
Opening doors at work open new perspectives.
Leo- Much professional progress; be careful
not to over do it. Powerful love reigns in the
personal, brings joy and harmony. Fortune
welcomes you, a lotto ticket is not a huge
gamble presently.
San Juan National Forest
Firewood Permits on Sale
Sep 27, 2016: Temperatures are falling, and
many southwestern Colorado residents are
looking to load up on firewood. San Juan Na-
tional Forest firewood permits are on sale at
agency offices and selected retail outlets.
A minimum purchase of $20 allows you to
gather two-and-a-half cords of dead and
downed firewood from the National Forest for
personal use prior to December 31, 2016. Per-
mits are divided into five separate tags; each
tag is good for cord of firewood. Tags can be
used separately or all at one time.
The appropriate number of tags must be
validated and securely fastened to the load of
firewood in a visible manner before the vehicle
is driven from the place where the firewood
was gathered. One household may purchase
permits for up to 10 cords of firewood per year
for personal use.
Gathering firewood for resale requires a differ-
ent commercial permit.
Permits, which come with a brochure and map,
are available at:
San Juan Public Lands Center, 15 Burnett
Court, Durango
The Moon Dance
The Horoscopes
Night Time Delights
Gather Downed Firewood
Kroeger¡¯s Ace Hardware, 8 Town
Plaza, Durango
Columbine Ranger District, 367
South Pearl, Bayfield
Dolores Public Lands Office, 29211
Highway 184, Dolores
Dolores Food Market, 400 Railroad
Ave., Dolores
Cox Conoco, 201 E Railroad Ave,
Pagosa Ranger District, 2nd & Pa-
gosa St., Pagosa Springs
Helpful information on restrictions,
areas open to firewood gathering and
safety tips are available online at:
es-permits/forestproducts (click on
¡°Firewood Cutting Rules¡±) or in the
Pumpkin Picking Tips